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 ThunderCrush's humble abode :)

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PostSubject: ThunderCrush's humble abode :)   Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:34 am

ThunderCrush's home
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: Southwestern part
Address you want: 3496 Rubyhoof Avenue
No. of rooms: 5
How many stories: 1
Which rooms:
Living Room/Library
Dining Room
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
Living Room/Library-
When you walk in to her home it's the first place you will be. The floors are wood and the walls are an olive green, yet they are not seen much due to the bookshelves upon bookshelves. When you make it to the heart of the house you will be stepping on a cherry red circle rug that spreads all through the round room. Here if you look to the right there will be a long window that almost takes up the entire part of that wall, it has silk, cherry red curtains to match the rug and on either side there are the book shelves, it has a similar appearance to Twilight's library. Beneath the window are a few beanbags and in each end of the library is a comfy chair accompanied with a floor lamp.
In this area to the right of the bathroom is ThunderCrush's bedroom. This room is light blue and rounded as well. Here is where ThunderCrush spends most of her time. Here she has her bed with slightly darker blue sheets and pilliows, her desk that has her computer and a few books that she uses mostly for school, a small table next to her desk with a chessboard that she tends to play with on her own often and a small cushion to sit on. On the left side of her bed is a walk-in closet and a nightstand with her alarm clock, a bamboo plant named Jill and if you can catch the rare moment its not on her wrist, her watch. There is a big window on the left side of her room with matching dark blue curtains, on the windowstill she has a rectangular pot full of little pink and white flowers that she likes to let grow tall until they drape down slighty, giving a cool enchanted look (shes a weirdo lol)
From the Living room if you stand in the middle and look to the right the bathroom is straight ahead. Inside you pretty much have a basic bathroom with a tub, toilet, mirror, sink, etc. This room also has a small window on the left of the tub and is covered with a slightly transparent white curtain. The walls of the small room are a very soft blue and the floors are the same throughout the house.
After you walk into the house and pass the Living room you are immediately in the kitchen. Not much activity is taken here so this spacious workspace is quite plain. Most of the time the lights are off so the only light that gets into there is the light from the window in the living room. The kitchen is a basic kitchen with all that ThunderCrush will ever need if she ever decides to set foot in this room, the refrigerator, the sink, the counter, and all other necessities that anypony would need to make something to eat. The walls are a custard yellow and the windowsill above the sink holds a little fish tank with ThunderCrush's pet goldfish, Amber.
Dining Room-
If you walk left from the kitchen and out of the sight of the Living room you are in the Dining Room. Here is a rounded room with a glass door that opens to the backyard. The walls continue to be a custard yellow and there are slightly transparent baby blue curtains over the doors. A large round table is in the center with a matching blue tablecloth, there are 4 wooden seats and in the middle of the table there is a big vase full of white daisies.
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ThunderCrush's humble abode :)
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