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 Bane Thunderstripe

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PostSubject: Bane Thunderstripe   Fri May 18, 2012 12:32 am

Bane Thunderstripe

Gender: Stallion
Mane: Mohawk with Black and white coloring

Tail: Short white tail, with black tips

Eyes: Dull brown eyes
Body: Like all zebras, he is black and white-- he is a lot whiter
than most zebras, it's only white on his back or rump.
muzzle is black as is the top of his head. There are black stripes
running along his legs as there is a black lightning style
marking around his neck which is a symbol of his family.
Cutie Mark: A tribal symbol of strength.
Age (Baby,adult): Young adult
Where as bane's sister is a genuine fun loving Zebra, he is not into
the fun she enjoys. He prefers being refined like the ponies, he had been
Bane has a desire to be more superior then others, in any way
possible. He is currently training to become a guard, just to be able
to have more power.
Bane has a tendency to be all talk. when it comes
to actually doing anything of importance, He'll often take credit for
things he doesn't do, and will run off when important things are
Family: Ambassador Thunderstripe ,(father)
Madame Thunderstripe (mother)
Sarinas Thunderstripe (twin sister)
Likes:Control, Being upper class, Order, and his parents
Dislikes:Childish behavior, Playing, Being thought of as lowly, cheesecake, and Commoners
Bane and his twin sister had been born in Zavros, the home land of the
zebras. Their father would get a promotion to ambassador, as the twins
were about to enter into school for the first time. Because of this they
would get their education in Canterlot, during which they had to prove
to their peers that they were just as civil.
Over time Bane and his
sister's relationship had began to deteriorate, their culture had it so
that they would have to follow in the steps of their parents. It seemed
destined that the two were going to separate.
Bane had felt he had
been the lucky one of the twins, he was the one who had gotten
favoritism from his parents. Knowing this had made him become lazy in a
way, all he had to do was rely on his parents. The only draw back from
being the favorite was that a lot of his freedom would be cut down, and
he would be forced to spend almost all his time with the upperclass.
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PostSubject: Re: Bane Thunderstripe   Fri May 18, 2012 3:30 am

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Bane Thunderstripe
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