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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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Soaring Splash
Soaring Splash

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PostSubject: Retired OCs   Retired OCs I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 7:08 pm

Soaring Splash
Retired OCs Soarin10
Mane:Long with blue and red stripes.Covers her eyes a bit
Tail:Long with blue and red stripes
Eyes:Amber coloured eyes with double eyelashes
Cutie Mark:Dolphin jumping in the waves
Age (Baby, filly, adult):Adult
Personality:Friendly,energetic,outdoorsy and sometimes shy
Likes:Swimming,Diving,Playing with her underwater friends and her pony ones aswell!
Dislikes:Mean ponies,seeing ponies suffer,lots of attention
History:Born into a normal family,her parents where baffled when she had a horn and wings.She was very popular in her school,but she disliked it very much.She often liked to fly away from the ponies who always pestered her,and once,while she was flying over the sea,a pelican flew by her and nipped her left wing,and the shock made her fall into the sea bellow.She landed in the water,and quickly used the first spell that came to her mind so that she could hold her breath.Thank fully it worked,and Soaring Splash soon got used to her surondings.A cheeky young Dolphin swam up to her and began to play with her.A bond was instantly formed.She then learned to like all of the underwater creatues.She then earned her cutie mark,and now lives at the beach.
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PostSubject: Example:Canvis' Creation   Retired OCs I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 6:24 am




Long, thick and wavy. It is black and purple striped, almost always in knots and tangles

Long and thick, reaches the ground when brushed. Usually messy because she hates brushing it. (Pretty much the same as her mane)

Big, vibrant purple with an abundance of lashes.

A little bit thinner that most ponies, and quite tall tall. He coat is a crisp white

Cutie Mark:
Paintbrush with red paint floating around


Grumpy, fierce, bad-tempered, very feisty and speaks out. She's not afraid to voice her opinions but knows when not to. She has a hard time conveying emotions so often comes across more hash than she means to

Anything to do with art, spicy foods and her nice, Lola Stockings

Being interrupted, surprise visits and annoying people

As a young filly, she was always excluded and distant from others. Her family was unresponsive to her needs and left her struggling by herself. As she grew, she discovered art. She put all of her hours into this, and as a result, she became lazy with schoolwork and failed to do it, but still kept up with the level, if not exceeded, of intellect among her classmates. She taught herself art, often visiting the library help and tips, it was around this time she got her cutie mark. And although she hoped it would get her parents' attention, they brushed it off and she became far more distant and grumpy. She moved away from her family younger than most, and began painting for a living. She began selling them on the streets, slowly progressing to selling them at galleries. She remained anonymous and sold her artwork under the alias GLaB. She had quite a bit of money of money, and soon her nice, Lola Stockings, came and lived with her in Ponyville. She was already in awe of her niece, whom was in a fair few of her paintings as she wished to be closer to her but with a bad relationship with Lola's mom, she couldn't be, and gladly agreed to have Lola live with her when her parents couldn't care for her any more.

Example RP Segment:
(1) Canvas rushed down the bustling street, brushing past and dodging many ponies. A high-pitched sobbing sound pierced her ears and she turned to where it was coming from. She saw a sad filly, sobbing loudly and repeatedly said 'Mommy'. Canvas frowned, her heart breaking as it reminded her of Lola, her niece with whom she was very close to. Without her realizing it, her body marched over to the filly.
"Are you okay, l-little one?" Canvas inquired, smiling sympathetically. The filly shook her head, taking deep, gasping breaths. "Awww, what's wrong?"
"I-I-I-" The filly shook uncontrollably, burying her head into Canvas' white pelt. "L-Lost. M-Mommy!" Canvas gently consoled the filly with a reassuring hug.
"C'mon, when did you last see her?" Canvas asked, her usually gruff voice becoming soft. The filly pointed to a Hay Burgers, and Canvas slowly guided the filly over there. The filly let out a loud sob and dashed away from Canvas, leaving her trotting after her. "Hey, slow down!" Canvas panted as she reached the filly.
"T-Thank you," a mare with tear-stained cheeks whispered, holding the young filly close. The filly smiled shyly at Canvas before re-burying her face into her mother's pelt.
"N-No problem," Canvas smiled, a fuzzy feeling welling up in her stomach. She hadn't felt glad in a long time, and was usually unsocial and grumpy. "I-It's always good when a filly has her mother." Canvas gave the two one last hurried smile before trotting back to her dingy apartment.

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Posts : 223
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Age : 19
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PostSubject: Herbal Essence   Retired OCs I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 10:26 am

Herbal Essence
Retired OCs Ponysona__herbal_essence_by_angelclawtc-d4mrfzv
Gender: Female/Mare
Species: Alicorn
Mane: Long, messy, wavy dark green and lighter streaks.
Tail: Same as mane c:
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Very, very pale green
Cutie Mark: Like green thyme with pink heart at the top
Age (Baby,adult): Adult
Personality: Flirty, cunning, smart, short-tempered, rude, sly and fiery. And lots of other adjectives that describe those words. Oh and very very mysterious and gracefull
Likes: Herbs and being alone
Dislikes: Being surrounded by ponies
History: She grew up on her own in the Everee Forest. She always relied on nature to live and survive. She taught herself how to make all the potions and myths. Nopony knows where she lives or where she came from, they get very curious as she's a grace-full Alicorn that occasionally is sighted out and in the dark, Everee forest.

~Retired OCs Angelc10~
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