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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

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PostSubject: Bright Eyes   Bright Eyes I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 26, 2013 7:50 pm

Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes 35kr0q9

Gender:  Mare
Species:  Unicorn
Mane:  Various shades of blue ranging from powder blue to light indigo, with streaks of gold sweeps across the mare's forehead.  It is naturally short and straightened.

Tail:  Her long, sweeping tail is the same colors as her mane, a mixture of colors and similar splashes of warm gold accentuating the combinations of blue shades.
Eyes:  Baby blue, usually obscured by her black-framed glasses.  While she is not complete blind without her glasses, she is far-sighted, struggling to see details up close.
Body:  Sky blue coat covering a slender figure, she is not an athetlic pony, but she is stronger than she appears since she has traveled for long periods.
Cutie Mark:  A pair of bright yellow stars: a symbol of her quick mind and and deep passion for nature and pursuit of exploring the unknown, her love of the night sky and astronomy.
Age:  Adult.

Personality:  Bright Eyes is an intelligent pony, but she would never look down her nose at another living creature.  She believes all ponies are good at the core, and that everypony deserves an equal chance in life to use their talents and be appreciated.  She didn’t come from a family of wealth, so she tends to be empathetic towards those who are less fortunate, especially young foals.

A little awkward around new ponies, Bright Eyes is nonetheless very friendly and genuinely considerate.  If you’re nice to Bright Eyes, she’ll be you’re best friend.  If you’re not nice to her, she isn’t the type of mare who will become offended and cry.  Instead, she will do what she can to win that pony over.  At the end of the day, this is a peaceful mare who is happiest when everyone around her is happy, as well.  She wears her 'heart on her sleeve' - she doesn't try to hide her joy when she's happy, and she is honest to a fault.  She may spend a lot of her days lost in thought, so she can come off as distracted to those unfamiliar with her.

Likes:  Philosophy, the night sky, astronomy, thoughtful conversations and thoughtful ponies, art and artists, music, creativity, positivity, poetry
Dislikes:  Obnoxious ponies, rudeness and cruelty, nightmares, poverty, being kept in one place, monotony

History:  Born and raised in Trottingham, Bright Eyes was the only child born to a couple of intelligent, bookworm-type ponies named Story Teller and Midnight Gazer.  From a young age, she was taught to pay attention to life all around her, and encouraged to contemplate all the great mysteries of life.  Why are ponies here?  Is there somepony meant for every everypony?  She was a creative and energetic foal who loved her parents very much... even if they were a little dull sometimes, and not very interested in playing.  Eventually, she found the greatest pleasure in spending time outdoors, alone, focusing on introspection as well as observations of her surroundings.  She wasn't exactly the most popular pony as a filly, but she was loved and was generally happy.

By the time she reached maturity, Bright Eyes had grown into a smart and ambitious pony.  Maybe she would discover a new planet, or write an amazing novel... Whatever she was destined to do, she knew she had to relocate in order to broaden her horizons.  She decided to leave Trottingham to make a new life for herself in Ponyville, but still missed her parents very much and has struggled to make new friends in her new home due to her percecived awkwardness.  She has lived alone for her adult life, venturing out most often at nighttime (if only because she likes to count the stars, which she could spend hours doing).

Most recently, she has spent months traveling to different areas of Equestria, trying to meet as many interesting ponies as possible, and have as many interesting experiences as she could find.  There is a piece of her that wishes for stability, however, and a growing desire to settle down and start a family with somepony who understands her.

Status:  Single

Example RP segment: A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

In the dark of the night, the pale blue mare moved swiftly through the streets of Ponyville.  Her tail fluttered behind her like a banner as she ran, and it was clear from her pace that this was a pony on a mission.  Bright Eyes had been stargazing that evening, as she often did alone, and she had noticed an unusual number of falling stars.  She was a pony that believed everything meant something – did this celestial phenomena signal upcoming excitement, or doom?  Certain that she had just the book at her home to reference, she was hurrying back when the sound of crying caught her attention.

Instantly, the mare came to halt, nearly toppling over as she skidded to a stop.  ”What could that be?”  She wondered aloud as she followed the sound, only to discover a lost colt.  The boy was far too young to be out at such a late hour, and a frown crossed the mare’s features as she trotted over to the upset youngster.  ”What’s wrong, little guy?  Are you lost?  You must be lost.”  The colt said nothing, and Bright Eyes offered a reassuring smile.  She inched closer to offer an empathetic nudge to the younger pony’s shoulder.  ”Hey, buck up, now.  No need for tears.  We’ll find your mother again soon, right?  Ponyville isn’t all that big.”

With her previous mission forgotten temporarily, Bright Eyes turned away from the foal, scanning the empty streets – but alas, there was no one else in sight, and she hadn’t an inkling where the boy had come from or who he belonged to.  She was a new transplant to the town, and she hadn’t met very many other ponies yet.  Regardless, she couldn’t just leave the colt, so she glanced over her shoulder and clicked her tongue, beckoning him to follow.  ”Well, come along, then.  We will look for your momma together.”  Again, she cast the boy a friendly grin to show that she only meant to help him, mind pondering what could have happened to his mother.  Where could the missing mare be?


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PostSubject: Re: Bright Eyes   Bright Eyes I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 27, 2013 4:44 am

Very well thought out OC.

My only criticism is you didn't state exactly what her talent is, since the meaning of her cutie mark is a bit vague.

But never the less, your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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Bright Eyes
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