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 Nightsong (Completed)

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PostSubject: Nightsong (Completed)   Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:42 pm

Night Song

Gender: Female

Species: Bat pony

Mane: Her mane is midnight blue in color.  It is medium in length and while it is well groomed it is still a bit shaggy.
Tail: Her tail is long and well kept, like her mane is still shaggy. It is the same Midnight blue color as her mane as well.

Eyes:  Night song’s eyes are bright yellow, and like most bat ponies does not have normal pupils, but instead her pupils are slitted.

Body: Night song has an average sized build.  Her fur is long and bright lavender in color. Like most bat ponies her wings are not feathered, but are webbed and leathery, much resembling that of a bat.

Cutie Mark: A blue shield with a sword behind it. On the shield is a crescent  moon.  This represents her passion for defending Equestria in the dead of night.

Age (Baby,adult): Young adult (around 19)

Sexuality: Homosexual

Personality: Nightsong is a daring individual, and a skilled fighter. What she lacks in muscle she makes up for in strategy. Energetic, quick witted, and brave, she is often viewed as an inspiration to her fellow guard mates. Though she doesn’t go without her weaknesses.  

While she takes her job seriously, she is sometimes frowned upon for goofing off. It isn’t that she is trying to be a distraction, but unlike her fellow guard mates she is talkative and likes to have fun. While she does good out in the field, she has a hard time when guarding the castle itself.  It can get quite boring and tedious to stand and watch for trespassers. Though she will try her hardest to do her job well, and in return does decent at it, it has showed that it is not her best work.

Because she is better at defending Canterlot from outside the castle, she is often seen about Canterlot on duty, looking for those who may cause trouble or may pose as a threat to the city.

Her favorite part of her job however is when she is sent on missions.  She likes adventuring through dangerous routes to find villains that are causing harm to Equestrian society.

When off duty, she can often be found at nightclubs. Because she is a bat pony she is up all night and sleeps all day, she likes to party at the places that are open during the darkest hours.  She is an outgoing individual to those she knows and tries to be kind to everypony, though sometimes feels uncomfortable around others that are not her kind, and because of this has trouble fitting in and making friends. To new ponies she may even come across as shy.  

Growing up, she was always told that friends were only a distraction from her duties, however finding out otherwise she ignored what she was told and tries her best to get along with other ponies.  Now enjoying friendship, mostly with others in the night guard, she still gets nervous that not listening to her parents advice will come back to bite her, and distract her from work when it is utmost important to be paying attention.

The night time - Like most bat ponies, Nightsong enjoys the hours when the moon dominates the sky, mostly because it is dark and peaceful. She is nocturnal, so stays up all night and sleeps during the day.

Mangos - Nightsong could eat mangos all day long. Though she loves mostly all fruit, the sweet and juicy taste of mangoes are by far her favorite. Though she can’t get them in the city as much as she would like, because there are certainly no mango trees around Canterlot so they have to be shipped in.

Combat - Nightsong likes to spar with her fellow guards for training. She also enjoys planning strategies for facing enemies. Though she is by far not the strongest of ponies, she is a good strategist which gives her an advantage when fighting.

Adventures - Nightsong loves to go on adventures. She enjoys the unknown and finds thrill in it.  Instead of sitting in her house during her free time she would rather be outside exploring.  This is part of the reason why she likes her job, because she gets to adventure to new places when there is trouble.

Foals - Nightsong enjoys being around kids. She likes their wild imaginations and how they can find excitement in the smallest of things. Perhaps this is because she didn’t have much of a childhood which she got to enjoy, and was usually always working.  So she likes to play with foals and have the fun she never had as a child.

Music - Nightsong enjoys music, especially when it’s live.  She has respect for those with the talent of creating music which she doesn’t posses. She likes most kind of music, from rock to classical.

Bright lights - Anything too bright hurts her eyes. Which is why she prefers the nighttime over day, when it is much darker. She likes the light to be dim, or even non existent. As a bat pony, she is well equipped to live in the dark.

Crowds - Nightsong dislikes crowds. She hates too many ponies in a limited amount of space, which is a hardship she must deal with on a regular basis when living in the city of Canterlot.

Dishonesty - Serving the princesses has come with many responsibilities, one of which is being honest, especially to other royal guards. Because of this, she can’t stand to see other ponies who are dishonest. It is always good to live up to the truth.

Betrayal - Just like most ponies, Nightsong will not stand to be betrayed by someone, she views it as one of the worst things you can do.  She thinks that one should always be a loyal friend or companion to those they know, and that should never change with very few exceptions.

History: It was a beautiful night. The full moon dominated the sky, surrounded by the twinkling glow of starlight. Though it was far from peaceful for the bat winged equine. So much pain ignited within her as she was about to give birth. She had no one to comfort her. The father was long gone. Her and the unborn filly were alone. Though, after her labor was done she could not be happier with the filly she had given birth to. Like her, she had leathery bat like wings, while she took her father's bright colored coat.  The filly was perfectly healthy, and ready to come face with the world she had been born into. It went silent, except for the soft tune of the night. A mix of the owls hoots and crickets chirps echoed through the silence. It was now peaceful.  So her mother named her after the beautiful sounds of these sunless hours. Nightsong, would be the name that was to stick with the filly for the rest of her life.  

Ever since Nightsong was very young, she was good on her feet. Though she was not strong, nearly any other foal could compare to her agility and strategy.  Her mother knew Nightsong would someday make a good royal guard just like her and her husband. Though she seemed a bit hyper for it, she was far too young for the job at the time and her mother hopped when she got older she would calm down.  Though she never got to see her daughter grow older.  While Nightsong was still a young filly, her mother was called on duty for an emergency.  Manehattan was under attack, and she was never heard from again.

Nightsong was then sent to an orphanage, where she faced many hardships.  She was forced to do housework for most of the night, and when she had spare time she was unable to play with the other foals.  They thought her wings were strange, and fangs intimidating. She was labeled as an outcast, and they rarely let her join in on their games.   Not to mention they were mostly all asleep when she was awake at night.  She mostly worked alone with up keeping the orphanage during these dark hours.  Her favorite chore then was gardening, and tending to the plants outside the orphanage. This allowed her to be outside, breathe the fresh air, and look up at the gorgeous night sky of dim starlight.  She enjoyed being up at night, it was much more quiet and peaceful around Canterlot, allowing her to be wrapped in the song of the night, which her mother had named her after.  

Every night, Nightsong would stare up at the moon, wallowing in grief, missing her mother.  The bright light of the moon reminded her of the comfort and guidance  her mother would give her through the darkest of times.

One day,  A friend of her mother had decided to adopt Nightsong as one of his own.  Nightingale was a Nightguard himself, not a bat pony but an earth pony who found pleasure in the night, and decided to guard the princess and Canterlot during these dark hours. While he was incapable of flying or magic, he was strong and handy with weapons.  Though Nightsong was still young at the time, he decided to start training her right away with good strategy.  Seeing how adept Nightsong was in the area, he soon moved on to teaching her about weapons, and before they knew it, Nightsong had grown into a good fighter with the use of strategy and weapons as she was taught.

Next, Nightingale went on to teach her about the history of her kind and the Night guard.  She learned about how some of the bat ponies had dedicated their lives to the princess of the night, along with several others who soon became known as the night guard. As Nightsong became interested, Nightingale decide to tell her the tragic tale of Nightmare moon, and how many ponies didn't believe that princess Luna ever existed, and it was all just an old ponies tale.  Though deep in their hearts the two knew that princess Luna did exist, and would continue to watch over her subjects from her prison on the moon.

Nightsong continued to train and become stronger as she grew. Soon her efforts payed off, and finally she received her cutie mark, now knowing her destiny. She knew someday she was to become part of the night guard, just like her mother, father, and Nightingale.  No matter how many dangers she would face, she would be brave and encounter them with courage and pride on her side. She vowed that when the princess of the night returned to Equestria, she would defend her, and work under her as her royal guard.

Nightingale was becoming older, and soon he retired from the royal guard. He decided it was best to send Nightsong to training with other foals, to become a real Night guard. Though before he sent her to training, he gave a sword and shield of her own. Though this was not just any sword and shield, it was from long ago. The original sword and shield their ancestors used back when the night guard was first founded. It as nothing like what they used today, they were made of stronger material, and had real silver and gold to decorate them.  It was far too expensive to make something like this for every guard member today.  They were valuable pieces that had been handed own for generations.  They were far too big for the filly to use then, but when she grew older they would come in handy.

With her new equipment, she was sent to training where she met many filly's and colts with the same interests as her. While not all of them were training to become a night guard, they were all mostly kind and accepting of the bat pony.  There were also others who wanted to become a night guard, she even met other bat ponies like herself.  She gained many friends from training, though with the constant work some dropped out figuring that perhaps the royal guard was not for them. Though she did manage to meet another filly just as determined as she was to get in on the action.  She was a nocturnal unicorn who went by the name of Melody.  While the two were competitive towards one another, they managed to get along, and soon became best friends. As they grew older, that did not change.

With their competitive and determined nature, the two filly's were known as one of the best candidates for the night guard to graduate that year. They were both accepted into the guard, and several days later the two became more then friends.  After several months of work, they finally had enough money to move out and buy an apartment together.

Once they heard that Princess Luna had returned, and was no longer the monster known as Nightmare Moon, a large party was hosted by the night guard to celebrate her return and welcome her back.  Several guards were picked to work under her as the new reformed lunar guard. Both Melody and Nightsong were chosen to become part of the lunar guard. They celebrated, and danced until sunrise. when the shadows vanished to make way for the dawn, so did the night guard to sleep the day away.

Melody and Nightsong faced many dangerous adventures since being accepted into the Lunar guard. Something the both of them enjoy.  Together, they are fearless, and work with pride under the princess of the night.

Example RP segment: #5 - The usual busy streets of the city seemed mostly abandoned now that the sun was absent from the sky, replaced only by the dim light of the moon. The sounds of hooves as they galloped across the empty streets echoed through the silence. Nightsong felt depressed walking the streets of Manehattan alone. She had lost her mother to the wrath of this city, but she was on duty to examine some mischief a couple of ponies were causing in the slums the past few nights. Though there seemed to be no one around at the time.

Suddenly, the faint sound of chatter caught the bat ponies attention. Flapping her wings several times she lifted her weight into the air to get a faster pace towards the sound. What she found, was a colt picking on an innocent filly. She looked over to the scene, only to be snapped at by the colt. Her eyes narrowed at him, piercing the darkness of the night before she stepped foreword beneath the light of the moon revealing her armor, letting the colt know that she belonged to the royal guard.

The colt backed away not wanting to get in trouble with the law. Nightlong approached the filly. "Are you alright?" she asked. The filly nodded, as Nightsong began to pat her head. "You should be heading home, it can be dangerous out here."

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PostSubject: Re: Nightsong (Completed)   Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:04 pm

Looks good! Approved
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PostSubject: Re: Nightsong (Completed)   Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:41 pm

Re reading this and I want to puke... I think my writing style has greatly matured since I did this. May I have permission to re do this?
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PostSubject: Re: Nightsong (Completed)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:34 pm

Of course!
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PostSubject: Re: Nightsong (Completed)   

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Nightsong (Completed)
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