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 Cpt. Calico Blastsides

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Cpt. Calico Blastsides
Cpt. Calico Blastsides DY3Sh2X,8tTH2Z9
Gender: Biologically female
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Shaved on one side and short and wavy on the other (an undercut), Calico's mane is dark brown, with a streak of light auburn that stands out.
Tail: Dark brown, wavy, and short like mane, but without distinct auburn stream.
Eyes:Bright emerald green
Body: Although of the average height, Her history as an ‘sailor’ leaves her body physically fit. Although as a stallion he is slightly larger, this does not effect his physical strength in any way and is purely cosmetic. She has what appears to be three freckle like dots on her jawline. She is never seen without his ratty tricorn, a dark gray justacorp, and a maroon neckerchief
Cutie Mark: A classic black Jolly Rodger (Jack Rackham’s version): a horse’s skull with crossing cutlasses. A simple crown is tilted at on the skull’s head.
Age (Baby,adult): A young adult, Although Calico would never say. An educated guess would date in the early 20's (human equivalent)
Personality: A rollicking rover, Calico lives for the thrill and freedom of the open ocean. Free-spirited, Calico doesn't see a pirate lifestyle as criminal, rather the law of Equestria infringing on Calico's rights as a sentient being. Blastsides' temperament is a mixture of theatrical flair, hubris, and a sincere trust in him/herself. While Calico has sworn never to kill a single sentient creature, this won't prevent a cutlass hilt to be slammed in one's face. While slow to truly anger, she will defend her beliefs to anyone, quick in quarrel.
Sometimes, Calico disguises herself as a stallion (and through her training in theatrical makeup) can make a pretty convincing performance.
Likes: Sailing ships, Solomon Phoenix (“That beautiful featherball of mine”), being recognized, Being sociable. Showing ponies how a REAL pirate acts. Eight, her parrot.
Dislikes: Law enforcement of all kinds (however, a sort of proffessional courtesy is held. If caught, no bad feelings are harbored). Losing, however Calico won’t stand being known as a sore loser. Thugs and the run-of-the-mill pirates that don’t abide to her/his codes. Coffee. Sticks in the proverbial mud.

History: Calico Blastsides was originally named Cartesia Face-Weatherhouse, the daughter of a trist between a actress earth pony (one Jolly Face) and a noblestallion pegasus (Sir Willowby Weatherhouse). The affair was quickly ended when Jolly Face learned what an incorrigible snob Sir Weatherhouse was, and skipped town with her acting troupe and a foal on the way. Jolly’s traveling show was a world renown tale of the queen of the pirates, a mare who stole through trickery and show rather than violence, and could swordfight ten brigands and win without a single scratch. Cartesia, at the time a foal, knew it not as a show, but as reality. The “crew” of the “vessel” taught the foal everything there was to know of a ship, even though it was a intricate and well made farce, simulating the rocking of a boat, the crashing of waves, and the roll of cannon fire. Little Cart was even included in the production,  much to the audiences delight. However one night, during a point in the show where a heated firefight between the Queen of Pirates and her arch nemisis, the evil Black Mane, a cannon (loaded with too much black powder) accidentally exploded with poor 10 year old Cart right next to it.

A month later, Cartesia woke up in a School for Exceptional Young Mares, by her father (Who visited her in the infirmiry once, curtly said hello, then left) . A day later, Cartesia died at that school, and a day after that,Calico Blastsides ran from it’s petulant halls into the great outdoors, a lock of her usually brown mane, newly bleached by the explosion, a constant reminder of her new name.

Her first order of business was to discover what happened to her mother, then the rest of the crew. after a week of traveling, getting by on help from strangers and off the fat of the land, she found what remained of the crew of her mother’s vessel. A scattered lot, they recanted the tale of a theatrical set, torn asunder  by the explosion of one of her guns, and a valiant captain who stayed behind while her crew ran to safety. Respectfully, Calico gathered her mother’s last earthly possessions: a striped maroon neckerchief, a dark gray justacorp, and a ratty tricorn hat. She stayed with the remains of the troup, learning acrobatic tricks and the art of stage combat. As she left the Troupe, they gave her one final gift. Her mother’s parrott, Eight.

A few years later, Calico knew what she wanted. She wanted the play she dreamed of as a child to be reality. To swindle wealthy merchants, and perform daring feats, and never kill. But first she needed to know what the real ocean was like. Setting out for the nearest port town, she attempted to get on the first sailing ship to come to harbor.

She and he sailed for a good decade on every sized vessel, fought in plenty of swordfights. She discovered that stage combat wasn’t at all like real fighting, and quickly developed a unique combination of the two. Her theatrical panache and hubris gave her an egdge over more rutheless fighters; she learned to fight with the flat of her blade to utilize everything but the sharp blade. After a few fights (some much more successful than others) she perfected her style, luckily only escaping with a few good scars.

Eventually, after beating a pirate captain in a duel, and dutifully sparing his life, Calico became the captain of a windjammer, The Jack-a-lope .

Calico’s dream had come true. Quickly establishing a code of conduct and discipline, Captain Blastsides proved an ample and competent leader. It was during this time that she met the griffin Solomon Phoenix.

After Two successful heists, Blastsides met the Black Mare. While Jolly Face was naught but a character from a play, Black Mane had been a real pirate, ruthless and merciless, and his ship, The Discord  had sunken many an innocent vessel. After the Black Mane’s ship was sunk by the Royal Navy, tales told of his daughter taking up the family business, using a replica, The Discord II.

The Black Mare met Calico in an pub at Baltimare. As Calico would phrase it: “We had a philosophical difference.” Needless to say, They made fast enemies,  and although Calico managed to get the better of the Black Mare, she made off with his ship. Without a ship, her crew scattered and She was left stranded on land, with naught but a cutlass, her hat, her coat, her scarf, and her parrot.

Right now, she wants nothing but to regain her vessel, and teach that filthy no-good slatternish little muck snipe a lesson. With her only claim to fame being a small bounty on her head (A measly B1,000!), Calico is determined to get back on top.

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)
A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.
“Captain Blastsides.” The griffin closed the door softly, batting an keen eye at the mare with her delightfully melancholic smoulder. “I am home now and also am suddenly wearing garters and fishnets for some reason oh my?”

Calico Blastsides’ swooned into the griffin temptresses’ talon’s “Ooooooh Ms. Pheonix…” She gazed deeply into those beautful yellow eyes. “Let us make love.”

“Yes. And I will draw you and probably dedicate my next book to you or something of the like. And please, call me Solomon.” The bird and the mare closed their eyes and…

“Oi!” Calico Blastsides swiped the papers out of the urchin’s hooves. “That’s private property.” She said, hastily stuffing them into a satchel.

“But I was just getting to the good part!” The anonymous street rat protested. The buccaneer shook her tricorned head and sighed. “My eyes… This is not for a lad as green as yourself. By the bowsprit it aint good form.”


“Now run off. And  forget what you’ve read.” Calico commanded, flipping a coin to the kid.


Calico’s pet parrot alighted on her back and squawked. “Peices of Mate~!”

Sighing whistfully, Blastsides scratched the bird’s chin, remembering every detail of the delicate and insufferable Solomon Pheonix. “If only we would, Little Eight. If only.”

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PostSubject: Re: Cpt. Calico Blastsides   Cpt. Calico Blastsides I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2014 5:53 pm

Apologies for the lateness!

Your character is Approved.
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Cpt. Calico Blastsides
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