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 Streamlined's Workshop

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PostSubject: Streamlined's Workshop   Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:58 am

Streamlined Imagination's Workshop.
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: Outskirts of the Outskirts
Address you want: 1 Danger Drive
No. of rooms: 6
How many stories: 1
Which rooms: Workshop, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Library.
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
Workshop: A very large room, makes up approximately 75% of his house. It is roughly ten meters wide, fifteen meters long and four meters tall. (10x15x4) Around the room are multiple workbenches, most of which are heavily scratched and charred, and all but a few have abandoned or broken projects on them. In the middle of the room is a row of enchantment tables, for getting gems to do what he needs them to using magic. The walls are made of multiple, seemingly random materials, due to the multiple explosions that have occurred within.
Kitchen: A small room, only about five by five by three meters. (5x5x3) It has a marble bench, a coal-fuelled oven with chimney, and lots and lots of cupboards. North-western corner of the room has a small table and four seats, for eating at. Links the Workshop, Bedroom and Kitchen together; is also the room with the front door.
Library: A six-by-four (by three, making it 6x4x3 m) room, with multiple shelves lining the walls and isles. The deepest part of the room has a wooden desk with oil lamp, for either reading, or as shown with the multiple blank pages, books, and definite prescience of an ink pot and quill, writing. Most decorated part of the house; oak floorboards, birch ceiling planks, everything else is made from local wood. Doors can be locked from the inside. Links to both the Kitchen and Bedroom.
Bedroom: A small Three by five room. Majority of room consists of the wooden bed, with red sheets. Connects to Kitchen, Library and Bathroom.
Bathroom: Incomplete, to say the least. A small three by three room, consisting of a bathtub, toilet and washbasin. Floor around the toilet is barren, and has yet to be tiled; Piping for the washbasin sticks out of the wall, and vibrates when being used. Links to bedroom through a single door, lockable on the bathroom side.

Overall, the designer of his house obviously didn't know anything about beauty; It was designed solely to be able to be used properly, and not much other thought was taken in, excluding the library which has been polished and shined to look as comforting as possible. The workshop clearly shows off that the inhabitant of this building gets up to some dangerous work; it's the only way to explain the multiple layers of different materials patched together to make the walls. Designed for work, but has some comfort in it, if your able to look hard enough.
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Streamlined's Workshop
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