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 Candle Glow~

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PostSubject: Candle Glow~   Candle Glow~ I_icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2014 6:10 pm

Fifth Character Discussed with Callilian
Candle Glow
Candle Glow~ Candle10
Mane:Pale, almost yogurt like pink bangs and tips swirl and fade into a soft creamy orange. Her mane gently curls around her horn and right eye, before descending about to the end of her shoulders.
Tail: Same color and texture as her mane, though much longer and trails on the ground a little.
Eyes: The same pale pink of her mane, round and almost always with a spark of joy.
Body: A light, almost waxy color, close to an off-white. She’s quite stout, almost foal like in height, but she’s also more than a tad chubby.
Cutie Mark: A Lit Candle
Age (Baby,adult): Young Adult
Personality: Joyful, Melodramatic, and a Deep Thinker, Candle Glow, or Candy as friends call her is one with no enemies, more friends than her memory can hold, and a heart that’s born on her sleeve. She’s vocal to a fault, and will almost always say whatever is on her mind, or, in many cases, sing it. Akin to popular musical characters, she can often be seen singing as she walks to work, or as she carves away at a new hunk of wax.
Likes: Magic, Friendship, Learning, Romance, Individuality, Light, Laughter, Smiles, Happy Ponies, Foals, Sweets, Art, Music, Literature, and History.
Dislikes: Science, Mathematics, Anger, Hatred, Grudges, Jealousy, Gossip, Stubbornness, Ponies who only point out flaws.
History: Born and Raised in Ponyville,
CG has only two brothers, and her very loving, very much alive parents. While she has remained a Ponyville citizen most of her life, both her brothers; Maestro Grey: a superbly talented private pianist and journalist, and Thought Glow: an inventor and professor; both now live in Canterlot, furthering their careers. Both her mother and father now live in Appleloosa, her father on guard work, and mother aiding the town Doctor. In school as a young filly, she was never afraid of making friends or answering questions, and often this drove some fillies and foals her age away. However, every now and then, there would be one or two fillies who would befriend her, and they would be constant companions till they lost interest in her antics. As she grew older she was gradually more liked, and was actually among the first of her class to earn her cutiemark. It happened after school, as she was talking to some ponies, specifically an young mare, who she was quite fond of.
Her friends, all with their own hardships, little did she know, counted on her smile to lift their own. No one had ever told her, except that mare, on that day, when Candle realized her talent.
She could smile, through the darkest of times, and help others to as well.
This ability of hers, to shine a light, originated her cutie mark, and though she was the first in her class to get one, she didn’t show it off, sure fillies and foals stared at hers in envy, but she shrugged it off, and focused on living up to her cutie mark, as opposed to being worshiped for it.
As time when on, her close friends and siblings left for other education, and entered paths of their own, leaving Candle in Ponyville. As soon as she was on her own however, she toured Equestria, in hopes of finding a home, only to find her perfect home was that quaint little town with a style all its own.
There, she worked at various places, including HayBurger, till she was hired by a local candle maker who saw her cutiemark, and assumed it was for candle making.
This, obviously it was not, but within a few weeks, Candle was making candles as if she’d done it for years, and along with the candles, she sculpted beautiful wax figures to be sold in the candle shop. Ever since, she’s been working there eagerly.

Example RP segment: Candle shifted her hooves uneasily as she looked anywhere but into the eyes of the watching mare, who was magenta as opposed to her normal lavender. “E-Elf, I.. ah.. I’m flattered.. honestly, ah am… it’s just…”
The mare interrupted. “You’re not mares… I know it’s just I...”
“It’s fine Elfie. You’re an amazing mare and I know someday, you’ll find an amazing partner… I gotta go, okay? I’ll see you around.” Candle said carefully, attempting not to hurt her long time friend.

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PostSubject: Re: Candle Glow~   Candle Glow~ I_icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2014 9:20 pm

Congrats! She looks amazing.

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Candle Glow~
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