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 Thunder Gust

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Vinyl Dash

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PostSubject: Thunder Gust   Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:36 am

Thunder Gust (DJ Rainbass)

Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Black and Dark Cyan stripes
Tail: Black and Dark Cyan stripes (Matching)
Eyes: Bright Cyan
Body: A dark, metallic blue color (Idk what to call it, look at pic)
Cutie Mark: A vinyl with music notes emerging from it's top left corner, and a moon facing it's top right corner
Age: Teenager/young adult
Personality: Thunder Gust is very carefree and social. He can make friends with anyone, ranging anywhere from completely uptight nobility to completely insane junkies. He almost always wears his signature shades, and is rarely 100% sober.
Likes: Parties/raves, extreme sports, getting drunk, meeting new people, loud electronic music (Dubstep, Techno, Electro, House, etc.), children (He finds them funny/amusing/entertaining)
Dislikes: Quiet, slow-paced music, Classical/Jazz/Orchestral music, doing one thing for too long, anyone who messes with his glasses or ruins his parties
History: Thunder Gust was born in Ponyville, and has lived there all his life. He was born to an average family. His father was a well respected pegasus Drill Sergeant, and his mother, a unicorn, was an experienced neurosurgeon in Canterlot. He also had a brother, four years older than him, whose name was 'Blaze' Inferno. Their mother was very kind and caring, and although her children only occasionally saw her thoughout her work days, she always did her best to make them happy. Their father, although a bit rough around the edges from his job, he always had fun with his children and loved to joke around, and became a role model to Blazing Inferno. Throughout their first few years of schooling, their father put them through many sports programs, and they both showed good physical potential. Gust was always trying to beat his brother, but he was never able to, which soon formed a friendly sibling rivalry between them that would last for a long time. Inferno gained his cutie mark, a shield with the Royal Guard's emblem, when he went to the Canterlot Palace as part of a school field trip, and saw the Royal Guard fight off an assault on the castle. Barely a year later, after a long time of teasing from his brother, Gust also gained his cutie mark. He gained it after he went to visit his uncle (a DJ) in Manehattan, who in turn snuck him behind the DJ booth in a club he played at. That was when Gust saw, for the first time, the beauty of the night life, which he fell in love with. When he came back, he started to miss out on more and more of his sports activities, instead taking the time to create electronic mixes, and sometimes sneaking off into clubs. He started to DJ at some of his friend's parties and at school events, and when he turned old enough started going to clubs, he quickly became a very popular DJ, known by the name "DJ Rainbass."
Gust's brother still keeps in touch with Gust, and they visit eachother whenever they can. He became a well-respected general in the Royal Guard. Gust's mother and father moved to Canterlot after his father retired from his job, while Gust stayed behind in their house in Ponyville, moving from place to place as his DJing career takes him to many different places, although he prefers to stay in his hometown. His parents still are not too satisfied about the fact that he drinks more than a little too much, and that he has been to more...inappropriate...places than they would prefer, but they are happy that he was able to follow his dreams and become the DJ he had always wanted to be for so long.

I've been sticking to chat RP recently and have strayed away from forum-based RP in the past <big number here> months or so, but I'm hoping that I can get back into it and have a good time. Hopefully this OC is ok, I'll fix anything that needs it.
Also, question (I hope I'm not repeating anyone, I couldn't find anything on it): How are the ponies in this RP with technology? Is technology based off of "If it was in the show, it exists, if it was not, too bad," or do they have some sort of modern-ish archano-technology available?

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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Gust   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:40 am

AHHAHAHAAhhahahahah! You sir are approved. Now off to posting with you so you may shed the habits of chat RP!

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Vinyl Dash

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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Gust   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:44 am

You, sir, are now my insta-friend.
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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Gust   Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:05 pm

i have not competed in the games but i want to try
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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Gust   

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Thunder Gust
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