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 Some Short Stories

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PostSubject: Some Short Stories   Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:41 pm

These are some stories I came up with in my free time in class. Pretty much all of them are based off of things that happened in the Chatbox. Most likely, to save room in this category, I'll post the ones I finished on here.
Story: Brawny and Kid's Excellent Adventure (Based off a CB RP and Fallout: New Vegas. May be a bit Grimdark)

Here we have our "heroes" of the story. Mr. Brawny Hooves and his younger brother Kid, in the rundown town of Freeside. Right now, they want one thing, and one thing only: To get into the New Pegasus Strip. The first issue presents itself. Having 2,000 caps each. Both of them are rather poor. Brawny spends most of his caps on ammo or gambling at the Atomic Wrangler to earn money to get into the Strip. Clearly, that failed. Kid just never has a lot of money. Time to think...

Brawny and Kid had several ways to get into the Strip. One being hacking the Securitrons. "Hey Brawny," Kid said. "How good are you in Science?" Brawny just replied "Science?" That's one solution gone. Second was a position Brawny had a little experience in. Kid said,
"We could always 'advertise' you as a 'male companion'"
Brawny, in return said "I told you I was done with that. Although, it is a good way to make caps. Especially if the stallion is rich... I mean, what?" Best we don't go with Option 2.

The third choice was having Kid gamble at the Atomic Wrangler like Brawny did, since he's much more lucky. Problem was, Kid's age kept him from getting in. But he could get drunk all he wants. Fourth option, probably the best one, sell all their extra junk. Surprisingly, Brawny came up with this one, even with him not being that bright of a pony. He went to one of his favorite shops, The Gun Runners, and sold their extra weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items. He came back thirty minutes later with 5,000 caps, an Anti-Material Rifle, and 50 Incendiary bullets. Kid was amazed by this, and almost fainted.
"Damn! How'd you make all that? AND get that rifle?"
"I'm a good barter, is all. Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE guns?" He hugged the rifle as he would hug his marefriend back in Goodsprings. They then proceeded to the Strip gate, presented their 2,000 caps each, and went inside.

The Strip is almost exactly as ponies described it. Bright lights, casinos everywhere, mares advertising themselves as Brawny used to, drunk NLR soldiers everywhere.
"Just like they said it would be." Said Brawny. The first stop the made was to the Tops Casino. But Kid was kicked out because of his age again. But Kid was charismatic enough to persuade the floor manager to let them in. What Brawny hated was that they took his guns. But he would probably end up shooting a Blackjack dealer if he kept them. The Tops was pretty empty as of late. Word is, a certain Courier got revenge on a stallion named Benny for shooting him in the head and was planning on taking over New Pegasus. But who cares? Not these two! They just wanted to make money and get weird! Correction: Brawny didn't care and Brawny wanted to get weird

Brawny spent a lot of his time at the bar, getting hammered, hitting on mares, sometimes getting lucky and heading up to the suites for a little fun. Meanwhile, Kid was making his fortune at the Blackjack tables. He so much he was banned from gambling. Brawny shouted with a slur in his voice, " On to the next casino!" He threw up on a Roulette table, got his weapons back, and stumbled out of the casino with Kid.

Kid was very annoyed by his brother's drunkenness. All they wanted was to have a little fun, but in different ways. Brawny said "Where we headed to next?" Kid answered, "I want to check out the Vault 21 shop." "Why not one of the other casinos? Gomorrah?" "It's sticky in there..." "Ultra-Luxe?" "I heard bad things about that place." "Just give me... three grand and I can turn it into twenty grand." "Fine." Kid gave him 3,000 caps and Brawny rushed into the Ultra-Luxe.

There were rumors going around that the ponies running the Ultra-Luxe, The White Glove Society, were, and very likely still are, cannibals. They also had very creepy appearances. The black and white tuxes, the creepy masks... Not many ponies trusted them anyway. But one thing's for sure, they have A LOT of money. Somepony needed to take it. Might as well be Brawny, right? Kid waited outside the casino for three hours, and no sign of Brawny. He eventually got tired of waiting, went inside and began searching for his idiotic older brother. After doing some convincing and sleuthing, he made his way into the kitchen. "Brawny? You in here?" He heard his drunken moan from the freezer. He opened the door to find a very drunk Brawny curled up with a bottle of Absinthe. "Haven't you ponies ever heard of closing the Celestia damn door?!" What a welcoming. Kid rolled his eyes and tried to lead Brawny out of there. Brawny refused, threw up, and passed out. If the White Glove Society ate him, they'd be drunk out of their minds!

Kid, being the small weakling he is, couldn't carry Brawny out himself. He took the Absinthe Brawny was cuddling up with, drank the whole bottle to get some strength, and carried his flank straight out of the casino. As he was being taken out, he was talking in his sleep about how he was the Prettiest Pony in Equestria, and something about his mom and cleaning his room. Kid dragged him to the Strip gate and back into Freeside. When Brawny woke up, Kid immediately smacked him. "Never...*hic* are we going back to the...*hic* Strip!" Brawny was sad, and hurt. "Aaaawwwww. Why?" Kid got even angrier. "We are NEVER going back!" Then they both passed out

Oddly enough, they both woke up at the Marejave Outpost, one of the NLR bases. Brawny jumped out of the bed right after sleep, but he felt naked. Not literally, he was just missing his guns. A soldier with his face covered up gave him his weapons back and told him about what happened last night. "Huh. Interesting." Brawny walked over to where Kid was sleeping, and waited for him to wake up. When Kid turned over and saw Brawny, Brawny said "Good morning, Sunshine." Kid went right back to sleep, still mad at Brawny. He then walked up to the NLR soldier. "Do you think anypony would notice if this outpost ceased to exist?" The soldier got mad at his threat and said "These ponies do everything they can to protect you. They even offered you to stay here. You can kill some Legion, if you want." Brawny left the Outpost and headed to the Fort, where the Legion are based.

As Brawny was there, Kid rose from his bed, and sat outside, waiting for Brawny to return. Brawny came back, but instead of covered in Legionary blood, we was covered in their armor, smiling. "Guess who got on Caesar's good side?" Brawny said, pointing to himself. Kid looked him up and down and said "What the hell did you do?" Brawny looked at Kid, still smiling. 'Oh, funny story. See, I was going to destroy everypony at the Fort because I wanted to kill something. Then I realized how cool Caesar and the Legion are personally. They let me join!" Brawny looked at himself in the armor. "They have some nice looking armor. Say what you will, but I look down right sexy." Kid was infuriated that his brother was a member of the notorious murders and slavers He was so mad he pulled a 9mm on him and pointed it at Brawny's head. 'What did you do?" Brawny spoke a litte louder. "I joined the Legion!"

Kid was never a "fan" of the Legion. Supposedly, the Legion killed his family when he was very young. FYI, Brawny wasn't his brother by blood, so he had no clue. Which is why he's confused that he is now held at gunpoint. Brawny found Kid one day, hungry and sad, with no family, so he accepted him as his brother, since Brawny couldn't care for his real family. Brawny, with a gun to his head, pulled his new Legion machete on Kid and held it to his throat. "Are you gonna shoot me?" Kid looked him dead in the eyes. "Why would you join the Legion?" "I don't question what you do or believe. Why can't you?" "They're nothing but slavers and murders!" "Everypony has flaws." Kid glared at Brawny for even trying to joke about something like that. "Ya know, shooting your own brother, that makes you just as bad as them." Wrong words... Kid shot him in the leg and pointed it back up to his head while Brawny holds in his screams of pain. "I'm sorry, what was that? I didn't hear you."

Brawny could see Kid was getting ready to pull the trigger. Kid meant to purposely miss him, but Brawny acted too quickly and slit his throat. He sat over Kid, while blood was gushing from his throat hole. "Sorry, bro. But you made me do it." He buried Kid's body near the road leading to the Marejave Outpost, shed some tears, said some words, and quickly ran off.

Brawny went back to the Gun Runners. He bought himself a Hunting Shotgun, and still made 500 caps profit. Like he said, he's a great salespony. As he left, he could feel Kid was around him Because he was, sort of. After Kid died, he became a ghost and followed Brawny around. "I feel like shooting something today." He went over to Camp Mcarran, a big NLR base. Good way to prove himself to the Legion too. He entered in his styligh Legion armor, ready to murder, he started to blow everypony away. Problem was, Kid possessed his gun before he could shoot anything. Right now, he just looked like an idiot. "C'mon you stupid motherbucking piece of crap! SHOOT!" Instead of making the gun fire a random bullet and most likely hit Brawny, he just made the gun cry. The NLR weren't threatened anymore. In fact, they just laughed their heads off at Brawny. Angry and embarrassed, he went back to the Gun Runners and sold his shotgun back. "Get that thing fixed before yous ell it to me. I don't like when my guns cry." Now he wanted revenge for being sold something so terrible.

He stormed into the Gun Runners factory, pulled out his machete, and started swinging merrily. Blood and body parts flew, Brawny was laughing away, it was a fun time for him. After he slaughtered everypony in the factory and trotted back to Freeside, ghost Kid looked at him in disgust. He wanted to get back at Brawny for murdering him. And he knew just the way. Kid possessed the weapon that led to his death, and began talking in a terrifying voice that could never be his. "Leeeeetsss kiiiillll mooooreee of your brothersssss." Brawny looked at the machete and actually engaged a conversation with it. "But Comical isn't in this story. Oh, now I get it. Look, that was in self-defense, ok?" "Buuut yoooou enjoooyyyeddd iiiittt" "Hmm. Not really. It kinda sucked." "LIIIIIEESSSS!!! You want to kiiiillll moooorreeee." "Don't get me wrong, murder is fun, but I think I'm all murdered out right now. " Ponies were beginning to circle him, as he was conversing with his blade about murder. There aren't words to describe how odd and scary this was "Whaaaat about the Leeegiioonnn?" "Murder the Legion?!" "Yeeessss." "Hell-to-the-No! I swore allegiance to them. They're like my family." "Youuuu'veee kiiilleedd familyy beforeee." "And it was awful." "Kill Caesar... Mutilate hiiimmm" Brawny sighed. "Ok, you win. I'll kill the Legion." "Exceelleeent." "I also know it's you Kid." Kid was surprised, amazed, and almost thrown out of character. "What do you meeeeann?" "I meeeann, that you're upset that I killed you, not that I wanted to, and you came back as a ghost to screw with me." "...You caught on pretty fast..." "Well, I've seen worse. You'll learn." Kid left the machete and talked in his normal voice. "Sorry. But, you did kill me." "That's what happens when you point a gun to my head. Sorry bro, but you brought that on yourself." At this point, there were at least 25 ponies watching Brawny talk to himself.

Would you have expected a brotherly bonding moment to go like this? The older brother killing the younger one, and then talking to each other when the dead one's in ghost form? I bet you did. Kid sat with Brawny on the sidewalk, or what little of a sidewalk there was left, and talked to him again, but less terrifying. "You know I really can't trust you now, right?" Brawny chuckled and said "Well, not much I can do to a ghost, now is there?" From that point onward, Brawny wandered the Wasteland with Kid watching over him. Making sure his anger and/or idiocy didn't get him killed. Kid didn't trust Brawny, or like him a lot, but he loved him enough to protect him. But one day, Kid looked away for 10 seconds and Brawny was beaten, poisoned, stabbed, shot, burned, and irradiated in the Marejave Wasteland. At least they were Ghost Bros now...

END!!! Comments are welcome. May be a sequel....

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PostSubject: Re: Some Short Stories   Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:37 pm

Omg, I remember this. That was hilarious.

Oh, is my coltfriend the Prettiest Pony in Equestria? Well, I didn't know that... Learn something new every day, huh?

Hmm, having a bit of fun when you got lucky with the mares, huh?

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PostSubject: Re: Some Short Stories   Tue May 21, 2013 10:25 am

The Brief History of Brawnian Society (Title inspired by shinigami3 and based off of one of my best matches of Civilization V)

Long ago, some six thousand years ago, there lived an ancient civilization that still exists today. You probably have never heard of them. Don't know why they don't teach you this in History class. If they did, I'd have no reason to write this, so that's a plus. The civilization we will be talking about today is the Brawnians.

The Brawnian civilization started out in 4,000 B.C. with a city called Brawningham that was built in ten seconds. Rome didn't take a day, and neither did Brawnius. Brawnius is the empire's name. Their leader was, and still is, Brawny Hooves. Why he had pretty much everything named after him? So others knew that it was indeed his. Brawningham started off as a small city in the forest mainly populated by Earth Ponies. Brawny, the handsome, green, popular, Earth stallion had great rule over the place.

The Brawnians were famous for their wealth and culture. They were a free civilization, filled with laughter, love, tolerance, and magic. Magic came later when Unicorns migrated to his land and he married a beautiful and intelligent Unicorn. The Brawnians constructed many World Wonders, such as the Great Library, The Oracle, Eiffel Tower, and the Great Wall. Ever hear of the Great Wall of China? Well, that's a damn lie. It's the Great Wall of Brawnius.

Eventually, Brawnius needed to expand. Brawny sent his settlers into the desert, and eventually founded the greatest military city of all time: Whooptopia. Not long after, Brawny Hooves was made into an Alicorn by one of his advisers, rendering him immortal. He looked much better as an Earth Pony, but who cares when you're forever a king? And young and handsome.

When Brawny founded his third city, Kegger Korner, he discovered another nearby empire. It was the Crystal Empire, led by King Sombra. For a long time, Brawny and Sombra were good friends. Until Sombra saw Brawny's low military strength. So he betrayed Brawny and attacked. Eventually that led to his demise.

As soon as the war started, Brawny built up a more advanced army than Sombra's and pushed his Crystal pony forces out of his land. They later made peace, then Sombra tried to kill him again. Sombra failed again, and lost one of his cities, Crystolis, in the process. Brawny's army pushed into Sombra's capital, and he surrendered. After climbing a ridiculous amount of stairs, they signed a peace treaty, and Pinkie Promised not to kill each other again.

Brawny Hooves sat back and watched his empire grow into a soon to be superpower. He soon found another civilization, the Inca, in the Middle East. Brawnians and Incas have a very up and down history. Incas often forced their religion of Christianity on the Brawnians, who followed Ponyism. The Incas also denounced the Brawnians mothers on several occasions, saying she threw a brick at the floor and missed, and how ponies jogged around her for exercise due to her excessive weight. Brawny ignored them, for the most part. They weren't very close to each other, so they were safe from attack. The Incas were stupid. Almost as dumb as the Iroquois. And let me tell you, the Iroquois are bucking idiots. But that's another story...

Eventually, Brawny got bored and built more cities south of the first three. He built Limply Village and Camp Crowley. Limply Village was a big coastal city, and Camp Crowley was home to the famous Canterlot Castle. Heh, four C's. Now the empire was a little bigger, and his army grew into the second greatest army in the world. First was the New Lunar Republic, whom he was best friends with. He primarily wanted an army to kill Sombra and the Crystal Empire. REVENGE!

Sombra was nearing the end of his rule. Crystal Pony citizens were moving to Brawnius, his empire was weak, and he had Brawnian and Incan armies breathing down his neck. He was later kicked out and executed by the New Lunar Republic. Cadence and Shining Armor then took over, and things were peaceful. For a while, at least.

Brawnian soldiers sailed and sailed and found Austria. They were an extremely rude people. When they first met, they wanted Brawny to attack Germany. Brawny declined, and Austria turned the world against him. Just because he wouldn't get into another war. The only one who stayed on his side was Luna. Every other leader insulted Brawny and how puny his empire was. One day, Cadence said how puny he was, even though it was her fault she couldn't expand. So, Brawny snapped, and took his and Luna's armies and destroyed the entire Crystal Empire. They buck with the wrong leader!

Of course, this made him look bad, and led to wars with the Inca and Austria. He easily destroyed both of them with his advanced weaponry. It was basically Catapults and Broadswords vs Rockets, Nukes, and Assault Rifles. The Incans civilization was a nuclear hellhole, and Austria was burned to the ground. Yes, the entire country was set ablaze. The Brawnians were growing fearful that Brawny Hooves was going mad. All he did was give the world what was coming to them.

With three civilizations conquered, and being best friends with the strongest leader, Brawny Hooves took Brawnius to unthinkable heights in science, gold, culture, and land. The Brawnians today live in what we now know as Africa. But make no mistake, it's Brawnius. Just look for the green alicorn with an unkempt mane trotting around, or the sounds of Heavy metal booming across the nation. A beautiful empire, without a doubt.

That was today's history lesson. Hope you learned a lot today kids. This will be on the test. Not get out of my basement. Er, I mean, classroom... Yeah, this is totally a classroom. Anyway, story's over, now get out or I'll call the cops.

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PostSubject: Re: Some Short Stories   

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Some Short Stories
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