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 Explorin' time!

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PostSubject: Explorin' time!   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:18 pm

"Brash steps past the tree line" Brash chuckled at his own name pun.
"of the Everfree Forest, his bravery glimmerin- no umm Shining AMAZAINGLY HARD- . . . umm his bravery being brave . . .?" Brash stopped his walking as he pondered what to say for his self narration. Brash earlier led his sister to the spa, a place that even she could relax for once and leave him upholstered to have some fun. He had heard rumors about Everfree Forest and he decided to see if the rumors were true.

He continued to trot merrily forward. "Well his bravery was somewhere near him as he faced the darkness ahead. The amazingly good-looking Brash-step could only think of what the other ponies back in ponyville will think of his awesome feats." He stopped again to imagine all the mares swooning over him as he walked by into town. The thought of just being around somepony was like the best gift in the world to him. Living alone with his scaredy sister was too much to bear for that long, but he felt he couldn't just introduce himself like some average pony. His name must be heard first before he can meet awesome people.

"I will not falter!" he exclaimed. Just then a sudden movement crossed the edge of his sight. A sound of swishing leaves to his right.

Oh my gosh! Time to shine!, He thought his eyes beaming. He stood his ground like a bull about to charge as he glared at the shaking bush.

"By Celestia's horn, I demand you to face me foul creature!" He demanded, his voice booming but much to his dismay, the only thing that appeared from the brush was just a small frightened pidgeon. It shook in its place fearing Brash. His head bowed in disappointment.
"I wont let this deter me. Nope nope nope!" He said gathering his will again. He decided to ignore the little bird and keep on walking deeper into the forest.

"Ha. Foul. Fowl. and it was a pidgeon. Oh I'm good. Woo. Almost missed that one, too."
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PostSubject: Re: Explorin' time!   Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:08 pm

~Cupcake Dream~

Timidly, Cupcake walked through the forest, creeped out by the shadows. Usually, if someone had asked her to go into the Everfree Forest, she'd hide under her bed, cowering at the thought. But today was different. Her aunt had ran out of the special ingredient she used for double carrot cake, one that only grew in the Everfree Forest apparently.

Maybe this is all a prank, Cupcake thought as the trees grew thicker. Maybe she hired somepony to scare me. She thought about this, but shook her head. Aunt Fudge wouldn't do something like that. Would she? Maybe-


Cupcake jumped up and screamed, hearing a noise behind her. Frightened, the young mare ran through the forest, panting deeply. Why had she ever agreed to this.


Not looking where she was going, Cupcake smashed right into a stallion!

"Owwwwwww..." She groaned, rubbing her head.
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PostSubject: Re: Explorin' time!   Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:21 am

It had been sometime as Brash had been wandering around. His hopes for his adventure had become extremely sour. His feet ached, not even his boots helped him out. His light-red eyes had once excitedly scanned the foliage of this dark forest but now they lazily hang looking towards the ground.

"The horrifying, evil, pony-eating monsters of this forest have not been seen as of yet." He said wearily. ". . . Unless these monsters disguised as trees and cute little bunnies. Maybe they are just that of afraid of our hero Brash! Maybe the fact that he is soo amazingly braze deterred the monsters from showing there faces! . . . Oh who am I kidding, this place is empty and calm." He said defeated. Behind him he heard this thudding coming towards him. He turned slowly and muttered under his breath, "Another pigeon?" He sighed.

A flash of light blue came streaking through the darkness of the forest and pounded right into Brash causing him to roll a few feet into a bush. His head spun in a daze for a moment but all he could think about was how now was his chance, that some blue demon had attacked him. All these thoughts of grandeur ended when an audible Owwwwww groaned a few feet away. He frowned, stood up, and walked over to a young mare with glasses rubbing her own head. For a moment he just stood there staring at her, half hoping that she was a terrible shape shifting beast. The moment passed and he spoke.

"What are you running through this forest bumping into ponies for! I coulda been a scary dragon beetle monster!" He just then noticed the sticks and leaves in his mane and vest and he started to pick and pull them out. "I mean do you want to be eaten?!" He said in an elevated voice.

"Ugh, sorry. Long day. My names Brash-step." He held out his hoof.
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PostSubject: Re: Explorin' time!   

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Explorin' time!
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