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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Healthy as a hosre   Healthy as a hosre I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 10:52 pm

She had taken to writing down what she though so it would take longer to think. She had ran out of books that looked any good and they would let her stuff her face all day. Also she had ran out of gum.

'You ever had that feeling that god or whatever is messing with you? A lot claim whoever runs it all puts you in places you don't wanna be. It's testing you or some dumb bull like that. I like they, he, she or it does it cause it's funny. I'd be laughing my head off if I saw some sucker filly get beat up and throw like a ragdoll then watch what happened to me. I don't see who or what the lesson is. What is the point then? You just gonna keep getting a knock on the head till it kills you or you get it?'

She stopped her pen for second with smirk. "Damn I should write a book. I could sell this stuff as cart bumper sticker or HallMark card."

She shook her head as soft nah echoed out. "I'm not some sell out prick." She claimed as she wrote on. 'Anyway stupid booklet I write my thoughts on. I kinda like reflecting. Makes me happy to read this babble later when I'm not mad. Makes me feel like I had some development as filly. I can kinda pretend I'm not me and smile at my own suffering. Hell, I bet I'm gonna laugh at my self and burn this when I get out.'

She reaches out and chomps down some jello stuff and something they claimed was a pear. Tasted like a dead rat to her. At least the water was pretty clean. She hadn't seen clear water in years. Made they spend that little more for some water purifiers. How cute.

'I'd been think about the ponies who were messing with me. I was debating hunting down and beating them up, but none of them would be that good of fights...well maybe that would make it the fun part.' She really liked dots. She had covered a whole page with them. 'Though the fact Renny showed up was something else. Damn colt been butting in my life and being paragon thorn in side. The way he looks at me makes me get chils. It's like he one minute he wants me drunk with me wearing socks on his bed. Me calling him daddy or something, then next minute he looks like he actually gives a shit about my problems. That bastard such a pervert old school knight poser. I like him like that. Hope someone see he not jerk and gives him a chance. I don't got time to play house.'

Talon laughed as she thought of how happy Renny would of been if she had looked his way.

"Bet he think I was one of the fillies you fixed up and got on the straight a narrow. A blind romantic dumbdumb he is." She said to the empty room. Nobody coming to visit. She doesn't have friends really and the doctors got to much to do then check on stable filly with broken bones and stuff. She liked the quiet, made thinking easier.

She dropped the booklet on the table next to her and turned over then went to sleep.
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Healthy as a hosre
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