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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Slippery Hooves   Slippery Hooves I_icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 9:18 pm

Finn grinned as he stuck out his tongue at a security guard. In his hooves, he held an extremely precious, extremely ancient, extremely rare pure pink diamond that had been carved into Princess Celestia herself. It was just the sort of thing Finn loved to nick. However, his procedure of stealaing the artifact had been interupted by a security guard. The chase had led to the edge of dam, which was probably anything but safe.

The thief grimaced as he realized how close he was to the edge: it wouldn't take much for him to fall in. But Finnigan Hawk was nothing it he wasn't agile!

" Playtime's over, thief! Give me that diamond, now!" the guard barked.

The stallion gave another one of his coy smiles. He dangled it over the dam, his expression exageratted concern.

" Mmm... I don't think I can. You see, if I try to give it back.... I may drop it..." his voice trailed off, and he stuck out his lip in a pout.

" That would be a shame, wouldn't it?" he added, slowly dangling it as he watched the guard's eyes follow intensly. The other stallion's eyes were alert, and he was opening up his wings, ready to try to catch the artifact.

Finn grinned again, taking delight in the other pony's fear. Distracted, his grip on the diamond loosened.... and fell from his hold. He whipped around to try to catch it, but he was too late.

" NO!" the thief screamed in frustaration. He watched in horror as his beautiful glistening authentic and very rare pink diamond fell into the water below.

Without a second thought, he dived into the dam.
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Slippery Hooves
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