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 Snow Lily

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PostSubject: Snow Lily   Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:42 am

Snow Lily

Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus Pony
Mane: Light teal with a purplish blue.
Tail: Light teal with a purplish blue.
Eyes: Light Blue
Body: Light blue with a purplish blue on her mouth and hooftips.  She has freckles on her face, too.
Cutie Mark: None yet.  (Will be a snowflake with a heart at its center.)
Age (Baby,adult): Filly

Personality:  Snow Lily, Snow or Lily for short, likes to look at the weather.  Though she doesn't like it when it's just plain sunny.  She loves to look at the clouds and their various shapes and sizes.  She also loves the rain and snow.  Something about days with those types of weather makes her very happy.

Snow loves making friends.  Though she can be rather quiet, so it's hard for her to make friends sometimes.  Those friends she does make, she doesn't want to lose.  Losing friends makes her very sad.  So sad, she usually locks herself inside for days at a time.

Bullies just make her mad.  She can't stand bullies.  Though she doesn't stand up to bullies, she still feels that they are wrong.  She wishes she was brave enough to stand up to the bullies, but she just can't seem to find it in herself to stand up to them on her own.

Likes: Snow, Rain, Clouds, Friends, and Rainbows.
Dislikes: Hot summer days, bullies, dancing, losing friends.
History:  Snow Lily was born one snowy winter's day.  Her mother and father weren't expecting her until the next week, but she had come a little bit early.  Her body was the same light blue as her father's, her mane and tail the same as her mother's.  She was taken almost everywhere with her mother.  She was shown where the weather was made, and almost instantly the young filly was in love.  

Her favorite part of the tour was when she got to see where the snow was made.  Her eyes were always open wide when she was taken there.  And every trip was when she was at her best behavior.  She was always very calm and quiet, unlike her rather rambunctious behavior at home.  Eventually, the quiet behavior when she was out began to transition back to her home life.  Her parents were rather thankful for this, so they didn't ask very many questions.

Up to her most recent day in life, she has dreamed of nothing more than working for the weather factory.  She would love to make the snow.  Though she would be alright with any other job there.  She could always visit the snow makers, or at least, she thinks she could if she had some time to do so.

Example RP segment: 1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Snow Lily had been walking through Cloudsdale when she heard somepony sobbing.  The little filly was curious as to why there would be a sad pony all alone.  So she walked over to the sad young pony.  At first, she could not find the words to ask what was wrong.  Because there was clearly something wrong here.  Snow just did not want to upset the foal anymore than they were already upset.

So, after a few deep breaths, she tried again to talk to the young foal.  "Um, what's wrong?"  She asked after a little bit of quiet.  The young foal did not answer immediately.  After a bit more sobbing Snow Lily was given an answer.  This made Snow want to hug the young foal.  Though she held herself back, realizing that the young foal might not take too well to a stranger's hug.

Then, an idea came to her head.  "How about I help you look for your parents?"  She asked the young foal, a look of thought on her face.  "It does no one any good to be sad, so I can try to help you be happy again."  Snow offered a hoof to the young foal.  When her hoof was taken, she began to walk with the young foal, in search of the lost parents.

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PostSubject: Re: Snow Lily   Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:43 am

D'aww, another adorable little foal has joined us! Look at how cute she is!

Anyway, this app, in my crazed and bucked up mind, is considered... APPROVED!

Also, D'AWW!
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Snow Lily
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