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 Glitter Hail, An Evil Archer

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PostSubject: Glitter Hail, An Evil Archer   Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:13 pm

DISCLAIMER A: He is evil and intended to RP as an evil character.
DISCLAIMER B: He does not shoot his bow like shown in the picture. usually. He does sometime. He is not as accurate when doing that.

Gender: Male
Species: Crystal Pony
Mane: Standard for a Crystal pony, not that long and a faded pink in colour.
Tail: Quite long and varying in thickness. Same colour as Mane.
Eyes: Standard Crystal pony eyes, but bright yellow.
Body: Huge, and very sturdy, too. Reminiscent of Big Mac’s body, overall.
Cutie Mark: An Arrow and a Quiver, each with a diamond tip.
Age (Baby, adult): Adult

Glitter Hail is an unkind and unrighteous pony. He believes it is his destiny to come to power and have all he could ever want for himself.
He is very vain and focused on romance, although he only looks out for his own interests. He would threaten or kidnap mares just too attempt to woo them and convince them of his charm.
He is deluded into thinking that what he’s currently doing he’s doing it for a greater good, and when you anger him, he’ll start thinking of excuses why you’re the evil one.

He is not very intelligent on his own, Slow to figure new things out and inefficient in the plans he creates. He is knowledgeable from being very studious, but he’s still slow on the uptake.
He is a Daring showoff, pulling off difficult physical feats with little issue, and all just to impress the Mares.

Tools & Abilities: Glitter hail has an array of magic arrows. He uses Ice, Fire, Sound etc. etc. His bow is made of a special bleak wood and is both flexible and resilient, but not magical in itself, just kinda fabulous.
He does -not- use puncturing or wounding arrows because that would not fit the theme of this forum.

Likes: Himself, Being Evil, Acquiring Power, Himself, Attractive Mares, Dating others, Himself, Posing and being unnecessarily Fancy.
Dislikes: Smarter Ponies, Most Unicorns, Cowardly Stallions, Being forced to think about his past.

Glitter Hail was born into the Crystal Kingdom before Sombra attacked. He was an outstandingly tall and strong colt at all ages, although he was never too bright. Fearful that he would be teased for it, he studied hard to prove otherwise. When he went to physical activities, he did not settle with only showing his strength, joining acrobatics and archery as well to show off his agility and focus. In archery he would receive his cutie mark when pulling off impossible trick shots!
As an archer, he joined the royal guard, but stood powerless against Sombra’s attack. After the 1000-year skip, he hadn’t changed much, but practiced hard to get rid of his guilt. He knew full well though, that all the practice in the world wouldn’t help him against something great and magical like Sombra, even after Sombra’s second defeat.
He decided that skill would not be enough. They must do what they can to prevent evil from ever happening. but to do that, they must understand what made such evil things that wanted to harm and destroy things so pure as the crystal empire. Glitter Hail did all the research he could, learning much about evil, but eventually, he’d have to take his research to the field. He promised his friends he’d work as a double agent and would learn more, so everything could be written down, and Equestria could prevent all future evil.
What he did not realise is that evil would grip him very well, and he stood little chance of remaining pure and kind. At first he just acted out little plays. He joined bandits, listened in on their plans and urges, fought with them, but brought all the loot back to the village overnight, in secret. He jumped from one group to the next, however, he occasionally found himself enjoying the extra food, the luxury of the bad life and the ponynapped mares. He didn’t stay with most bandits for long, as they saw through him, or just didn’t like his style.
In the long run, he started revelling in the satisfaction of getting what he wanted and wooing all the mares with a naughty little act. Eventually, he even Crashed a wedding, entering through the window with a magic arrow of ice aimed directly for the groom. As he landed in the middle, he rushed to the Bride and took her away with him, running her off into the sunset. He would do his best to woo her and charm her, eventually catching her interest and returning the love… Until something else caught his eye and he just left her in the middle of a horrible wilderness, eyes on the next target, never to think about her again.
In these actions, he would lose all trust and hope his ‘friends’ ever may have had on him, and would never return to the Crystal Kingdom, because he had other things to do.
In his travelling he has heard of another pony, more evil and more wicked than he could ever hope to be. Deluding himself just following his own urges by himself won’t teach him everything, while really just wanting some help ponynapping people, he hunted down Raging Inferno and pledged his allegiance to him, his trusty bow by Inferno’s Furious side.

It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.
In the thick rain, the soft chatter fills the tavern with cheer and commotion, people happy to not be wet. Little did they know what they were about to be in for.

The doors slammed open, The sound rendering the mood Broken.
Impossibly tall the stallion stood, And move quick he could!
with only a moment to act, he stood on his forefeet and shot three arrows to the ground
freezing it over, back on his feet, he slid over it and twirled around.
He arrived at the bar with a grin Give me all the bits cause this is a Break-in.
He Grabbed his bow once more, Firing  arrows to the now closed door.
It was frozen shut, no one would escape. nobody move, or I’ll put you in bad shape.
He said with his bow at the ready, Flashing a bright smile while remaining steady.

in the corner of his eyes he noticed a fascinating mare. He gazed upon her and moved to her, offering her his large hoof. And you, my fair ma’am, would be~? He said, asking for her name. He would be interrupted by a brave colt trying to attack him, however he had no issue kicking that colt and spinning him around before bucking hard against him, sending the poor fellow onto the slippery ice by the entrance. You will be coming with me. He stated to the mare, to which she resisted. oh, you’d rather not? Well… He said, grabbing his bow and firing an arrow to a window, freezing that window over much like the door. He aimed his bow once more, shooting just beside the stomach of a stallion, Freezing the table besides him. oops. Missed. I promise you, I won’t miss next time, He’ll be frozen and have to wait until some braaaaave stallion thaws his poor little flank... Now, what do you say, ma’am? he said a loud guffaw leaving his large mouth before he quieted down and looked back to his date, staring her deep in the eye, threatening her. When he got a meek nod out of her he exclaimed Brilliant! Then on our way we will be. He picked her up onto his back and grabbed the bits on the counter. Fine day, gentlecolts. He said, bucking against the frozen door, breaking it loose and causing it to open. He walked through and closed it again, once more shooting an ice arrow to the door before walking away in the pouring rain. Let me have a moment, to make sure the news is... delayed. He said, Stretching out and grabbing a bow, lunaching ice arrow after ice arrow to slowly freeze the exits. The ponies inside would have to slowly that themself out to escape, now. After that, he galloped off, screaming mare on his back, soaking wet the both of them.


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PostSubject: Re: Glitter Hail, An Evil Archer   Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:22 pm

Mother of resolutions!


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Glitter Hail, An Evil Archer
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