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 Glitter Sparkles

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PostSubject: Glitter Sparkles   Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:38 pm

Glitter Sparkles

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: A slightly wavy two-toned pink

Tail: Long, slightly wavy two-toned pink

Eyes: Light purple

Body: Very light yellow

Cutie Mark: A rainbow. Glitter can temporarily change ponies' coats to the colors of the rainbows, but she can permanently change object colors to a rainbow, if she wanted.

Age (Baby,adult): Young adult

Personality: A ditzy, optimistic little mare who loves to spread happiness wherever she goes. She doesn't seem to get that ponies can feel any other emotion other than happiness, and tends to commit social faux pas by treating any sort of news, good and bad, as something awesome. She can have bursts of knowledge and insight sometimes, however that doesn't mean she any has common sense.

Likes: Optimism, cute things, rainbows, colorful things, kind ponies
Dislikes: Negativity, pessimism, ponies who dislike rainbows, mean ponies

History: Glitter Sparkles didn't grow up in a town, but with a tribe of nomad ponies of every race. She didn't know who her parents were; the traveling nomads believed in the whole village treating the children as their own, so she was never on a personal level with them. Growing up, she was taught to always be optimistic and happy, no matter what happened. Every bad thing had a silver lining to it, you just gotta look for it.

She got her cutie mark the same day as she saw her first rainbow--she thought it was beautiful, and wished she could make a rainbow whenever she wanted. Being a unicorn, she decided that she could just create a spell to make a rainbow in the sky. Turns out, she couldn't do that. But what she could do however, was change the color of anything she wanted to rainbows! When Glitter does it on ponies, it's only temporary, however she can make it permanent on objects if she wanted to.

Not knowing who your parents were meant not knowing which pony you were related to. So, dating was strictly forbidden in the tribe. Instead, when ponies become adults, they're sent to live in towns in hopes of meeting a suitor to bring back to the tribe. However, they may stay in the town if they wanted to or not choose to not date anypony and they can return to the tribe whenever they wanted.

Glitter chose to stay in Ponyville when she became an adult because it was her favorite place to visit when she was younger. Glitter doesn't really care if she finds a special somepony, all she wants to do is have fun and make friends.

She's perfected her special talent enough to almost-permanently change the colors of objects to a single color. She has a small shop where she can change the color of anything a pony may own to something else, though if the color isn't a rainbow, it only lasts a year before fading. She also will change the color of ponies' coats and manes, but it only lasts one day at the most.

The business can be slow at times(especially since she never learned the value of a bit, so she sometimes gets swindled by smarter ponies), but she doesn't really care about how much money she earns. She just wants others to be happy!

Example RP segment: A foal lost its mother.

Glitter Sparkles skipped down the road of Ponyville, happily whistling a tune. It was heavily raining, but that didn't bother her one bit, as evidenced by the fact that she wasn't even carrying an umbrella.

Her coat and mane were both drenched, but she shrugged it off as she lightly trotted down the street.

The town was empty for some reason; Glitter couldn't imagine why nopony was out on such a beautiful day like this. After a few minutes of whistling and skipping to and fro, she came across a pony---a little foal was crying in the middle of the street.

Glitter sought to introduce herself to the young filly. "Hiya!" She exclaimed, running past a mud puddle in order to reach the crying foal. "Whatcha doin?"

The foal looked up at her with big, blue eyes. Oooh, she thought, Blue is a rainbow color!

Glitter Sparkles put on her best smile for the foal, which the child took as sympathy, and thus began to explain her problem to the mare. " mom..." The kid stuttered, "She...p-p-passed away, and..." The filly broke off, sobbing as the rain continued to through her ivory fur.

"Hey, you know what; you wanna know something? Yeah, you know, I never knew my parents!" Glitter explained, voice as happy and peppy as can be.

"Y-you didn't?"

"Nooo, nah, naw, and guess what: you're adorable!"


The filly looked at her, confused. Her crying stopped for a moment as she contemplated the strange mare in front of her.

"Your coat is ivory!" Glitter Sparkles pointed out, as if the filly didn't realize. She lit her horn up. "Maaagiiiic~~~" She sang, and let out a flash of multicolored light at the filly.

"W-what was tha--OH MY GOSH!" The young filly exclaimed, looking at her two hooves in front of her. Her ivory legs had turned rainbow. She checked herself all over. Rainbow haunches, rainbow tail, rainbow mane--She was a walking rainbow! "Why'd you do this??" The filly exclaimed in shock, her once simple coloring now gone.

Glitter snorted, "Weren't you, like, listening to me before when I was talking? I used maaagiiiic~~~!!" She pranced in a circle around the filly, "Raaaainboooows~~~!!!"

Without warning, the filly took off, running down the street. The unicorn waved goodbye, glad that she could help with her boring coat problem. She had forgotten to tell the foal that it was temporary, but oh well.

Glitter resumed her leisurely skip across town, whistling her happy tune once more.


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PostSubject: Re: Glitter Sparkles   Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:45 pm

First off, I loooooooove the design of your pony. Second of all, You are approved! Your history is quite creative, and your rp well-written.

Have fun :D
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PostSubject: Re: Glitter Sparkles   Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:49 am

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Glitter Sparkles   

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Glitter Sparkles
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