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 Pixel Flare (Again)

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PostSubject: Pixel Flare (Again)   Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:08 am

Pixel Flare

Image yet to be placed, sorry for the inconvenience.

Gender: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Mane: Aquamarine blue pixie-cut with vibrant neon green highlighted tip (Think of a fox tail), Bangs fall right side. She has a bright green capas cap with what seems to be a phoenix feather tucked into it’s side.

Tail: Same coloration and style as mane (Again, think of a fox tail), medium length.

Eyes: Vibrant, deep green.

Body: Pitch black.

Cutie Mark: Graphite pencil finishing a drawing of a small flame, whereas the center is a blue-green.

Age (Baby,adult): A very young adult, just passing maturity.

Personality: She is a friendly pony, but a bit awkward one, as well. She mostly prefers reading and drawing, but doesn’t mind exercise activities, such as flying and galloping. She is somewhat shy, but once she warms up to you, she can be very dependable if the times get a little rocky, but she can be defensive towards her friends and herself, basically because she can’t take criticism easily. When she is cornered, or when things turn dark for herself, she can get quite emotional, but she basically is good pony, and means little harm.

Likes: She likes reading, drawing, going out for a trot or flying, listening to music, exploring somewhere new, having fun with friends, food, giving and receiving gifts, and most of all, she loves to gaze out of her room on quiet nights and think while she stares out at the beautiful, star-filled sky. Her favorite pastimes however, are daydreaming while listening to music, she finds it relaxing.

Dislikes: She LOATHES ponies who are inconsiderate of others. She gets annoyed with ponies who pressure her and seems to dislike the taste of peanut butter… She also has a faint distaste for ponies who find themselves better than others simply because of lineage, or otherwise any disrespecting pony in general.

History: Born and raised in Cloudsdale, Pixel is determined to leave a footprint on Equestria. As a filly, she was very bright and very respectful towards her parents, but she had no motivation! They gave her a hard time about her laziness, causing her to hold held a small grudge with them, and worked hard just to prove them wrong, though in the end, she still loved, and loves, them dearly. It was at a show-and-tell at her school she got her cutie-mark as an early blossom(being the first one in her class to get her cutie-mark) when she showed her classmates a very detailed drawing of her miniature schnauzer, who was tied to a ballon to keep from falling through the clouds, Maisy. One of them had exclaimed, "Wow, Pix, you're really good at drawing!". At this, the young filly smiled and whispered, "I am, aren't I?".She left her home at an early age, after saving up enough bits, to hit the road in search of a place to settle. She is fondly thinking on settling in Ponyville, mainly because of quiet nights and near one of the greatest places to explore- The Everfree forest!

Other facts:
-She usually carries a saddlebag full of drawing materials
-She has a her miniature schnauzer following her around, Maisy.
-Nickname: "Pix" or "Flare"
-Her favorite food is cheese, especially aged provolone

Example RP segment:
The young mare slams the door behind her, causing a loud BANG that causes everyone to swivel their heads to look at her oddly.
Pixel lays her ears back and lowers her head in embarrassment as her face reddens a bit. “Sorry,” she whispers sheepishly, smiling as she forced a joke “The wind didn’t seem to like me much.”
Indeed, she was drenched and exhausted. Her hair was frizzed up and ravaged, her legs trembled with effort to stand, and she had labored breathes. Her wings limply dragged under her hooves, and her neck was bent underneath the weight of both her leather saddlebags and riding hood.
The other ponies chuckled heartily, and welcomed her to a cider. Her saddlebags and hood were taken to a vacant room, and the mare was promptly given a towel. After a few minutes, she was laughing and dancing with the cheerful crowd, and the storm outside was forgotten.


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PostSubject: Re: Pixel Flare (Again)   Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:50 am

Approved! Welcome and enjoy your stay here!
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Pixel Flare (Again)
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