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 Steam Heart's Arts and Crafts Workshop

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PostSubject: Steam Heart's Arts and Crafts Workshop   Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:49 am

Steam Heart's Arts and Crafts Workshop
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: Edge of the Ponyville Houses
Address you want: 21 Rockwell Street, Ponyville
No. of rooms: 5
How many stories: 2
Which rooms: Workshop, Kitchen, Bedroom, Restrooms, Storage Room
List the rooms and their size and appearance:

1st Story/Ground level

Workshop: The largest room as it serves as the actual store. Shelves, and display cases are full of figurines, trinkets, vases, music boxes, and other home decorations all made from metal and wood. There are also some small machines that range from a simple coffee grinder, to an elegant steam-punky grandfather clock. The walls are decorated to look like the insides of a machine. Cogs and gears imbedded on the walls elegantly give the steam-punk feel.

Kitchen: Small and at the back of the workshop. Has all the necessary equipment in an average kitchen. Not as intricately designed as the Workshop room. Separated from the Workshop by a curtain.

Restrooms: To the left side of the Workshop is were the restrooms are found. Just three cubicles for both gender's rooms.

2nd Story

Bedroom: Somewhat large, the shelves are full of small trinkets, figurines, and a few unfinished works. Boxes to the side contains her tools and materials. A window by the bed ensures she has a great view at the stars at night.

Storage: A medium sized room which is full of boxes of materials and some unfinished works that have been put on hold.
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Steam Heart's Arts and Crafts Workshop
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