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 The Tale of Tome

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PostSubject: The Tale of Tome   Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:58 am

[[Before I begin, this is sort of a journal of my character's point of view in a Pathfinder game my friends and I started last night. My character, Tome Sparklestorm, is a Unicorn, using the racial stats from Ponyfinder. We wanted to do a 'monster' campaign, and because a Medium sized equine character is easier to plan around than a Large sized Unicorn from the actual Bestiaries, my non-brony GM didn't protest. We started at ECL 10, so Tome is currently a Sorcerer 4/ Oracle 4/ Mystic Theurge 2. Not optimal, I know, but I was the only one willing to play a caster. With the Protean Bloodline and the Spellscar Mystery, he fits together very nicely as a Chaos mage.]]

Day 1 of the War between the Humans and... well... just about everything else on the planet, to be honest.

Dear Journal, I'm writing this down because, in all honesty, I want this night to be remembered. So many lives were lost, brave souls fighting for the right of their peoples to exist, that it HAD to be recorded. Hopefully this recording, at least, will survive the war, and there will be sapient beings left who can read it.

Er... I suppose I should start at the beginning. Recently, the Humans have become greedier than usual... TOO greedy. Their lust for resources is destroying this world, bit by bit. Many beings have died already, and so many natural places lost, mayhap irrevocably. Many creatures from all over the world gathered together tonight in the Glade of the Elder Spirit to meet, and decide on our course of action. Many communities tried to settle things diplomatically with the humans, and others tried to fight them alone, but both approaches failed.

It was decided that we should declare war against the humans as a whole, as their delusion in their 'divine right to rule the world' has driven them beyond the point of reason. They believe that we are nothing more than potential slaves, in the case of the few species they recognize as sentient. Or, for species like my own, Equus Magi, or Unicorn Pony, we are draft animals and food. I myself have barely escaped, and have only been able to save a few of the many ponies who were taken, likely to serve under yokes until the day they become too old to bear them. And then... and then... I cannot find the will to write what comes next.

Still, the choice was obvious. The humans have forced our metaphorical hands, and now it is them or us. If they are allowed to continue their course, we will ALL die, and this world will become a barren chunk of rock floating in the Endless Void. Hopefully the humans will surrender before we are forced to truly eliminate their species. As it is, I am afraid we will have to answer genocide with genocide.

I was put with a strike team that was attacking a military target, thankfully. The humans had established a fortress near the edge of the Great Forest that contains the Grove of the Elder Spirit, and we knew this fortress to be the home base for the humans' latest atrocity, an iron golem that bears a massive axe, a mechanical lumberjack that never tires and does not have a concept of 'enough'. It does not differentiate between trees and those who live among them, and cuts us all down with equal skill. We were doing well at first, decimating the few humans who were guarding the storage facility that contained the fortress's iron lumberjack. But fortune was not with us this night. Their magi managed to activate the lumberjack, and turned it against us. It turned quickly into a rout, and many of our force fled, fearing the supposedly invincible iron lumberjack. Thankfully, the two minotaur who'd come with us did not flee, as I myself did not. A strange visitor to our realm, a being of shadows from the Plane of, well, Shadow, also stayed, and began to assassinate the mages who were backing up the golem.

Thankfully we prevailed, though at great cost. Both the minotaur were slain by the lumberjack, but their memories will NOT be forgotten. And their sacrifices were not in vain. I have discovered a weakness in these golems, one that the more magical creatures may be able to exploit. When struck by lightning, the golems seem slowed, as if the shock had an adverse effect on their gears. I have taken the heart from the golem we destroyed so that we might study it, in hopes that we will find a way to destroy them more safely, and switftly.

The shadow-man survived as well, though he is an odd one. He constantly claims to care not for this world, and that he does not care what happens to us or the humans, yet for some reason he aided us. He still seems reluctant, though. I will have to see if I can learn more about him. For now, however, so long as he does not aid the humans, I have no quarrel with him.

And now, Journal, I must rest. I am weary, and I must rest so that I might refresh myself, and tend to more wounded souls. Not to mention letting my own wounds heal.

To those who may be reading this, I will endeavor to remain and record as much of the war as I can. May Change come swiftly.

Your faithful historian,

Tome Sparklestorm

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PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Tome   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:21 am

Day 2 of the War between the "Common Races" and, well... everything else. Midday.

Today, I and the shadow-man from beyond the Material World were rewarded by the Elder Spirit for our parts in the battle last night. I received a set of bracers for my forelegs that will help keep me from harm, forming a magical forcefield around my body that works much like normal armor. He received a ring that did much the same.

We also met some new friends! There was a Lillend, from the Blessed Fields of Elysium. She is a welcome sight, as the Azata are known foes of oppression and evil. With her at our side, mayhap diplomacy with the humans will go more smoothly. We may even be able to convince them that we are right, without proving ourselves to be a true threat first. I would like that, to be honest. There has been too much blood shed already.

The other welcome sight was a Shield Archon. Though they are not known for being such free spirits as myself and our Lillend companion, he seems amicable enough. Certainly warmer than the cold shadow-man who wears a faceless mask to hide his identity and emotions.

The third being to join us seemed somewhat unsettling, but was not hostile. A hellhound has joined our ranks. While I am not terribly comfortable working alongside a fiend, I suppose there's really not much choice in the matter, and they do seem to be less belligerent than most of their kind.

Our mission today was to strike at a place that has been determined to be the source of some of the parts for the iron lumberjacks, a mine run by Dwarves, one of the few peoples allied with the Humans in this war. We have thus far reached a guard tower just outside the mine, and have managed to quietly eliminate the guards. We're taking a short break, and I thought I would use the time to record this short entry.

The mine looms ahead, just in view, and I have to wonder how many miners we'll have to slay to stop production here, or what the black material is that we've been sent to stop the mining of. I suppose we'll find out, of course, but I am worried. The golems react strangely to some magics, what if my unicorn powers don't work in there? And what if... what if they have pony slaves? We know that some formian workers, ant people for those readers who do not know, have been taken captive and used as slave labor. But there are likely to be people of other species there being forced to work as well!

I simply hope we can put a stop to the slaughter. That is what drives me, and the fact that this revolution will hopefully put the humans in their place, and remind them that they do indeed share this world, not rule it with an iron fist.

May Change Come Swiftly. Your Faithful Historian,
Tome Sparklestorm.
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The Tale of Tome
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