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 Thunder Storm

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PostSubject: Thunder Storm   Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:52 pm

Thunder Storm

I don't really know how to do the image insert...

Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Dark Grey
Tail: Dark Grey
Eyes: Blue
Body: Yellow orange
Cutie Mark: Mushroom Cloud (akin to his love of fireworks)
Age (Baby,adult): Teenager

Personality: Generally cheerful, but will become serious if the need arises, especially in emergencies. Also carries a saddlebag full of safe 'n' sane fireworks on the go and road flares just in case.

Likes: Fireworks, social gatherings, making friends, cheering others up
Dislikes: Bullies, hateful ponies, ponies with the intent to harm, seeing others suffering

History: Thunder Storm was a normal pegasus, born in Cloudsdale to help with the weather. After a while in weather control, however, he found it not to his liking. Instead, he decided to seek his fortune in a small town named Ponyville. It was upon his arrival there that he met his blood-parents Fire Flower and Storm Chaser. Together, the three ponies set up "Thunder Storm's Safe 'n' Sane Pyrotechnics". After a while, Thunder Storm realized that the firework merchandise needed to expand. He started ordering his own chemicals and producing his own fireworks, each thoroughly tested to make sure it provided what it said it'd provide. Once he got into the aerial shells, however, he was locally recognized and more merch got sold than ever before. Eventually, he set up "Thunder Storm's Fireworks" to cover all the fireworks he sold. It was when he set up a fireworks display, however, that his cutie mark, a mushroom cloud like the one in the display, appeared on his flank. This, Thunder Storm knew, was his true calling.

Example RP Segment: Thunder Storm had arose from his sleep, ready to welcome the new day. The yellow-orange pegasus pony trotted down the stairs of The Firework Shoppe, a building looking like SugarCube Corner but with a flat roof, and entered the kitchen. His mother, Fire Flower, had made a dandelion sandwich for Thunder Storm to eat. "Thanks, mom," he said. Fire Flower replied with, "You're welcome!"

As Thunder Storm exited the Firework Shoppe, he began to munch on his sandwich. By the time he got to the Chemical Crockpot, he had finished his sandwich. "Some barium sulfate, please," Thunder Storm said. The chemical salespony said, "That's 2 bits." Thunder Storm handed the salespony the two bits and walked out of the store, barium sulfate stored safely in his saddlebag. As he walked down the street, however, he heard sobbing. "Huh?" Thunder Storm turned around and saw what he considered a pony emergency. A foal lost its mother and sobbed inconsolably in the street.

Thunder Storm's attitude went from cheerful to serious in an instant. He galloped over to the foal and asked, "Hey, buddy, what's wrong?" The foal cried, "Mama!" Thunder Storm's face paled. "Okay, kid, we need to get ya back to your mum!" Thunder Storm then decided to have the foal climb on his back. "Come on, kid, climb on!" The foal got on the yellow orange pegasus's back nervously, but calmed down once Thunder Storm got moving. The pegasus asked around until he saw a sign that said, "My Foal Is Missing". When he read the poster, he found the address of the foal's mother. He then followed the directions on the poster and delivered the foal to its mother. The foal then waved happily while Thunder Storm said, "Bye!" and trotted off with a smile on his face
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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Storm   Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:36 pm

Hi Tornadopelt! Welcome to the forum.

Your pony is approved for usage.

By the way -- to display an image, you must first upload it from your computer to an image hosting site such as photobucket or imgur. You will then be provided with a direct link to the image that you can place between the following tags:
[img]  [/img]

This website also hosts images. You can look for the button in the post creation panel.

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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Storm   Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:18 am

Thank you, 1ncnspcuous!
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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Storm   

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Thunder Storm
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