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 Thunder Gust's Home

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PostSubject: Thunder Gust's Home   Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:37 pm

Thunder Gust's House
Destination of house:
Near Town Square
1537 Jovil Street
Number of rooms:
8 (Including balcony)
Number of stories:
*First floor*
Main room (bar/living room), bathroom, guest room, music studio
*Second floor*
Bedroom, kitchen/dining room, second bathroom, balcony
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
*First floor*
The house's entry leads to the living room, which is rather large. It is usually somewhat messy, as Thunder Gust is usually either out or too lazy/drunk to clean up anything he leaves behind. For this reason, trash, clothing, and vinyls are often scattered about the room. Straight across from the doorway is a small bar, usually stocked with drinks, that has a few stools near the counter. Next to the bar is also the entrance to the first bathroom in the house. To the left of the doorway is a guest room that is quite clean compared to the rest of the house, with a bed, a few shelves, and a desk. To the right of the living's room doorway is Gust's music studio. It contains a large variety of speakers, turntables, and other technological equipment, and around the room can be found a large amount of vinyls and records, stacked everywhere and taking up just about half the room. The music studio also contains a stairwell that leads upstairs to the bedroom.
*Second floor*
The stairs in the house lead from the music studio to the bedroom on the second floor. The bedroom itself is slightly cleaner from the living room and music studio, though still a bit messy. A large double bed takes up most of the space, and a few speakers can be seen along the far wall, usually with a few technological components around them. to the right is the entrance to the kitchen/dining area (also quite clean, similar to the guest room), but there is usually only a few days' worth of food available as Gust usually eats out. To the left of the stair well is the entrance to the second floor bathroom, and next to that and across the bed is a large glass screen door that leads to the overhanging balcony.

(Sorry about the room descriptions, got a bit carried away >.>)
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Thunder Gust's Home
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