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 Paradise Blossom

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PostSubject: Paradise Blossom   Paradise Blossom I_icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 7:46 am

Paradise Blossom

Paradise Blossom Paradi10


Species:Earth Pony

Mane: Tied up in traditional Neighponese fashion, but otherwise unkempt.

Tail: Doesn't even get the tied up treatment. Extremely messy.

Eyes: Clearish blue, a peculiarity in her home country and the source of unsavoury rumours about her parentage.

Body: Fit from a life of simplicity and avoiding indulgence.

Cutie Mark: A blossom.

Age (Baby,adult): 27 in human terms.

Personality: In a word, devout. Her outlook on life and the world has been carved through the mantras and texts of her faith (simply called, 'The Faith'). This basically has made her compassionate to all living things, but has also formed a distinct dislike of those that claim to be of a higher station than others. She also has the habit of always being calm, even infuriatingly so in situations that call for a little bit of panic. She only time she isn't serene is when she is passionately teaching lessons of her faith to the uninitiated.

Likes: Simple pleasures, sunshine, rain, fresh air, silence

Dislikes: Those who claim to be 'greater' than anyone else, royalty, unkindness, thoughtlessness.


We are all born equally. We all die equally. It is how we live that defines us.
Born in the island nation of Neighpon, it was Paradise's strangely blue eyes that were a major cause of concern. Though her parents, both brown eyes, swore that they were hers, the rumours and insults were a persistent companion to Blossom as she grew up.

Living for life's sake is empty and meaningless. Living for the sake of truth, the sake of the good, the sake of the beautiful, that is the Faith we search for.
Like most foals of Neighpon, Paradise was taught through the simple lessons of the faith. Unlike most, she took a very deep interest in them, and regularly attended the sermons and debates over matters of morality and other complex philosophical matters. When she was of age, she joined the faith as a shrine maiden.

War is when greater thought gives way to base desires.
Unfortunately, Neighpon was to fall into civil war, and the ponies of the faith were to play a major role in first aid and care of the innocent. Paradise was one of the many who had to care for the wounded and thus saw many horrors of warfare. She was heavily affected, but hid her trauma from everypony else.

You merely need to understand to turn a stranger to a friend.
During the conflict, she ran into mercenaries from abroad, only here for the prospect of gold in return for violence. Such ponies had very different philosophies to Paradise's, and thus the discourses between their leader and her were enlightening. It was here that she learnt about foreign lands and even started to pick up the basics of a language called Equestrian.

Your home is the cradle of the mind. But one cannot eternally stay in a cradle.
After the war, Paradise was sent on a missionary trip for reasons twofold. First, to spread the message of the faith beyond the shores of Neighpon. Second, to find herself and her place in the world, to find out about new experiences. What will she see?

Example RP segment:

Paradise didn't mind rain. No, really, she did. That's what she told herself as she marched through the drenching weather, holding her small pack and gohei. She believed that smiling could make her feel warmer, so she did despite being soaked to the bone.

In the distance, her eyes spied a faint glowing. It took five minutes of walking to see it as a tavern. The five minutes also was enough for the sound of music to reach her ears. She sighed. Quiet places were preferable to her, but the place would do for tonight's shelter.

The opened to reveal drunken revelry and debauchery. Preaching simplicity and self restraint would probably not go over well here. She darted to a corner and quietly observed the night's proceedings. It was not long until the first offer of a drink. Or at least, that's what she thought it was. Her Equestrian was still rather basic, and some of the subtlties passed her notice. She smiled in response and shook her head. She was never one who alchohol and in either case, it went against her philosophy of simplicity. When the offer was insisted, she said, "One."

She was urged to drink more, of course, but those offers were rebutted. She instead engaged the ponies that came to her in conversation. They were really quite interesting, and it seemed that the interest went both ways. As the night wore on, the revelers returned to their homes, bringing their happiness and noise, leaving behind those with no home to return to. This was what Paradise was waiting for. Spying an elderly pony who seemed to be trying to look at the future at the bottom of his glass, the maiden went over to talk.


The maiden, the mother, and the other one.


If Paradise Blossom speaks in red, she is speaking Neighponese.

I do my best now and am preparing. Please wait warmly until it is finished.

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PostSubject: Re: Paradise Blossom   Paradise Blossom I_icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 8:48 am

Hello, you must be new to the site, since you haven't read the rules


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That detail right there. Reading Intel's apps always makes me feel incompetent. :/
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Paradise Blossom
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