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PostSubject: Empty Hooves   Empty Hooves I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 10:07 am

It was flat and dusty. The breeze carried a haze over the land. The horizon wavered through the heat. It was empty. Almost perfect. Only a few occasional boulders, tumble weeds, and dead vegetation interrupted it. It was, to some ponies, peaceful.

A pony walked, slowly trodding through the soft dust clouds that the breeze would occasionally conjure. He held his head low, hat deflecting the invasive dust. His body was coated with dirt from the wind.

His eyes occasionally scanned the horizon, looking for something. Some ponies would fly, but this one kept his wings to his sides. It was not his first time making this journey. Once the sun had reached its highest point in the sky he gott sight of his destination through the dust clouds. The charred remains of a house.

Silver approached, bypassing other entrances that had made their way with collapsed walls. He walked to the front door, pausing, before he entered. Most the ceiling was gone along with the walls, leaving only few places for shade with supports barely holding in place.

He walked to the center, treading carefully on the foundation suffocating on the dust of the earth beneath him, before sitting. Several long moments went by as he stared at the floor, deep in his mind. After what felt like hours, he reached for the harmonica held by a string around his neck. He played slowly, carefully, respectfully.

Then came the inevitable. He faltered, breath breaking on a note. Silver stopped himself, unable to go on. He let the harmonica hang before getting up. His head lowered, hiding his face from eyes that were not there.

His sword flew from its sheath and sliced at his nonexistent target before the sound registered to his ears. Sword extended, grasped in his mouth, he held in place and noted his form. Then just as swiftly, he spun around, wheeling a hind leg with assistance from his wings for balance. His spurs sliced through the air at neck level while his sword was brought to bear on his next opponent. His stance came together with grace, favoring agility and speed. Again, he noted his form, looking for improvements. He continued this for several minutes, clearing his mind of everything, save what was at hoof.

"So you have returned...." Said a voice.

Silver spun around in place to face them before they had even finished speaking. His eyes were greeted by a white unicorn with a compact build wearing a dirty brown duster that draped over his back and wearing a black wide brimmed hat. Under his duster, he could see a vest with holsters for two revolvers. Sword in mouth, he stared at the new arrival, ready to strike.

"...I was surprised when I found out you came back from Neighpon. After what happen I figured that mare drove you to a reckless death...." His eyes were cautious, but more curious than Silver, whose eyes were only fixed for hostility.

"...You know you being back has stirred some trouble....And I think you know who those ponies are." At this, Silver looked ready to move. "...If I was here to kill you I would have shot you in the back."

Silver narrowed his eyes before finally relaxing and sheathing his sword. This made the other pony smile and shake his head.

"Heh. You and that mare...and now Neighpon....Tell me your over it."

The wind picked up a little, kicking more dust up around them.

"...What are you doing here?" Silver growled.

The pony relaxed and leaned up against a charred beam. "Well...Figured it was the only place you would ever come back to. I wasn't going to search all over looking for you like some bounty hunter. I'm just here to....leave a warning."

Silver narrowed his eyes at the unicorn, eyeing the guns under his duster. "And that is..?" He said, hardly amused.

The unicorn chuckled. "Your bounty is going to be renewed soon."

Silver hardly winced, but inside, he was not happy to hear that. "...By whom?"

The unicorn stopped leaning against the beam, his smile gone. "..By somepony that made it back from Neighpon....And by...another pony you know. I'm sure you'll find out quick if you dig around..." He smiled to Silver. "That also means ponies that knew you best, or worst, will come looking. I would be careful with who you stick with."

Silver moved his head, inching closer to his sword. "...And you?"

The unicorn smiled. A very unwelcome smile. "I suppose I'm going to stick to the sidelines and watch the fun. See what you plan to do with that over sized knife of yours in a gunfight. Or do you even have any fight left in you after Neighpon?"

Silver broke eye contact with him for the first time since this pony arrived. He looked down to the ground, feeling the weight of the harmonica around his neck.

"...So, you left Equestria to find something, and only came back with empty hooves." He shook his head and started to trot away. "Your making the rest of us look bad, old stallion. At least the rest of us know what we want. Good luck Silver...And you better hope your mare friend is dead. No telling what a pony would do to get your attention..."

Silver widened his eyes and made his way to the pony, but he was already casting his teleportation spell. He was gone before he got to him. Even if it was short range, the wind and dust was too thick to figure where he went. Silver grunted to himself before sighing and looking down. Looking at his hooves, he spent many long moments in thought.

The wind began to calm down, but Silver's mind was too entrenched to even notice. At least the peace had returned here at his sanctuary.
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Empty Hooves
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