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 Sugar Snow's Ice Cream Parlor

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PostSubject: Sugar Snow's Ice Cream Parlor   Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:49 pm

Sugar Snow's Ice Cream Parlor


Destination of house:
The Market District
Address you want: 61719 Rainbow Street
No. of rooms:
8 (9 if including the porch)
How many stories:
Which rooms:
First Floor: The Parlor, Dining Room, Kitchen, and 1st Floor Bathroom
Second Floor: Hallway, Sugar Snow and Delmar's Room, Annabelle's Room, 2nd Floor Bathroom, and the Porch

List the rooms and their size and appearance:
The Parlor: This is the room most ponies end up visiting, and it is the largest room in the house.
Dining Room: This room is closed off to customers. The staircase that leads up into floor 2 is in here.
Kitchen: Self explanatory. Ice cream is made and stored in here.
Hallway: The staircase leading down to floor 1 is in here. There are doors leading to the upstairs bathroom and two bedrooms.
Sugar Snow and Delmar's Bedroom:
Annabelle's Bedroom: When Annabelle isn't elsewhere around the house or with her parents, she's usually up here.
1st & 2nd Floor Bathrooms: The 1st floor bathroom is available to customers and guests. Both bathrooms have a toilet, a sink, and a mirror, while the 2nd floor bathroom also has a bathtub/shower.
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Sugar Snow's Ice Cream Parlor
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