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 Kite Shield

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PostSubject: Kite Shield   Kite Shield I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 8:59 am

Kite Shield
Kite Shield KiteShield

Gender: Stallion (Male)

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: Brown, usually messy.

Tail: Brown, also messy.

Eyes: Orange

Body: Built. His ears are also longer than usual, resembling a mule which he is embarrassed about.

Cutie Mark: Shield and Two Swords.

Age: Young adult, 19


Born into the western community of Appleloosa, Kite's personality is bright and friendly. His heroic disposition may seem exaggerated, but the colt truly believes in his self proclaimed title of Hero. One day he wants to become a night, thus, he puts himself into harms way to protect anypony, and everypony.

Likes: Oranges, Heroic fairy-tales, Studying in his spare time.

Dislikes: Heights (Though, he won't admit it.), Magic, all forms of Evil.


Born in the little western town of Appleloosa, Kite grew up working hard. On top of that, he also had his schooling to get through. This little colt knew the meaning of an honest day's work at an early age. Despite the entire town being a happy-go-lucky place to live, and his job not even being that bad, a young Kite felt somewhat distraught. As the young mares and colt's cutie marks started to show, his was nowhere to be found. Feeling rather discouraged one afternoon leaving his schoolhouse, Kite caught wind of something, almost spiritually. He was drawn to an area just a distance away from the school. A crate of apples was overturning on a young mare, who had just barely been holding it up. With haste, Kite made way for the crate, quickly nudging her out of the way, taking on the full impact of the crashing crate. The crying of the mare brought her parents along, who curiously questioned what happened. Lightly bruised, Kite wiggled himself from under the pile of apples. After the young pony explained herself, and how the brave colt saved her, Kite received many a praise from the parents, and passerby ponies. As he took it all in, his heart gained a feeling he had thought was lost too him. He felt alive. With that, the young colt's flank gained it's cutie mark. A Shield with two swords, representing his heroic sacrifice for somepony other than himself. As he took notice of his new badge of honor, Kite knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Packing up his things, and saying his goodbyes to his fellow ponies of Appleloosa, Kite set forth for the world beyond. He now travels the world, searching for any signs of anypony who need his talents.

Kite's personality is very caring, showing great respect for those around him, especially the "fair mares" as he calls them. He takes his home's traditions with him, no matter where he goes. He's a proper western gentlemen, as well as a scholar of sorts. He spent many hours studying before he decided to leave his schooling for his dream job of becoming a Knight. Many would say, he had a bright future in his teachings, though once Kite sets his mind to something, it's practically written in stone. Kite's parents live in Appleloosa currently, approving of the young Colt's ambitions as he set off on his new life. They only wish to see him someday soon, requesting he visit their little town in the future to tell them how he's been. Along his new started life, Kite came into a dual with a rouge Unicorn, who had been trying to pick off and steal items from a traveling merchant. After a rather embarrassing fight, Kite failed to completely stop the magic user. This, of course, leads to his total distrust of any magic using pony, at first glance. This, however, does not mean if he gets to know the magic user, they can't be friends. He can easily make friends with even enemies, given the right opportunity.

Example RP segment:

Passing along his way into the new town, a rather obnoxious sound is heard coming from the streets. He thought it might be some sort of mechanical difficulty, but with further inspection, the stallion came across a young foal weeping. A frown forming on his features, he shook his head about, looking for the poor child's parents. No one to be found, he leaned his muzzle down, nuzzling the child in an attempt to calm her down. With very little success, He slowly ran his muzzle beneath her stomach, sliding her onto his back. He smiled, and stood up straight. " .. Don't worry, fair mare.. I'll find your parents for you.. " Though she didn't respond, her crying ceased, which was a great sign. He slowly trotted about the town, searching every door. It took him most of the day to locate them, but finally he found the small child's parents. As he set her down, she ran into her home swiftly, the parents thanking him for finding their daughter. " It was nothing, really.. It's my job.. As a hero!.. No one gets left behind.. " He grinned, as the mother continued to thank him through tears. The small foal returned to the door, a flower in her muzzle. Kite blinked, cheeks turning bright pink as he smiled. He leaned down, allowing her to place the flower in his bandanna. " T-Thank you.. Mr. Hero.. " She sniffled. His heart jumped, at the mention of being called a hero. With a smirk, he nodded. " .. I'll always be here to help, little lady.. "
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PostSubject: Re: Kite Shield   Kite Shield I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 3:35 pm

Welcome to the forum, Kite!

Approved. You may begin posting at your earliest convenience.

You're more than welcome to join us in the chat box at the bottom of the front page.
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Kite Shield
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