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 Humble "Hymn" Hummer

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Dream Sketch


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PostSubject: Humble "Hymn" Hummer   Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:25 pm

Note from Author: The Second of a Four-Character Package. Another Beat-Bug.
- This one is based off of Paul McCartney.

Again, if there is any issue with the difference of template or of the character being too close to the basis, I will change it.

Humble "Hymn" Hummer
- The "Cute" Beat-Bug
Age: Early Twenties; the Second Youngest Beat-Bug
Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus

Eye C: Yellow
Mane/Tail C: Navy Blue
Mane Style: Mop top, Puffy.
Tail Style: Long and Wavy
Coat Color: Light Blue
Hoof Color: -
- Feathers are Round and Fluffy. More attuned to Weather Work than Speed, even then, not very good weather skills.
- Left Hoofed.
- Has Droopy "Puppy-dog" eyes.
- Muzzle is smaller and rounder than average.
- Has a kind of round type of body.

Cutie Mark: a Bass Note, or F-Clef, with small white wings instead of dots.

Dimension 1: Personality, Likes, Hates, Fears

The Bass, Lead Singer, Songwriter, partnered with Gritt Artist.

Hymn is a Charmer. He knows what to say and how to say it.
- Polite. Partnered with Well-Mannered. He can quite the Gentlecolt. He loves to put on the "Good Colt, Good Education" bit, giving himself a more reliable image.
- Social. He likes to talk to others, and broaden his outlook.
- Friendly. He hardly ever cruel or angry in his manner, the worst you may get is him being stern.
- Ambitious. "To the Topper most of the Popper most!"
- Diplomat. He can be one, and is likely the best candidate in his group of friends.

Hymn is Kind. He will lend a hoof, an ear, or advice. He will do what it takes, if need be.
- Compassionate. He can be very loving.
- Passion. He loves his work.
- Romantic. He is a Charmer after all.
- Optimistic. Partnered "Happy-Go-Lucky". He has a bright outlook on life.
- Determination. He will see anything through.
- Confidence. There is no one higher, maybe.
- Bubbly. He is cheerful and high of spirits. Quite the lively, goofy one he can be.

Hymn is domineering. He may take complete control of a situation, down to someone's habits, if he feels.
- Massive Ego. He may think of himself has being overly important.
- Perfectionist. While not OCD, if he doesn't feel that he or the group is not its best, he will change it. Going so far as to push the extremes or do something over and over and over...
- Thin Skin. He is very sensitive to criticism.
- Manipulative. He May, He Can, and He will have you do what he wants.
- Possessive. Did I mention his Control-Freak also deals in relationships?
- Selfish (Seemingly). It’s difficult to differentiate if he's doing what was good for you, the band or himself.

Hymn Likes:
- Animals.
- Children.
- Music.
- Stories, Fairy tales, whatnot.
- Books.
- Theater.
- Likes to Paint.
- Loves Dogs.
- To pull Pranks.

Hymn Hates:
- Disorganization.
- Not living to expectations.
- Discordance.
- BERSERK BUTTON: Animals/Friends hurt.

Hymn Fears:
- Lack of Pristine ability.
- Loss.

Dimension 2: History

Hymn was born in Mareside, Amblion, to Humbler Hum, a Pegasus, and Warm Heart, an Earth Pony. His father was a partial musician, who inspired his art, and his mother was a Nurse. He has a little brother, Lil' Gear, an Earth Pony. Because of his mother and Brother, his Family was "Grounded". This made it difficult for Hymn to learn to fly and control the weather.

Hymn was chubby as a little colt. A fact he didn't like at the time, and he'd get into a fight with anyone who commented it about it. Aside from looking it, it became a greater shame as it made learning to fly difficult.

Hymn first Earn his Cutie Mark when ended up taking care of a bird's nest and babies after the parent had abandoned it. Influenced by his father's music, he often sang to the little birdies. On a particularly storm night, fearing the nest would blow over, he attempted to bring it inside from the upstairs window. This ended poorly, as the wind flung him into another tree.
He came back home, hours after the storm had passed, covered in tree sap and branches. When asked by his parents what his business had been being outside in such weather, Hymn promptly explained. He had been out and found his spark, and during the time had earned his Cutie Mark. As it turned to be, Hymn had heard "Music" in the wind and storm, sounding like the Sun and Moon were "Rocking and Rolling" above the clouds themselves. He wanted to make Music, to play it and to sing it.
The nest had survived the storm, and Hymn made good in caring for it, as good as a young colt could.

Pushed for it by his father, and being a pass ably descent flier, Hymn tried for the Mareside's Young Pegasus Weather Team. He was rejected on the first performance from poor flight endurance and the inability to stop accidentally shocking ponies from lightening.
It was returning from there that Hymn met the first of Three Lifelong Friends, Hare Rocker, on Hare's Father's public transport Sky Carriage. They hit it off from their love of Music and Rock'n Roll. Though Hare had proven to be a far better flier than Hymn, Hymn often turned it around at being better with music and instruments, and used this as an excuse to "look down on the colt".

Most of his childhood, rang other wise uneventful, until his pony age of 14, when his mother had died. From this event, Hymn with drew himself. He spent more time with his music, and with animals in general. He stopped flying, becoming little more than an Earth Pony with wings.

During this time, he became fairly descent with animal speak, though  very choppy.

He also found to be a charmer. He would often use this to charm mares into dates, though more often than not, he would try to control the relationship.

Hymn met the second of three Lifelong Friends at a concert. A friend brought him to a Quarry Pony Concert, and that's when he spotted him, "a Green Unicorn tryin' to stand on his hind legs, rhyming lyrics that wasn't in the original song, playing Banjo on a Guitar, with no Magic involved at that!"
Hymn met the unicorn backstage, Gritt Artist. Both found each other a bit interesting, Gritt being a Unicorn who had a hard time using Magic, and Hymn being a Pegasus who didn't fly, but both making it up in other ways. Hymn could tune a guitar, unlike Gritt.

Hymn was prompted into joining, which he eventually did. It was mostly by Gritt's "Advice" that Hymn start flying again (That is, Gritt mocked him until he did it out of frustration). In return, Hymn poked and prodded Gritt into Magic. But both agreed that neither would be used in their Music.

Both became partners in writing songs. Hymn preferred structure, doing a tune before lyrics. Gritt, however, was bouncy, preferring lyrics before a tune. Surprisingly, they worked rather well together.

It was Hymn who introduced Hare to Gritt. From Hare's youth, Hymn had to go to Gritt multiple times in order for the younger friend to join the Quarry Ponies.

The Quarry Ponies often suffered from inner group issues. Part of the blame was often on Hymn's part. He was a perfectionist, and never really got along with most of the band, save Gritt and Hare.
Most of the original group dissipated, save for Hymn, Gritt, Hare, Gritt's close friend Still Paint, and a hired on drummer Best Leat. The band's name went through changes, Gritty-Colt and the Silver Beats, or the Silver Beat-Bugs. It eventually stuck with just Beat-Bugs. Hymn often got into fights with Still Paint, as he didn't like the Unicorn's musical ability (Considering Still Paint didn't have musical ability).

The Beat-Bugs were put on their first Trip over to Germane. They performed at a local club, with long sessions and bad living conditions. Hymn often got into fights, some started by Gritt, with the other patrons.

It was here that they met another group from Mareside, Red Storm and the Hurricanes. It was here that Hymn met his last Lifelong friend, Rich Star, the Hurricane's drummer and only earth pony. Hymn initially didn't see too much for Rich, but this start slowly grew. Hymn found Rich reliable.

After a move to another club, things turned bad. Hare got shipped back to Amblion for a regulation break. Hymn and Best were sent back for causing a minor fire which made a black mark on the Club's wall. Hymn had wanted revenge for Hare's ship back and for the horrible living conditions, thus had used a small raincloud to strike lightening inside the club, with Best as an accomplice. They were arrested, and it quickly became Hymn's first experience in a dungeon, and his first major "experience as a Pegasus", as the lack of an open sky and being underground "Nearly drove [him] mad!" He was glad to be returned to Mareside.
Gritt was the last to be sent off. Still Paint stayed behind to be with a mare he had fallen in love with, a photographer.

The Beat-Bugs, save Still Paint, made it big back in Mareside. Often playing at a Cavern Club. That's when they met their Manager, Extended Player, promptly nicknamed Eppy. It was Eppy who changed their attire and attitudes on stage, to which Hymn agreed. They would wear gray suits, and look and act orderly.

The Beat-Bugs made a Number 1 in Equestria, and thus have gone on tour...

- Hymn isn't a bad flier, just isn't very fast and doesn't go very far. He is rather poor at working weather. He often preens his wings though.
- He is a fan of Little Rich Key, an Equestrian Earth Pony Rocker.
- It was often rumored by Beat-Bug fans, that Hymn had died, and they replaced him with a look alike, sound alike, or a Changeling. This is of course, untrue.
- Originally, Hymn didn't like being the bass of the group. He wanted to be a Lead Guitarist.
- Hymn has heritage from the Isles of Emeralds, a small group of green islands off the coast of Amblion.

Dimension 3: RP Story Segment.

Five. "Bad Colt"

Manehatten. The Big Apple. One of Equestria greater cities, and yet he couldn't help but be reminded of the Capital back home, though with considerably less square buildings and more spirals.

Hymn walked in disguise. Manehatten was an excellent place to get lost in, and he didn't have to be anywhere any time soon. The band was often, each doing their own thing.

He did feel rather anxious without at least one of them with him though. He knew the others were likely feeling the same.

Oh well.

Something made Hymn's ear twitch. Crying?

"Ha ha! Bet Daddy's gonna have to fix that nose up!"

Hymn looked up a head. One of the more sparse areas of the city, around several apartments, he spot two foals. A colt and a Filly. He may have brushed off as foals being foals, if he didn't catch the crying and that...

Did that filly have a bloody nose?

Hymn found himself just a couple feet away from the two young ones, keeping a straight and kindly face but absolutely furious underneath the mask.

The colt, an earth pony, looked up at him, and demanded, "What're you looking at?"

"I was simply admiring your work. I'm certain your mother is very proud."

The colt's face turned darkly.

"My Ma don't care! I can do what I want!"

"I can see that. Leaving young fillies with bloody noses and all, quite the Gentlecolt," Hymn let sarcasm drip off the last word.

"Oh yeah, at least I don't have a stupid looking face!"

"How lovely." Hymn dropped part of his mask to give the colt an unimpressed, if peeved face, "I'm going to ask that you leave the filly alone."

"Make me, stupid face."

Normally, Hymn was calm, if a bit of a show off be it goof or talent. He wasn't about to rage about like Gritt would.

"How about I tell the Guards. They'll lock you up and leave you to rot, you know, hurting a young lady like that, rot in the dungeons. There's plenty of your sort, and worse." Hymn was good a telling stories.

"No you won't!" For a moment, a part of the colt's smug expression dropped, and Hymn couldn't help but feel some satisfaction, "They won't listen to you!"

"How much do you want to wager they will?" He was taking a risk on this one... Hymn removed his disguise, which consistent of a fake beard, wig, and hat.

At first the colt stared at him, then recognition.

"Now, are you going to leave the filly alone?"

The colt didn't even answer, as he turned tail and ran.

"Good." Hymn turned to the filly. She was a unicorn, bleeding from one nostril and breathing from the mouth. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying, "Are you alright?"

The filly sniffed painfully, and nodded, trying to hold back another wave of tears.

"There there now," Hymn reached into the pocket of the coat he had been wearing as disguise to conceal his Cutie Mark, and brought out a handkerchief.

"Here," said Hymn with the handkerchief in his teeth.

The filly took it with her magic, and dabbed her nose.

"Where are your parents?" Hymn said gently.

"They're somewhere," said the filly, stuffed up from the nose, "They don't care where I'm at as long as I'm home before dinner."

Hymn wasn't sure how much he agreed with that.

"Why was that colt bullying you?"

The filly looked up at him, "He always does that. Papa says his Mama is a good for nothing drunk."

Disconcerting. But being drunk doesn't mean you're a good for nothing. Equestrians are strange...

"Mister, ain't you Hymn Hummer, from the Beat-Bugs? My big sister loves you, she knows all your songs, and won't shut up about you. She says she gonna marry you."

How may Mares have said that? Thousands probably.

"That's nice. Your sister sounds lovely." He caught something at the corner of his eye, "Stay right there, I'll be right back."

He galloped off. He stopped at an ice cream carriage, and bought what they called "A Chocolate Sunday". He carried the bowl back in his hooves, as he decided that flying would be a better course of action.

He set it down next to the filly, "There you go."

The filly looked at the bowl like she had just found buried treasure. She looked back up at Hymn, giving him a toothy grin. She was missing one of her front teeth, and Hymn hoped that it was from falling out naturally...

He was around as she ate, mainly to make sure that little brat of a colt didn't come back where he left off and ruin more of the filly's day. They talked, and she asked questions and spoke how her sister would go crazy if she found out that THE Hymn Hummer was here.

Hymn shrugged it off.

When the filly finished, she waved him good bye, talking the bowl with her. Hymn waved at her in return. He was going about putting his disguise back on when...




Uh oh. Hymn already heard the running of hooves, and rapid flight of wings.

Well... It wouldn't be the first time he high-tailed it from fan fillies.

# Isles of Emeralds (Ireland)

# Humbler Hum (James "Jim" McCartney, Paul's father)
# Warm Heart (Mary McCartney, Paul's Mother)
# Lil' Gear (Micheal McCartney, also known as Mike McGear, little brother of Paul McCartney).
# Little Rich Key (Little Richard, a rocker)

Edit 3. 7/3/14


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PostSubject: Re: Humble "Hymn" Hummer   Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:29 pm

Hiya Sketch! You haven't been forgotten, I promise!

I would like to first point out that you have only made eight posts, and two of them are character applications. I know you posted this one in the very beginning of your membership, but I'm going to wait until your first OC has been roleplayed for an adequate amount of time and posts before thinking about approving. However, I have a few changes for you to make, if you're up to doing that ahead of time.

Quote :
- Polite. Partnered with Well-Mannered. He can quite the Gentlecolt.
- Well-Mannered. Partnered with Polite. He loves to put on the "Good Colt, Good Education" bit, giving himself a more reliable image.

This is a bit redundant. I wouldn't point it out, but your application is so long in the first place that any bits that are unnecessary are best removed. Not mandatory, but recommended.

"Element: Kindness"

We do not allow this. I understand that you might be saying that, if he had to fit under an Element of Harmony, this would be it, but we'd prefer if you left this bit out. 4. OCs will not be approved if their role in Equestrian society is exaggerated beyond reason. Ponies may not have royal statuses, special elements, or other attributes that center society around the single character.

I don't think that's what you meant, but, nevertheless, it would be best for you to remove it.

Hymn's history greatly matches that of the actual Paul McCartney. Try and give your OCs a little more originality, since, after all, they are supposed to be Original Characters. It's not really recommended to base characters off of others, real or not, but it can be done (as seen with the first). Do try and give Hymn a bit of originality.

That said, you've done a good job with the app. Maybe, in the future, try and go by the template. It might be easier for both you and us moderators to get you approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Humble "Hymn" Hummer   Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:48 am

I give this application my stamp of approval.

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PostSubject: Re: Humble "Hymn" Hummer   

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Humble "Hymn" Hummer
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