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 Curtian Glow

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PostSubject: Curtian Glow   Curtian Glow I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 7:08 pm

Curtain Glow
Curtian Glow Curtain+Glow
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Soft Brown with Gold streaks, Cascading around her horn, always hiding her left eye unless pinned up. Slightly Wavy
Tail: Soft Brown with Gold Streaks, Wavy, cut mid length
Eyes: A light misty blue green, almost teal or grey, but not quite either
Body: a light misty grey, often mistaken for white.
Cutie Mark: The Symbols of Comedy and Tragedy, Overlaid with a lit pale yellow candle, the symbols being medium grey in color
Age (Baby,adult): Late Teens, the equal of an 18-20 year old human
Personality: Kindhearted and Joyful, not a friend is ever disappointed in her. She speaks for the soft spoken, listens for the talkative, is wise for the scholar, and can put it all aside to laugh with the fool.
Likes: She adores acting, and putting on pageants, plays, and the like. Her favorite food is Red Delicious Apples, smeared with just a smidgen of peanutbutter.
Dislikes: She dislikes anger, as well as tears, yet most of all, she will never, ever, touch a vegetable.
History: Growing up in Appleloosa, was, normal, for the most part. Her mother, Healthy Glow, and her father, Electric Glow, were always supportive of their little filly's dream to one day travel the world and become an actress, and one day, even live in Manehattan as a star of the stage! Yet Growing up with two brothers (Gaming Pro and Scout] is always somehow effective on a filly, and, as fillies and colts do alike, she wanted to be just like her big brothers.
Eventually, due to Mr. Glow's job, they had to move, smack dab in the middle of Curtain's schooling. This, caused her to loose all of her friends back in Appleloosa, and she was forced to find a new life in Ponyville. Here, she finished her schooling, and went on to continue perusing the stage. Every now and then she stars in a role in the local plays, and even assists with the school productions. Since her schooling finished, she writes a column, a narrative about Madame Cloud, a pony she made up just for the sake of story telling, which is posted on occasion in the local papers. Also, often enough she'll head to the library for a lovely book to read for a while.
Example RP segment: As Curtain walked down the street, her script held steady, she focused only on one thing, opening night, two short days from then. At least, it was this which she had been focusing upon until she heard crying coming from ahead, and an awful lot of shouting. Looking up from the paper she snorted, some little colt was bulling a poor filly, and wasn't she the same one from before? Curtain snorted and placed her script into her saddle bag, and trotted over quickly.
The colt was quick to notice her, and she immediately had noticed he indeed had a cutie mark, while the filly was still bare. Curtain smiled at the filly, before turning to the colt.
"What are you looking at?" He asked with a spiteful glare.
Curtain turned away from the colt, deciding to ignore him, and helped the filly off the ground where she'd been sitting. With her magic, she pulled a few tissues from her Saddlebag and used them to dry the filly's eyes
"Leave her alone, go away!" The colt said, furious that Curtain had begun to comfort his victim. Curtain simply continued to ignore him, therefore, that, is when he decided to continue to pester the filly. "That's cool blank flank, go on, continue being a baby, oh look, mommy's hear to comfort you! How sweet! You know I used to cry like that once, then I got my cutie mark! Blank Flank. This mare is such a lame-o I don't know why she doesn't just go away and let you cry yourself a cutie mark huh?"
At this point, Curtain reached her limit in ignorance. Nodding to the filly she asked "What's your name?"
"H-H-Hay Seed," She said, her accent strong enough to tell Curtain, this filly, was not from around here. Curtain turned to the colt.
"What's your name kid? Why are you bothering Hay Seed?"
The colt snorted, "I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours."
"Curtain, Curtain Glow."
Snorting again, the colt said "Nice name, for a dolt. I'm Cobalt Heart, and Miss Curtain, I wasn't bothering Hay Seed, I was just having a little fun, you know, giving her a hard time?"
Curtain sighed, she'd had to deal with people like this when she was a filly, having just moved into town. There were few ways to step around them without galloping on their hooves. Yet, she put on her best face, smiled, and shared her thoughts.
"I'm so sorry if I was butting in on anything, I truly didn't mean to prod, say, Hay Seed, would you like to join me for ice cream after rehearsals? I'm helping with the school play today, yet I would adore it if you were to join me later, perhaps I can help you on your quest to get your cutie mark, I know it took me forever to find mine! Oh, and Cobalt, if I were you, I'd worry about my own situations, issues, and problems, instead of pointing out other's. It's no positive thing to go around making others feel bad of themselves when truthfully, no one deserves to feel negative." A smile on her muzzle, Curtain gave Hay Seed one last hug, and walked away, leaving Cobalt and Hay, standing, staring at this odd pony whom spoke words in a way, most mares just forget.

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Welcome to the site :)
Your OC looks in good order.

Your character has been approved.

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Curtian Glow
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