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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Soul Storm

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PostSubject: Soul Storm    Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:42 pm

[size=32]Soul Storm [/size]


Gender: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Mane: Red with black strands cut short, but kept long down one shoulder

Tail: Same colour as her mane, but kept in a elegant swish

Eyes: One eye a crimson red and one eye a emerald green
Body: Reasonably slim and rather short, with wings that match her size, her fur colour is a pearly white.

Cutie Mark: A storm cloud with swords instead of lightning

Age (Baby,adult): Young adult

Personality: Soul enjoys many physical activities, including jogging, and flying. She also loves the company of others, being a extreme extrovert, always preferring company rather than being on her own, with a excitable nature that could rival Doodlebug's. She gets excited at close to anything, but can also act with a uptight guard nature. If she comes across a friend who doesn't want to spend time with her; she will pester them until she is told why they don't want to spend time with her, which she will promptly try to ignore and cheer them up. And if she catches a criminal, that's all [in] history. If she comes across bullies, she will try to verbally stop them first.

Likes: Soul enjoys spending time with her close friends, doing activities with her friends, and making new friends.

Dislikes: She hates criminals, due to her previous occupational of being in a elite guard unit, and will often be wary of previously convicted criminals. She also despises bullies because of this.

History: Soul was born into a very upper class family in Canterlot, the kind of family that was proud to be unicorns. So you can imagine their thoughts on their child being a pegasus. Due to this issue, they decided to keep their child locked up in the house, unable to leave the premises.

She was kept like this for a long time, until she was old enough to be kicked out of the house, at this point she was nervous, and undersocialised. However, she soon found out that she made friends easily, and befriended a young military unicorn, joining his unit and being trained by them. Whilst training with them, she developed a rather good strategy with sword fighting, using a brace that attached to the backs of her wings, allowing her to wield weapons, within a few weeks of sword fighting, and socialising with her unit; one of them realised that she had a cutie mark sticking out from under her armour, showing her skill in airborne combat. She stayed with them for a good few years, finally ending her career with her being one of very few to escape a terrible incident that befell the unit.

After the incident, she went travelling, meeting many fantastic ponies; so many willing to be her friend, unfortunately, she would sometimes bounce up to a pony at all the wrong moments. Like them robbing a store, for example. Here, she uses her low altitude flying prowess to deliver heavy hits, despite her small stature; however, she did all this unofficially, even though she still had her badge, which she could use anytime; but how boring would that be? She then decided to travel to a small town named Ponyville, where a friend of hers lives. So she packed her bags with excitement, and set off.

Example RP segment: (5)

A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

The colt smiles as he looks at the cowering filly "Yeah, keep crying, pipsquek; nobody likes you or your mama."

Meanwhile, Soul hears a crying filly, walking over to the pair, she looks at the bully, assessing the situation when the bully twirls around to glare at Soul "What're you looking at, smallfry?"

Soul glares at the pony, baring her teeth in anger as she swoops over his head, pushing him away from the filly "So, how should we deal with you? I think it would be best if we just throw you a few feet, and cuff ya, then drag you to the guards, locking you up for a few days. Sound good?" she smiles at the end.

The other pony widens his eyes "What?! No, I don't want to be arrested, just please leave me be!" with that, he sprints away.

Soul looks at the filly, smiling as she pats her on the head "Hey, I've got your back, kid." she does a few flights with the filly on her back, before landing again, and walking off, leaving the filly smiling and skipping.


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PostSubject: Re: Soul Storm    Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:16 pm

Approved! Enjoy!
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Soul Storm
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