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 Cherry Blossom (Old)

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PostSubject: Cherry Blossom (Old)   Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:59 pm

Cherry Blossom

With Clothes:

Without the Attire:

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Mane: Pink with pale sky blue, usually kept under a light brown hat. (When cooking) Medium Red-Violet with Lavender.

Tail: Same as Mane. (When cooking) Medium Red-Violet with Lavender

Eyes: Rose

Body: Pale pink, tall and thin.

Cutie Mark: Blooming Cherry Blossom

Age (Baby,adult): Mare 17 years

Personality: (Formally) - loud, brings out her girly side. Loves to be around people and talking. 
(Currently) Emotionless. Barely shows any signs which others believed that she was born like that and stays away from her because of her intimated expression like a robot. Despite the stoic expression and speech, she can open and isn't afraid to speak out.  

Likes:Cooking, being alone (sometimes), doing pranks, friends, harmony, her personal space

Dislikes: Loud noises, being in crowded areas, anyone in her personal space

(Past) From the land which the sun raises, Neighpon as a foal, Cherry's name was Sakura and she used a happy, talkative and friendly kind of Pegasus with very long mane and tail and was a big bottom-feeder on eating so much that didn't gain any weight from it amount of meals she can drown herself in. When she was a filly, she wanted to learn how to cook so her mother taught the way and in a week - Sakura was able to serve a full house at her folks family restaurant and was well known by the people in the area. However, things started to go downhill. Her mother had this illness and it wasn't going down but getting worse so she had to work overtime and study more harder in school to take care of her mother. In school, she had a few friends that took their time to visit Sakuras mother and keep her company while Sakura was working. As she was walking back to her house, some young colts thought it would be funny to stick some gum into her mane and tail which by force had to cut it all off until it was short and very messy. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in a couple of months while her father wanted to be the mom and dad so he started crossdressing as a job to take care of her only daughter which was shrugging badly. Now, starting high school - Sakura lost all of her motive of having emotions and feeling ending up being an emotionless Pegasus but she didn't quit her talent on cooking.

(Cutie Mark) Before her mother died, Cherry was still a filly when she first saw a grown tree with pink petals surrounding the whole thing: Cherry Blossoms. Her mother named her Sakura since it's Neighponese for Cherry Blossom in English. One day while flying through the village, she noticed how the young ponies were unhappy and bored. Looking at the fillies and colts for a second, she then saw the tree and idea came. Heading towards the tree with full speed flying around and around and around until the petals ends up sticking on her tail. With that, Sakura flew down where the fillies and colts then flicks her tail out to create a mini whirlpool around them. The kids started to laugh and giggle while the others were using this pink mist as a small slide. With that being done, Sakura took the time to fly around the area spreading her trail around the area which that a sudden flash appeared on her hip creating her cutie mark. 

(Now) After her mother's death, Sakura moved from her village towards the other side where the surrounding was completely. Very traditional and... surprising weird place to move in. Ponyville, was the name. Now, in this new world with her adopted sister, she wonders if she'll get used to this much personal space that seen to be invading and not well good. It's gonna be a long year or more.   

Example RP segment

What's worst? Moving into a new place? Very uncomfortable building with god knows what kind of ponies you will met? Or, it starts raining after it was sunny just 30 seconds? How about...all of the above? Yep. Cherry was trotting through town square exploring this new land, pasting other ponies who was chatting, playing or enjoying a meal or two until the sunlight sudden fades away then the rain came down hard - everypony was trying to get inside while the pegasus stayed still as the rain soaked her hat, coat, mane sand tail. For a good 20 seconds, she starts walking trying to see through the darkness through her hair finding a lantern hanging from a building as well as noises from inside. The double doors bursts open and tossed out with an drunken earth pony that the mare just walks passed, ignoring and step inside to a bunch of talkative ponies - left and right.

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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Blossom (Old)   Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:03 pm

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Cherry Blossom (Old)
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