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 flame Disk's home / studio

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Flame Disk


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PostSubject: flame Disk's home / studio   Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:12 pm

Flame Disk's House/studio
Destination of house: Ponyville city limits
Area: nearby the wether factory
Adress you want: 4283 e weather lane
No. of rooms: 5
How many stories:2
Which rooms: kitchen, music studio, bedroom, bathroom, sitting room
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
bedroom: on the top floor of the house, large bed in the center, with a window looking towards the wether factory
bathroom: links into the bedroom. basic bathroom with shower, sink ect.
sitting room: first room you walk into on the house, links into the kitchen, stairs to bedroom. There is a fireplace and a TV in the corner, with a recliner and a sofa if guests come along.
Kitchen: full stainless steel appliances, and links into the music studio and sitting room.
music studio: hard to explain, so ill just put a pic instead.

He bought the house without the studio, and built that after he moved in.
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flame Disk's home / studio
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