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 Sonic Thunder

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PostSubject: Sonic Thunder   Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:40 am

Sonic Thunder

Species: Pegasus
Mane: Sky blue and yellow
Tail: Blue and yellow
Eyes: Yellow
Body:Peach with gray outlining his eye
Cutie Mark: Sky blue box outline, with a snow cloud going through it with snow falling
Age: Adult
Personality: Friendly, stubborn, ambitious,curious
Likes: Helping others, making new friends,winter and sweets
Dislikes: Getting help from others, not doing anything,
Sonic Thunder was born and raised in Cloudsdale, and attended the Jr Speedsters flight camp as every Pegasi . He was the last of his class to fly, from the fact he didn't want anypony helping him in anyway . He felt it was something he had to do and accomplish by himself. Sonic never had any trouble making new friends,

After he graduated his parents wanted him to follow in their steps at the rainbow plant. Sonic had his own plans for his life, and left cloudsdale to ponyville to find himself. Upon arrival he noticed that the ground was covered in a white fluffy substance, cold and confused of never seeing this substance before and everypony was in the middle of cleaning it up. He over heard somepony's talking, and learned this substance was called snow. Interested in this new substance called snow, started to research it to learn all he could.

The following year was Sonic's first winter experience, which made him very excited after reading and studying so much about snow. He loved every aspect of winter, from everypony being more generous to each other, playing in the snow with friends, to the smell of winter air. Sonic realized that he wanted to be more involved with winter, just than his cutie mark appeared. He mostly helps out with other Pegasi on cloud duty, until the start and ending of winter. Where he fully divides his attention to make winter the best and fun-est time of year.
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PostSubject: Re: Sonic Thunder   Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:24 am

Approved! Beat you Intel.

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Sonic Thunder
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