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 Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP)

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Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP)   Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP) I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2015 8:27 pm

Gaffey "Apercott" PatchesGaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP) XiuHFdl

Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Eyes: Deep black
Body: Grey
Cutie Mark: A jesters hat with a ribbon running though it
Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Personality: Gaffey is a very weird pony, to say the least, while he can be calm at very rare times his most outstandingly unusual moments are when he is acting his sort of normal. Gaffey is very random, he likes to play around and play pranks on anyone that happens to be near him. He is trickster and very unpredictable, he likes to surprise people which leads to that. Gaffey likes to be very spastic, he is overly hyper active and very very clumsy, tripping over his own hooves. He is also a very gentle soul, willing to help out with any problem that someone may have. He won't hesitate to crack a joke to make someone laugh or break the laws of physics just to prove a point. He is very obsessive over ponies he cares about, not really wanting to loose them but he will let them go if needed. He absolutely hates being a bad guy or a heart breaker, he sucks at any stuff like that and will often avoid even talking about anything bad or sad. Gaffey has a very noticeable fear of death, just a little something i should add but he absolutely hates death.

Confusing all the ponies
Surprise parties

Being a downer
(Literally all he dislikes)

History: Gaffey was borne to a Zebra and an Earth Pony, he lived happily with both of his parents for the longest of times, he was a very weird child. Others ponies at his school would often poke fun of him too, he was never really a smart foal he also didn't have his cutie mark which made him a target to a lot of the others. Though he lived on his days happy and making other ponies happy. When he gained his cutie mark was when he helped a poor filly crying, she was new to the school and didn't have a cutie mark either so she was targeted as well, so Gaffey did the thing he knew how to do best and made the filly smile, boy did she smile too, the laughter could be heard from all around pony ville. Thats when he gained his cutie mark, it appeared suddenly and he was so shocked he fainted, quite literally passed out where he stood. When he woke up he was in the school surrounded by the other students, the first thing he did was burst into a fit of laughter and rolled around. Gaffey still was bullied for not being smart but he had his cutie mark now so he was happier than he'd ever been in his life. Gaffey lived on his day, being happy and making other people happy, then his dad died, it was on his birthday when his dad died. He was waiting at his party, with alot of his friends, then they got the news of his fathers death, his mother told him tears in her eyes and that was when Gaffey broke, when he realized everything wasn't rainbow and butterflies for him, that was possibly one of the first times he cried in his entire like, everything went down hill from then. He avoided his friends, family and hid away from society. For many years till he was a young adult he would hide, starve himself and blame himself for his fathers death for no reason at all. Then one day he finally got better, he slowly grew happier and happier, no pony ahs any idea why he got so happy, maybe he decided to hide his inner pain. Gumpy started drinking though, just to help, slowly he truly started to get happy again, he regained friends and found new ones, he went back to helping other ponies. He got over the passing of his father but he continued to drink, he still lived in his old house with his mother then one day he decided to leave his mom to the old house and get a home of his own. He later got a job as a street performer and made a house of his own near the everfree, right on the edge of it, drinking his fill of cider and alcohol.

Example RP segment: Gaffey was walking the the rain the pitter patter of the rain against the ground music to his ear, he wasn't sad about therain or being wet he was actually really really happy, he danced alittle here nad there before seeing a light ahead, it looks bright and comforting so Gaffey of course decided to head ot it, when he got clsoer to the light he found out it was a tavern, seeing a sign over the light, he then entered the tavern when he got in he was instantly noticed. He swore it felt like a record scratched when he entered, Gaffey opped into the tavern, waving to everyone and smiling happily, he sat down at the bar and ordered some cider to drink, smiling all the while "Well this place seems happy!!! I love it!!" he then tipped his top hat to a mare that sat next to him. "You looks beautiful today, may i offer you some flowers?" he then took out a Rubber chicken from his hat and gave it to her before grabbing his drink and sitting at the nearest table, chilling out for a while, waiting for the rain to stop. [Acceptance]
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Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP)   Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2015 12:11 am

Welcome back, Gaffey! Your app is approved!
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Gaffey "Apercott" Patches (Upgraded, WIP)
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