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 Quill Tip's humble abode

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Quill Tip


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PostSubject: Quill Tip's humble abode   Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:04 am

Destination: Ponyville
Location: housing area
Adress: 7213 friendship ave.
No. of rooms: 5
how many stories: 1
Which rooms: Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and writting room
List the rooms and their size and appearance: the living room has a small couch that has a fold-out bed for guests, as well as a coffee table. The walls are navy blue and have a couple of pictures that Quill bought from artists he met while he lived in Manehaten. It also has a shelf to display anything worth displaying. There is a window behind the couch.

The kitchen is connected to the living room by a half wall. It contains a small stove for cooking, as well as a refrigerator, a counter, and a table to eat meals on. On the walls are quotes by famous authors painted on them. The walls have a sort of autumn color to them and there's windows by the table.

The bathroom has what any bathroom would have: a sink, shower, mirror, and toilet. Its conected to the living room and bedroom with a set of wooden doors. The walls are painted to look like a pond, complete with lilypads and frogs. There are no windows for obivious reasons.

The bedroom has a twin-size bed and night stand that usually has whatever book Quill's reading in it. There's also a small half-filled wooden bookshelf that contains his reading material. It's connected to the living room by a door next to the bathroom door. The walls are painted with a golden color and has 2 windows by the bed.

The writting room has a writting desk, chair and plenty of quills and ink. It's the smallest room in the already small house. It's connected to the other rooms by a door in the living room and bedroom. The walls are dark red, and there are no windows, so Quill doesn't get distracted by the scenery while he's writing. On the wall in front of the desk are scrolls with various story ideas written on them.
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Quill Tip's humble abode
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