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 Home / Shop for Teacup & Iron Kettle

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PostSubject: Home / Shop for Teacup & Iron Kettle   Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:35 pm

Teas, Tonics & Tinctures
Destination of house: Within a relatively high-traffic area of the Marketplace.
Area: Within the central area of the Marketplace.
Address you want: 227 Marketplace Court, Ponyville
No. of rooms: 5
How many stories: 2
Which rooms: Café area, storage / kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
1st Floor - Café & Storage / Kitchen
The café and storage / kitchen are split 50 / 50 with the front portion being the café entrance where customers walk in. The dividing wall is where Teacup keeps her current stock of teas and herbs in individual shelving containers and where the massive counter is located. A doorway behind the counter leads to the back room where any of the preparation of beverages and snacks is done, and then a larger storage area for any of the overstock products or orders placed by clientele.

This particular area is decorated with flora simplicity, favoring earthy tones with a little pastel and a sort of Asian Bamboo Forest kind of theme. Big windows with a vaulted ceiling where the 2nd floor doesn't impede keep the place brightly lit and very open in atmosphere. The idea is to portray a calm, casual feeling of zen. The tables come in a variety of sizes for the individual or groups of ponies. The seats are very plush and comfortable as well.

2nd Floor - Living Quarters
2 Bedrooms: Both Teacup and Iron Kettle have their separate living quarters, that are connected to the bathroom. The second level only takes up 3/4th of the diameter space because part of it overlooks the 1st floor via a stairway and railing.

NOTE: I'll create a separate post for the subforum that will go into better description. Once I've made the post, if an admin can "sticky" it to the top and (if possible) once created, make it so that the thread cannot be additionally posting within it, but still allows me to edit the initial posts I created. I'll be using the thread to change the monthly specials, so I just want it to be a display thread to the other ponies. :P
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Home / Shop for Teacup & Iron Kettle
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