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 Shadow Raindrop

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PostSubject: Shadow Raindrop   Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:01 pm

Name: ~Shadow Raindrop~
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Black with dark red streaks in a spikey fashion
Tail: Black with red streaks that goes down in a small and light curl
Eyes: bright red
Body: warm grey with tan stripes
Cutie mark: A raindrop with black wings on it
Age: adult
Personality: Tough and sometimes dark when mad. She is a great leader and can plan things pretty well.She is totally tomboy and can really be annoyed with those girly girls bugging her.
Likes: being alone at times, only a few people and noises around her,Figuring out things alone and quiet, leading a small group
Dislikes: HATES pink girly girls, lots of noise, total jerks and/or bullies, so many ponies around her
History: Raindrop was born in Cloudsdale and was raised by her mother and father. Her parents were very professional and popular weather ponies. Raindrop was determined to be like her parents. As a little girl, she would always try to fly and clear the clouds, but she would never even get in the air. She was happy with her parents and never wanted anything to change.

In kinder-garden, Raindrop was picked on and called names, even was attacked in recess by other girls. They judged and hated her tomboy personality. Raindrop hated it, so she attacked back and badly injured the girly-girls that would pick on her by flying up and flying back down on the girls. After the huge attack, she was sent out of kinder-garden. Her parent were very disappointed with her and noticed that their daughter's lovable personality and actions were changing into a Goth personality. That is when she got her cutie mark, a dark raindrop with black wings on it.

A year later, Raindrop was sent to the hospital. She was really sick and was close to death. A few hours after examining the little filly, she was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. Raindrop was devastated and her Goth personality change completed. She was now a loner and wanted to be alone in the dark most the time as a little girl and her parents were worried sick. When Raindrop was sent out the hospital, she rushed home in her room, alone in the dark.

When Raindrop finally was a teenager, her parents were killed. There was a murder in Cloudsdale that her parents were apart of. She was devastated and she fled to Ponyville. She didn't want to even live in Cloudsdale anymore, so she got a home on the ground. She was comfortable and was ready to live a new life.

A year later, Raindrop forgot about the war and was happy at Ponyville. Now, she has great friends and lives an amazing life.

example rp segment: A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation:

Raindrop was walking home from a little get-together with her friends. She had fun and she was ready to hit the hay. She walked through her loved hometown, Ponyville. As she opened the door to her home, a letter dropped on the ground. She blinked and opened it, starting to read it:

"Dear Raindrop,
I really want to confess that I have strong feelings for you. You are amazing, beautiful, fun, and kind-hearted. Please accept my feelings for you. everything I wrote on this letter is true.
                                                           Your Secret Admirer"

Raindrop blinked as her heart sank. This feeling was...odd. She growled and ripped the letter apart, then walked in her home.

"This is crazy, and dumb! I'm not ready to be with someone! And, I'm totally not joining that mushy....Love thing." She took a breath and closed her eyes to relax.

"Okay...I just need to find this creep and tell him or...her that I can't accept their love! Yea! But...Who can it be...?"

She walked out of her home and walked around, ready to search. Then she thought for a moment. This is stupid! How am I suppost to find my 'Secret Admirer' when it can be anyone in Ponyville?! She shook her head and growled, Walking angrily back home. This is just dumb...

And who would know about me anyways? Only my friends do, And all my friends have a mate. This is getting a little weird now. Now she wanted to blow up. She was full of curiosity and annoyance. Who can it be?! She screamed in anger then covered her face in a pillow.

Oh well...Just forget the stupid letter. I'll probably find out soon. She sighed and forgot about the darn piece of paper. She looked at the letter she ripped  in half and walked up to it, then she calmly threw it out. We'll find out soon enough.


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Raindrop   Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:00 pm

Hi there, Shadow!

The first thing I see right off of the bat is quite a few grammar errors. Stick some spaces after those commas and periods! That, however, is a minor issue.

Your history needs to be a bit longer. Please try to thoroughly explain the history of your OC. How did she get her cutie mark? How did her parents go missing? Why did she develop minor amnesia? These details will help us better understand your OC.

Your RP segment is a little vague. Try to give your OC a bit more of a reaction, so we might be able to, again, fully understand your OC and see the way you RP.

We'd also like you to stick your picture in the post. If you can't, a more thorough explanation of how she looks would be much appreciated.

If you'd like an example for any of these issues, this is a great example of an approved application: Your history doesn't necessarily have to be as long, but we do look for this kind of thoroughness.

Thanks! If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Raindrop   Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:41 pm

Appropriate changes were made.

Your character is Approved. Yay!

If you'd like to practice, you could start out in the newbie area, which is not canon and purely to get you used to role playing in our style. However, it's not mandatory :)

I know you've already found our chatbox, but if you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask :3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Raindrop   

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Shadow Raindrop
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