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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Spell Tome

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PostSubject: Spell Tome   Spell Tome I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 7:31 am

Spell Tome
Spell Tome 6qjloz
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Long and curly. Purple with green streaks
Tail: Similar to the tail
Eyes: Light blue
Body: Short, average size, and yellow coat
Cutie Mark: None
Age (Baby,adult): Filly
Personality: Spell Tome is a rather geeky pony. She spends most of her days playing games that involve lots of strategy and studies every other day. Not for school, just for wanting knowledge. Because of this, she's not very outgoing, has a small circle of friends, but excels in school and magic. In her off time, well, what little she doesn't dedicate to magic and learning, she is a great writer. She could've published a book or two if she wasn't so young
Likes: Reading, studying, card games, board games, magic, and writing
Dislikes: Loud music, crowds, failing, bullying, and stupidity
History: Spell Tome was born in Canterlot to two rather wealthy Unicorns with three older brothers and a little sister. Her family liked foals. When she was two, she was already reading at an almost high school level. She is certainly a child prodigy. Growing up, she didn't have very many friends. She was often picked on by older mares and stallions for being "nerdy." This helped make her very shy and have less friends than most ponies. But she compensates for it for being a genius.

After being shunned by the nasty ponies she encountered almost daily, she starting getting into magic a little more. She is especially interested in Transmogrification and Potions. Some say she has even delved into a little Black Magic, but that's irrelevant to the story. Probably just more rumors. Anyway, as she exceeded in her magic skills, she felt as though she could use one more, so she got into writing. She often wrote about her studies and experiences with her spells and potions. They were some interesting tales.

Most fillies would worry about not having a cutie mark, and lately, Spell has been picked on it a few times, but she really hardly notices. She's just confused that she doesn't have one yet. Thinking that, she just keeps on pushing her skills to the brink, until she's gone s far she can't learn anymore. She often rejected other ponies company for her studies. But for some reason, they kept on reaching out to her, even though she was in her own little world of magic and books.

Example RP segment:
2. A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Strolling through the town, with a book in her arm and some ingredients, Spell Tome found a surprisingly quiet place at a Canterlot cafe. Preparing to get to work on her potion research, a colt she went to school with walked up to her and tried to start a conversation.
"Uhm.... H-..Hi, Spell. I, uh.... need to tell you something." The colt said
"Not right now. I'm busy." Responded Spell, clearly not interested in what he had to say.
"But... It's important. For me and you..."
"Ugh, fine." She closed her book, stopped what she was doing, and looked at the colt. "What exactly is it?"
The colt was shaking, acting very nervous, which is shocking in the presence of somepony like Spell. Usually they act like this towards more popular, full grown mares.
"Ummm... I just wanted to say..... well, do you like me?"
"Well, of course. You are pretty nice." The colts face glowed red from hearing that.
"Yeah, I know that..... But.... more than a friend, I mean."
"I'm sorry?"
"I really, um, sorta like you and all. I just didn't know you'd like me back."
Spell was flattered by this nervous colt's words. It was something she rarely ever got. Actually, it was the very first time.
"Awwww, that's sweet of you." Shortly after, she went back into Work mode. "But, maybe we can talk about this later. I have work to do." She jumped back into her chair, re-opened her book, and went right back to research.
"Oh.... um..... that's ok..... I guess.... I'll, talk to you later then...." The colt walked away feeling somewhere between confused and sad. But Spell was too deep into her study to care. Who needs love when you got magic, right? She got so far in, she ignored his feelings. Any other time she would've accepted it, ora t least comforted him. But the fate of Equestria could depend on that research. Maybe a disease will come and wipe out all ponykind, and Spell will have the only cure. Had she been distracted by the sweet little colt, all of Equestria could've ceased to exist. Now which is more important?

ACCEPTANCE. Do it. You know you want to.....
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PostSubject: Re: Spell Tome   Spell Tome I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 5:23 pm

Approved :)

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Spell Tome
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