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 Lola Stockings creation

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Soaring Splash

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PostSubject: Lola Stockings creation   Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:44 am

Lola Stockings

Gender: Filly
Species: Unicorn
Mane: She has a golden mane of a medium length,with a braid in it.
Tail :A long, golden braid. It is just like the one on her mane.
Eyes :Light green.
Body: Small.
Cutie Mark: None yet.
Age: School aged. (Around 12 in human years)
Personality: Smart, friendly, fun, lively and bubbly.
Likes: Clothes, fashion, art, her friends, other ponies, reading, making clothes and using her magic.
Dislikes: Bullies and not fashionable things.
History: Lola came from a family in Canterlot and was brought up with her parents until the age of six. She then moved to Ponyville and started living with her aunt, Canvas, as her parents couldn't care for her anymore. She was very interested in fashion from a young age, and she started making her own clothes. She is a very talented clothes maker for her age, yet she hasn't got her cutie mark yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Lola Stockings creation   Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:44 pm

Nuh uh uh uh. Protocol. Approved.
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Lola Stockings creation
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