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 Snowdrift's Home

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PostSubject: Snowdrift's Home   Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:41 pm

Snowdrift's Home
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: The Marketplace
Address you want: 22 Marketplace, Ponyville, Equestria
No. of rooms: 4
How many stories: 1
Which rooms: Kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, bedroom
List the rooms and their size and appearance: The kitchen and sitting room take up most of the small house, divided by a half-wall. The rooms themselves aren't very large, though rather cozy, with light blue walls and purple accents on the furniture. The furnishings themselves are just necessities, nothing fancy, and her kitchen contains only the bare minimum of cooking implements, given that Snowdrift herself isn't much of a cook anyway.
From the right of the door when you walk in is a small bathroom, marked by a white door. Its nothing special, though inside the colour seems more warm than in the sitting. The room doesn't contain much more than a bathtub, sink and toilet.
Taking up about a quarter of the house's space is Snowdrift's new bedroom. In keeping with her love of napping in piles of soft snow, her bed can only be described as a soft, white beanbag chair. The room has one round window overlooking a different street of Ponyville, a small floor lamp, a desk which will probably go unused, and a shelf, used for displaying various knick-knacks.
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Snowdrift's Home
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