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 Taura flameburst

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PostSubject: Taura flameburst   Taura flameburst I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2015 8:08 pm

Taura Flameburst
Taura flameburst Mypony12
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Flaming red
Tail:See Mane
Eyes: Blue
Body: Orange
Cutie Mark: Flame, showing her talent for flames- i.e starting campfires, putting out regular ones.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult
Personality: Driven, a touch aggressive and fairly disillusioned with the world. She generally spends her time looking for danger, be it a fight or a fire; this comes from an innate desire to be a hero- basically she helps others so she can feel appreciated. With friends, Taura can come across as a touch irritable and untalkative. She means no offense and intends to maintain conversation but lacks a fair amount of social skills with that. She makes up for it in loyalty and protection, however.
Likes: Spicy Food, the occasional fight, has a thing for accumulating cash.
Dislikes: Ponies who talk too quickly or energetically, drunk ponies, foals.
History: Born and raised on a farm in the more neutral plains between Ponyville and Canterlot, Taura grew up learning about many dangers. Potential attacks from wild creatures, natural disasters and the usual madness of Equestria's many threats all loomed over the family. Each occured, but generally were manageable and easily dealt with.

One particular danger they neglected to watch for was a fire. Being a filly at the time, she was eager to help out on the farm and worked constantly to that end. One particular day, she wanted to help with the cooking. Her father kept a diligent eye in case she hurt herself while using a stove, but a minor distraction in the form of her brothers play fighting outside caused his attention to be diverted. The sudden noise also made Taura jump, dropping the flaming pan and setting the kitchen ablaze. Luckily, she managed to alert the rest of the family quickly, despite their spread around the various areas of an average farm. By that time the fire had taken most of the house, so that was lost. Taura provided a vital role in stopping it from spreading to the rest of the farm- placing rock, stamping down embers and helping her brothers maintain the hosepipe. Her aid there triggered her cutie mark, symbolising her talents with fire. The rush from the praise she got instilled a need to perform heroic actions, leading to her acts of bravado disguised as protecting others she so often exhibits.

Several years on, she has inherited the farm (in the words of her father, "Ah don't trust none ah them idyit brothers o'yers. Yer tha on'y one ah wanna give this here land"). However, she has no intention of staying there- she seeks several jobs involving herself as some sort of hero, be it guard, firefighter or soemthing similar. The farm has been passed onto her oldest brother, so she simply brings in money from various jobs and occasionally helps out when necessary.

Example RP segment: 5. A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

As she strode down the street, Taura peered through the back alleys out of curiosity. She made a little hobby of watching them, just in case she saw an opportunity to swoop in and help someone- maybe she would see somepony getting knocked about by a gang, and then she'd swoop in and beat each one senseless. Then she's be a hero, able to beat up the bad guys and maybe make a few bits on the side.. yeah...

Her trailing thoughts were interrupted by a high, loud sound. It was like a klaxon in her ears, and not the fun kind. She quickly ran towards the source, intent on throwing it into the nearest river. Turning the corner and into an alley, she found the cause- two foals, one considerably larger than the other one. The latter was making the noise, which was crying. Taura approached with a look on her face resembling a mixture between disgust and a headache. She wasn't the biggest fan of foals but she couldn't just ignore a bully. As she got closer, she caught wind of their conversation.

" give me your bits," growled the bigger one.
"No, I earned these! I-helped-my-Dad!"
The last part was said with tears being choked back.

"Awwww, daddy's widdle soldier. Keep that up and you'll earn another punch in the-"

That was about as far as he got before Taura hauled him up and threw him lightly at the wall. He slammed into it with a squeal. She then advanced, towering above the colt and narrowing her eyes menacingly.

"Y'know what they call me around here, buddy? Flaming Poker." Making things up was easy when it came to little morons such as this. "They call me that 'cause I have a thing for taking out a flaming poker and....well, let's just find out, shall we?"
The Colt started wriggling and squeaking in protest. She leaned in, an inch from his face with her icy blue eyes freezing his brain.
"You wanna run? Fine. But if you ever do this again, just bear in mind- I'll be under your bed when you come home."

She dropped him and he ran off, wailing even louder than his victim. Speaking of which, the smaller colt tentatively walked over to Taura, saying
"Thank you so much! He was gonna take my dad's money."
"Don't let anyone do that. Now run along."

Taura hated having to be cold but Foals just weren't her forté. Plus, it ruined the tough, feared maniac look she was going for. The colt trotted off with a mildly confused but relieved expression. She grinned in satisfaction and went back to the street, a bit more swagger in her step than before.


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Taura flameburst
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