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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Twisted Fate, The Card Master

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Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

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PostSubject: Twisted Fate, The Card Master   Twisted Fate, The Card Master I_icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 7:48 pm

Twisted Fate, The Card Master


Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn

Mane: His mane is black, the texture smooth. It is a bit longer, almost touching his shoulders but drooping off a bit at his ears.
Tail: His tail is like his mane a smooth black, although shorter than the mane and a bit shorter than the usual tail in length.

Eyes: His eyes are a soft amber color, his look soft and gentle to not scare anypony around him.
Body: His teeth are white, his fur a light gray. He always wears a black coat with golden ornaments on his shoulders and his front hooves. Fate also wears a hat, similar to a stetson in the looks but in the same color fashion as his coat. The hat covers even his horn to make sure that those around him would take him for an earth pony since gambling unicorns have the bad reputation to use their magic for illegal means, cheating.

Cutie Mark: His cutie mark shows his trump card, the Queen of Hearts
Age (Baby,adult): He is an adult stallion. In human age, although we all know that humans are just mythical creatures, he could be referred to one in the age around 30-35

Personality: Twisted Fate, always referred to as Fate or TF for those who know of his reputation, has kind of an interesting nature. He is not one who gets angered easily and remailns his calm and gentle nature, at least towards any mares interested in him. Towards stallions he tries to act just like a normal pony or sometimes a buddy if they need one. But sometimes he's a little bit mischievous, just in the way of playing some harmless tricks on others. But as soon as gets into a card game of any sorts, he gets serious and drops any behavior he had before.

Likes: He likes card games, strong alcoholic drinks as well as coffee, he is kind of a pony, who drinks coffee like water, as well as the nighttime. He likes the night since in that time he has room to ponder on certain things relating to him and those around him.
Dislikes: He does not like weak competition in case of card games, if those can't give him a challenge, he just defeats them and leaves without a word. He can't stand the smell of apples, he never liked to eat them and gets somehow sick around them.

History: For those around to understand the nature of TF, you have to understand his past and how he became what he is today. You might not know it, but TF lived throughout his whole past life in Appleloosa. In that town, there are other rules. He lived most of the time alone, his parents were dead since he was five, as a thief, stealing from those who had enough to ensure his life. Well, that worked for the time of around six years before he started to gamble for his bits. He got lucky once or twice a day and managed to live by the standards of Appleloosa. Until some group of ponies forced him into a game where the odds were more manipulated than in Las Pegasus.

Well, despite the fact that he was supposed to lose and they were technically playing 4v1, by the way it was a game of poker, he managed to make his grounds and forced three of them out of the game. Now there was the leader and himself left and they threw
their stakes all in for the final hand. They decided to not look at their hands and played blind, but since they were cheating, they were sure that tohe ground stallion would lose, not only that game not also his life.

But lady luck was in his favor that day since he kept that one card, the Queen of Hearts, hidden and decided to place it in his hand at that very moment. It turned out that he won because of that last card he used. He won by cheating, but he still won. In an act of anger and embarrassment the group of ponies attacked TF, the latter just managed to cast a teleportation spell, not an ordinary one, one sending him far away from Appleloosa next to the  city of Ponyville, with his earnings from that night.

As he woke up from the sleep and the unconsciousness of that sudden and strong spell he casted, he examined himself only to find his cutie mark, being that one card that saved his life.

RP Example:

It was quite a day for Twisted Fate as he walked through the streets of Ponyville, the rain dropping off his coat and his hat. He didn't have a regular job, his talent being more like some sort of tourist magnet, st least for the gambling ones, but he prepared himself for that game he had this night.
He looked into the sky only to see clouds covering. However, he still knew because of his routine that it was sunset and he should make his way. So he stepped into the familiar tavern.

It doesn't matter how often I enter this place, the faces around here always change. But still, it feels so familiar to me. It keeps reminding me of those old days...and that night in particular...

As he took a deep breath he smelled the familiar scents of alcoholics and other stuff whice, no matter where you go, you'll find them in every tavern in Equestria. As he sat on the table assigned to him, he knew that his challenge wouldn't arrive before 10 p.m., he let his mind drift off, reminding himself of his past, how he lived his carefree life back in Appleloosa and how he managed to get those bits everyday.
Then his thoughts went back to that night, the night that gave him all he needed. That last move he made while his opponents were discussing with their leader, how he changed that one card in his hand with the queen...and then the flash of light he saw as he casted that teleportation spell he dubbed 'destiny'.
By the time he came back to the present, a stallion, most likely looking like some member of an upper class, approached his table, asking him if he was the gambler known as Twisted Fate. Fate only nodded and pulled out a deck of playing cards and handing them over to his opponent. As soon as he checked the deck, Fate began shuffling and the game would begin...

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PostSubject: Re: Twisted Fate, The Card Master   Twisted Fate, The Card Master I_icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 7:56 pm

That's a little... Twisted.

Twisted Fate, The Card Master %E2%80%A2%E2%80%A2+I+m+sorry+but+_dbba68525be8ac9ab4e461ebb4daf48a

Hehe. Well, everything seems in order, so I deem you...


If you have any questions or are just looking for a little chat, don't hesitate to pop into the chatbox. It's been a little quiet as of late, but someone will usually pop in if they see someone sitting inside. If not, trust that someone will show up... eventually! If you need help or an answer immediately, don't hesitate to PM either myself or one of the other mods/admins. Someone will respond asap!

Have fun!
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Doodle Bug

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PostSubject: Re: Twisted Fate, The Card Master   Twisted Fate, The Card Master I_icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 9:14 pm

Wow, he's handsome!
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Twisted Fate, The Card Master
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