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PostSubject: Rich Star   Rich Star I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 7:20 pm

The last of the Package, and the last of the Theme. Rich Star is based off of Richard Starkey "Ringo Starr".

As a common theme that has gone through out the Beat-Bug Package, I have used something that may have confused several people. The Dimensions.
They are known as Character Dimensions, or are better known as the Three Dimensional Character. It is a writing rule on making characters.
- The First Dimension details quirks, personality and physical traits. A character only known by these would be per say a Background Pony.
- The Second Dimension is Back story, and even a character's Inner Demons. This gives a history to the character, a layer to back up the first dimension. Unfortunately, main Mary-Sue characters, or poorly written characters themselves, only have the first two Dimensions.
- The Third Dimension. The final, and the most important because it is effectively the Role a character plays, and how the character will react to a situation. The Third Dimension is how a character will develop and grow in a story, how it reacts to a situation, and how it changes from it.

These are Dimensions or Layers into a Character itself, not Reality or of the like.

Rich Star
- The "Funny" Beat-Bug
Age: Early Twenties; The Oldest Beat-Bug
Gender: Stallion
Race: Earth Pony

Eye C: Bright Blue
Mane/Tail C: Crimson, with a Gray Stripe.
Mane Style: Long Moptop, mane tends to get in front of his eyes.
Tail Style: Short, simple.
Coat Color: Red
Hoof Color: Light Orange
- His Muzzle is large and round.
- He looks older than he is.
- Eyes always look sad, and are slightly wrinkled.
- Has small eyebrows, color of Mane.
- He wears Four Gold Hoof-Rings, one per Hoof.
- Because of severe Childhood sickness, he can't eat certain things; Plain foods are the only things he can safely eat.
- Smaller than the average Stallion
- Left-Hoofed.

Cutie Mark: A five pointed uneven Magenta Star with four Rings at each dive.

Dimension 1: Personality, Likes, Hates, Fears

The Drummer of the Beat-Bugs, and the last of them to join.

Rich is an Everyday Stallion. He is fairly common.
He is Happy-Go-Lucky. He's happy to be on the ride.
He is kind of a Jester. Partnered with Witty. Often self-deprecating, he is fond of humble jokes. He can be quite the silly one.
He is Simple. He is a Stallion of simple things and simple words.
He is very Polite. Moderately, he gets fairly familiar with someone fairly quickly.

Rich is Joyful. He is happy to come along, and happy to entertain, or be entertained.
He is Easy Going. He is very tolerant of things.
He can be very Understanding. More so than the rest of the group, he is far more sympathetic.
He is, no mind the pun, Down to Earth. He doesn't have very high ideals, and doesn't really have expectations.
He is very Supportive. He supports others, but doesn't really go out of his way for himself.
He can be Lucky or maybe Optimistic, rather.
He is know to be Gentle. He can be very delicate with things.
He is shown to have Determination. He will not lay down for nothing.
He is Humble. Very. He has a moderate kind of Pride.
He is particularly Social. He likes going out, and staying out.
He is Reliable. He will be there for all his mates.

Rich is Quiet. More so than the "Quiet Beat-Bug" himself, Ringlet doesn't speak up for himself.
He has a kind of Inferiority Complex. Utter lack of self-confidence, feels inadequate and more often than naught, needs assurance. He covers this with his jest.
He can be Uptight. Partnered with Nervous. Instead of haughty arrogance, he is stiff when in the spot light, and very timid.
He lacks Goals. He doesn't plan, anything.
He is known for his Misfortune. He is put through the ringer most of the time.
He is very Book Dumb. He lacks a proper Education, is partially literate, and often doesn't know complex words. He can't spell many things.
He is the most Sensitive. Partnered with Emotional. He is the only one of the band that will likely openly sob, and has no particular issues over hugging.
He is very Self Conscious. He doesn't like being overly analyzed, nor does it like ponies pointing out his flaws.

Rich Likes:
- Photography.
- Parties. Nightclubs.
- Loves his Drums.
- Loves his rings.
- Reading Books.
- Collecting things. A bit of a Hoarder.
- Entertaining others.
- Loves to Dance. Can do a mean Jive.
- Spring time.
- Western stuff. Such as Native Buffalo, Cowponies, and of the like.

Rich Hates:
- Flies, Spiders.
- Strangers messing with his drums.
- The weather.
- Doesn't like other making fun of his Muzzle.
- Doesn't like others thinking he's sad all the time.
- When someone messes with his rings.

Rich Fears:
- Losing his Friends.
- The Spotlight. Center of Attention.

Rich is unable to eat:
- Sugar related foods (Trans: ANY thing that has/could/would/will come out of Sugar Cube Corner)
- Only the bare minimum amount of fruits.
- Anything with Severe flavoring (ei Spicey, Sour, Sweet, ect)
- Anything overly spiced.

Rich is Able to eat:
- Grasses.
- Hay.
- Flowers.
- Breads.
- Salts.
- And he can drink "Cider".

Dimension 2: History

Born in Mareside, Amblion to two unicorns, Jingle Hoof and Rich Cake. Rich Cake left the family when Rich Star was very young, divorcing Jingle, and was never seen again. His mother was helped by his grandparents, another pair of Unicorns, Granny Grand Spark and Grandpa Gold Twinkle.

At a young age, Rich developed a severe inflation in his Cecum (An equine equivalence to an appendix, though actually used), which left him in a sanatorium. The Inflation spread to his other internals, which left him in a coma for days. His mother was told on several occasions that he would die from this, which never occurred. This illness left Rich unable to eat most foods, aside from 'plain' foods.He missed a year's worth of school, and was home schooled after the sanatorium.

At an older age, he developed Tuberculosis, which left him again in the Sanatorium, for two Years. It was here he began to gain an interest in Drumming.

His mother met his step-father, Soft Tomb, a kindly Earth Pony from Avalundy who encouraged Rich's Musical development.

During this time, his Granny believed him to be "kissed by the Mare in the Moon", due to his lack of a Cutie Mark at a proper age, (He is the pony age of 16 at this time), his severe sicknesses, and the fact that he is the only Earth Pony (as far as they know) in a family of Unicorns. Much to his jargon, Granny Grand Spark made him give praises to Celestia and blessed him with "Sun kisses". Aside from gaining annoyance, nothing really came out of this nor affect Rich.

Because of his latest severe sickness, he was so far behind schooling that he gave it up completely. He often had to work menial jobs:
- Train Pony. He was once one of those ponies who pulled trains across Amblion. He quit, since he wasn't that strong of an Earth Pony nor large enough to continue the job, and he couldn't stand constantly running and being pelted at by the Weather or the Environment. He also didn't fancy the idea of accidentally being run over by a possible runaway train nor trampling over someone.
- Bar Keep. He used to serve Salt bowls and Ciders. Unfortunately, he was fired from the position after a hangover and bad mouthing his boss.
- Apprenticed Engineering (Factory Worker). His last job, where Amblion's Earth Pony Engineering is put to use.

It at his last job that Rich met Dingy Cloud, one of the few hired Unicorns (they were meant for the smaller details that hooves couldn't accomplish). It was through Dingy that Rich managed to put his amateur drumming skills to practice, as the unicorn introduced him to his band. Red Storm and the Hurricanes, with Dingy's stage name being Red Storm, and the rest of the band being all pegasi.

Red Storm and the Hurricanes were a big hit in Mareside, and performed gigs, such as in Prance or the High Lands. By this time, Rich had abandoned the Factory job.

It wasn't until a gig in Germane that Rich met three of his Lifelong friends, Gritt Artist, Hymn Hummer, and Hare Rocker, of the Beat-Bugs. It was on one of their gigs at a Club that the Beat-Bugs' current drummer had gotten sick. With the Hurricanes and the Beat-Bugs playing that night, Rich put a stand in. The Gig worked perfectly.

And it wasn't until the following morning, and at the pony age of twenty, that Rich Star had finally earned his Cutie Mark, likely sometime through the night.

After the Gigs in Germane, Rich was approached on several different occasions by several bands to leave the Hurricanes. He refused each time. However, the final time was prompted on by Gritt Artist, who managed to convince him with the lure that the Beat-Bugs had gotten a proper manager and contract so were making more money then Rich's current band. Despite all that Rich had gone through with the Hurricanes, he left for the Beat-Bugs.

This prompted the firing of the former Beat-Bug drummer, Best Leat, an action most Beat-Bug Fans at the time didn't like. It caused a bit of an uproar. During one of the protests, Hare Rocker had gotten a black eye from yelling at the gathered crowd in order to defend Rich.

The Beat-Bugs made their first single, and from its popularity in Equestria, are on tour. By this time, the fandom had gotten over the Best-protesting, and had gathered in mass to Rich. The result, he got more fan mail than the rest of the Beat-Bugs. Combined.

- Highlands. Pony Scotland.
- Prance. France.

Dimension 3: RP segment

3. The Tavern

Rain beat against the rooftops and the street, making reflections on the cobble stone.

Rich knew he wasn't going to be making it home tonight.

He sat at a nearby table, watching as the other patrons took to drink or were putting out requests for songs. While Rich was recognizable, this tavern was one of the few that just didn't care. The sun princess herself could come here, and no one would even bend a hoof to bow.

Rich was enjoying his own drink at the moment, his fifth, another Equestria Special Cider. His companions, the rest of his band, were around in the building. He had spotted Gritt going up stairs with one of the dancing mares, Hymn was chatting up the barkeep, and Hare was playing a hoof of cards at a nearby table. All of them had some sort of buzz.

Then a song began to play, this one Rich knew, it was by All-wise Presley.

With a grin, Rich went to the dance floor, or what passed as one here. Many ponies were shaking it up, but most paled in comparison to Rich's passion. One particular mare began to dance with his rhyme, a blue bird (Pegasus) with this cloud cutie mark. She was followed by a couple of Earth pony stallions, then hoof amounts of ponies were going by Rich's rhyme.

An irony of sorts, as being a drummer he was meant to keep a steady beat.

And as the song ended, ponies were clapping and stomping their hooves with appraisal, if it was for the dance or for Rich, none could tell. At least they weren't trying to pounce on him or steal bits of his mane.

He ought to come here more often.

It was nice not to be known.

Edit 1: 5/9/14


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PostSubject: Re: Rich Star   Rich Star I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 10:55 pm

While all of these apps are great, we'd really prefer user use our main one. I'm not really sure what is up with these "Dimensions" so can you please explain? :) Ponies are not allowed to go to different dimensions since we try to keep it as close to the show as possible and can you please turn the personality into sentences instead of ticks?

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Rich Star   Rich Star I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 10, 2014 7:34 pm

Oooh I get it now! Sorry about that ^.^; I'm not sure about the lack of cutiemark though but I do know others have been approved without one so I'll let that go.

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