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 Forest Blaze FINISHED

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PostSubject: Forest Blaze FINISHED   Forest Blaze FINISHED I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2014 10:06 pm

Forest Blaze
Forest Blaze FINISHED Image14
Gender: Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Single frontal spike, aqua green and gray
Tail: Straight out and spiky, aqua green and gray
Eyes: Yellow Green
Body: Red
Cutie Mark: A tree, the leaves are the color of fire, while the trunk is camo.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult, about 25 human years
Personality: Very outgoing and a jokester. Very good with other ponies and very persuasive when running the stand. Seems to become a more serious pony when alone with his brother, for he normally does most of the physical work.
Likes: Nature, Fireworks, Traveling, Muffins, Cider
Dislikes: Cupcakes, Math, Daytime, Being interrupted, Failing.
History: Forest was born in Ponyville a couple of years before his brother Electric and was always very interactive and always playing. Once Electric was born, he was a bit more calm, but not by much, always leading Electric on a chase. He had delayed schooling mainly because Electric would just follow him to school, no matter how hard their parents tried.

 Once Forest started school, he was a bloomer, though he never liked math, and always did good on his test. He was also a very charismatic and talkative pony, allowing him to gain social skills awfully fast. He gained many friends, though he lost some as more and more ponies got their cutie marks and he was left a blank flank. Though, he didn't mind, he keep himself occupied with the friends he kept and with making math problems for Electric.

 He still didn't have his cutie mark when he and his brother left school, so they started experimenting, once he were mixing different plant materials, while his brother was working on some electronics, when Electric the can Forest was working on accidentally, and flipped a switch, lighting the material on fire, and causing a small, colorful ball to be shot up in the air, at that moment both brothers gained their cutie marks and started selling fireworks.

Example RP segment: (#4)

 The Blaze brothers were walking down the street, cart behind them, when they were stopped by a police officer.

 " Freeze! " the officer said, " Don't move."

 "What seems to be the problem officer?" Forest asked.

 " You have a weapon in your possession that was used in a recent robbery, now put it down and nobody gets hurt." The officer said, preparing some magic.

 "But why would we need to rob a bank?" Electric asked, a bit of confusion in his voice.

 "Electric is right," Forest continued, " why would to fireworks salesponies need to rob a bank,"

 "Why would two firework salesponies have a weapon on them," the officer asked, a bit calmer seeing the ponies seemed to not be a threat, but he still kept his magic ready.

 "Where is this weapon?" Electric asked Forest.

 "I think he is talking about this thing that someone left on our cart," Forest said, lifting up a small blade. "Is this the weapon?"

 "Yes, yes it is, and you say you two found it on your cart?" The officer asked.

 "Why yes, we were on our way to get our cart fixed, this blade left a nasty gash on the wood." Electric said.

 "Well, if you could hand it over them." The officer said, "then you two can be on your way."

 "Well, here you go," Forest said, handing the officer the blade, "and could we inquire wether you would like some top class fireworks,?" Forest asked, going into a sorta sales mode.

 " You can not,  I have to continue my chase and do not have time to." The officer said, before heading off toward the police station.

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Posts : 477
Join date : 2014-05-31
Age : 20
Location : -------->Right Here<------------- now you've looked too far, good job

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PostSubject: Re: Forest Blaze FINISHED   Forest Blaze FINISHED I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2014 10:56 am

Okay, done
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Forest Blaze FINISHED
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