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 Blossom's House/Restaurant (U/C)

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PostSubject: Blossom's House/Restaurant (U/C)   Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:46 pm

Cherry Blossom's House/Restaurant
Destination of house: Just near the Clock Tower yet close to the Everfree Forest.
Area: Outskirts of Ponyville
Address you want: 246 Sugarcube Street
No. of rooms: 6 rooms
How many stories: 2 floors
Which rooms: Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, guestroom and rest area
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
The Living room: is model from a Japanese style, in a pony size style. The door when entering to is a modern style white and peach color. Inside before stepping it, a Genkan (Japanese entryway) is note to any guest the removal of any footwear to wear slippers. No footwear, the guest still needs to wear home slippers. On the semi-high level, a periwinkle colored couch with two cushions and two smaller white pillows rest on both end, beautiful patterns on the wall near them and two lamp on each side. A closet is seen just near the entrance to the kitchen In the middle and low part, there's a low black table surrounded by eight maroon cushions lays nice and comfortable - on the table, 4 small cups with a lovely green and blue teapot flower teapot. The semi-upper floor is a cream coated carpet and the bottom part is a basic wood. The walls are pale gold, brown and white on different sides and parts in the main living room following it with some small plants near the slide door leading outside. 

Kitchen: The kitchen is well nice, not big but it'll fit 6 guests in. A two slide door is noticed just next to the living room. The counters are all natural cherry-brown with a white top made from wood, with a few cabinets for all of your supplies for cooking. Two big cabinets sets on the wall complete with appliances. Next to it, a silver sink enough to fit as many dirty dishes. Then, a typical grey stove and a oven are seen and in a small drawer underneath the two, there's a rice cooker - it's the same color as the cushions but much darker. Completed with pretty artwork and spare counters for extra appliances and just just near those, is a silver refrigerator and freezer. The walls are pale peach with a wooden grated patterned. And in the middle, it's a long but small table with short black stools - a few plates with knifes, forks and even chopsticks are seen on top. Floors are also wood too.

Bedroom: The bedroom is small but very comfortable to fit three people in, maybe even four. The bed is short yet wide, the sheets are well dark blue and magnet too following it by the dark brown timber around it. Four flower pillow rest on. A drawer is found on the right side painted in a nice dark brown color as a lamp sets right on it. Walls are dark red with screens on the left - near the small left corner a plastic trash can is placed. Floors are green coated wood with a lighter shade in the middle. 

Bathroom: The wall are tilted white the floors are black. A small red-orange rug is near the sink. A wide tub complete with a shower and a behind a thin wall is a toilet. A small window is seen on the middle above the tub. Above the tub, three shelves in a box-like that holds, toilet paper, towels, scented candles, soaps and others.

Guestroom: This room is the same size as the regular room but much wide. The bed is quite big around them is a white and black sheets and a smaller black blanket laying on the end on the bed. A white and grey pillows are lined around. A same sized drawer is near the bed but on the left side just inches away. A small lamp is placed on. Walls are white with a shade of pale pink. A nice and long planted pot is seen near the right corner of the door.

Rest area: A relaxing area just upstairs near the guestroom. A wide yet low table with a warm heated cherry blossom blanket for the winter only but used for occasion. Long blue and pale sky blue cushions lay underneath it. The floor is a small carpet with some wooden flooring. The walls are a much pale peach colored with a small lamp.
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Blossom's House/Restaurant (U/C)
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