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PostSubject: Haywire   Haywire I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 4:39 pm

Hay Wire

(AKA Haywire)

Haywire Haywire_by_kage268-d7se1p4

Gender: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: Brown

Tail: Also brown

Eyes: Blue

Body: Always has blotches of oil and grease dirtying up his green coat and brown mane. Smaller than the average mare, looks weak, surprisingly durable from many failed and disastrous inventions. Has a grin that may very well be capable of blinding ponies.

Cutie Mark: An unidentified little gizmo (Hay doesn't even know what it's supposed to be) with a mass of sparky wires hanging out of a busted side.

Age (Baby,adult): Young adult

Personality: Haywire is a very intelligent and out of the box thinking pony, though his personality and how he presents himself can often give the misleading impression that he is simply crazy as his own silly names for everything - i.e. "turny thing" for a gear - and junkyard of a workshop can make visitors believe he spends the day clanging things together and talking to himself rather than pouring his energy into creating something new and hopefully mind blowingly awesome or helpful to others (both outcomes being equally valuable to him). On the contrary, Hay is actually rather brilliant, and is fully willing to show off anything hes made to anypony willing to see them as he is quick to make friends and win over hearts with his ever present and joyous grin.

Hay is very loyal to his friends, willing to try his best to do anything to help them out of whatever tough jam they've gotten themselves into, whether that require providing a place to stay or going out on some adventure he would always be the first to volunteer, but he can be less help if he is called on to defend a friend from somepony else as his very trusting and friendly nature makes him very unprepared and not even remotely used to dealing with bullies as he is much more a lover than he is a fighter. His trusting nature has also caused him to be taken advantage of in the past, with him losing what few inventions he managed to actually get noticed to others for either nothing or far less than they were actually worth. However, Hay never let this kind of thing get him down as he would just moved on to the next idea buzzing around in the bee hive that is his brain and allow the joy he feels when inventing to let him move right along.

Likes: Inventing, sweets, Bubo, surviving when his inventions go nuts, new and odd things, being around other ponies, pleasing others and earning smiles

Dislikes: Having to sit in one spot for too long, lack of visitors to his workshop, odd jobs as they take from his creative work time, how there just aren't enough hours in the day

History: When he was young, Hay Wire was always bored. Growing up as the son of a pair of farm hands(hooves?) the green pony was raised to believe he'd follow the same path in life, even having been given a fitting name for the job. Feeling that things always moved slow for him at school and always getting frustrated with being told to quiet down and focus on the lessons that were always too easy for him, Haywire often played hooky, spending his stolen hours of free time taking apart whatever pieces of technology he could find before trying, and usually failing with his lack of experience, to put them back together. Eventually Haywire dropped out of school all together, never having fully finished even the more basic classes, a fact that he's sensitive about to this day if ever its brought up negatively.

Shortly after dropping out of school, Hay earned his cutie mark by finding himself on a hilltop, his eyes turned upwards and an odd little flying gadget in his hoof. Powering on then sending the small machine up into the sky in the hopes of getting a few answers, the pony was amazed by its success, being too distracted to even notice that its lack of immediate crashing had given him his mark. While nowadays he understands that his invention had most likely gotten stuck in a tree some distance away after he'd lost sight of it, the feeling of excitement and happiness he'd experienced still drives the inventor in his work to create the world changing invention he knows he's destined to someday dream up.

Having his road in life veer off in a different direction than had been intended for him by his family, Haywire became increasingly distant from his family, eventually moving away and cutting communication with them almost entirely, not because of any kind of bad feelings but more from him always being too busy with his work to find the time to find and catch up with them. In time, Haywire found his way to Canterlot where he set up a workshop, it being rather small and more like a junkyard stuffed into a building. There he's lived in relative poverty, his inventions rarely ever succeeding in their intended purposes and his bad business sense causing the inventor to often lose his working inventions for little money. Still, he never let this drag him down in either drive or attitude, always pushing onwards to his next idea.

An energetic and possibly mad inventor, Haywire spends his days building, tinkering with, breaking, and dreaming up countless machines, devices, and doodads, the purposes of which always making perfect sense in his mind while confusing others. When finished with the building, tinkering, breaking and dreaming (or as he likes to call it: step one) Haywire often moves on to the next part of his process which involves him being electrocuted, blown up, burned or, on very rare occasions, mind swapped with a mare, and he does all of this with his ever present toothy grin on his face.

Called crazy by some and mostly harmless by others, Haywire is quick to warm up to others, is very loyal to his friends, and often treats strangers with kindness and respect whenever he isn't busy shouting at whatever lever failed to perform its duty.

Haywire's greatest invention is a functioning - though still with many a frequent hiccups - mechanical bird named Bubo, whom he'd created one day from a sudden idea and spark of inspiration. If asked how he'd done it Hay would just say he'd "put everything where they belonged", but whatever that actually meant proved to work rather well as Bubo now acts as a type of chirping and whirring assistant around the workshop, him not often wanting to leave the workshop due to being shy around more than one or two strangers at a time but still sometimes urging Hay to take him on a small trip to the park so as to spread his wings.

Bubo resembles a blue jay, though is obviously mechanical, but is small enough to sit on Hay's head.

Example RP segment:

Rain pelted the now soaking wet head and body of a bouncy green stallion trotting down a rather muddy path. His hooves splished and splashed through puddles and kicked up small spouts of wet dirt which found its way up and onto his coat only to then be washed away by the continuing downpour of water as he pushed on through the storm.

While a mess, Haywire, the little green earth pony caught in this rainfall, appeared very much at a lack of bucks to give over it, his silly face wearing a smile as he enjoyed the rain everypony else grumbled about. Indeed, Haywire enjoyed the rain, as he did most things, and while others were dashing for cover and taking refuge indoors, Hay didn't bother and instead just took to the streets as if it was as sunny a day as his disposition.

He'd need a break soon though, his passenger requiring a few spare moments of his time to be checked on as he was much less a fan of the falling water around them, and so Hay paused his happy trot to take his surroundings and spy for any open places to duck into for a minute. A wet hoof brushed an even wetter lock of short brown mane from his goggles as the eyes behind them scanned his unfamiliar surroundings, him only being a visitor to this town for the sake of an test he wished to conduct meant that he had no friends to go to for a roof to protect him for a few minutes, but the sign post of a nearby building alerted him to a simple alternative.

It was a tavern of some kind, possibly even doubling as an inn, and it would serve Hay's purposes perfectly. Giving a nod and patting the saddle bags at his sides, Hay diverted course towards the building and stepped inside, his dripping wet body adding to the puddles that had collected near the front door already due to other patrons entering before him.

Shaking himself dry like a dog, Hay took a second to allow his dizziness from the act to subside, then grinned at the ponies who had raised an eyebrow at his entrance and gave them a big and friendly wave.

"Hi!" he said, mane falling back into his face and covering part of his orange goggles as he did so, "My names Haywire!"

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PostSubject: Re: Haywire   Haywire I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 9:04 pm

Welcome to the site!

Your character application is Approved.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM myself or another moderator/administrator. We recommend starting out in the newbie area to get yourself started, but you may start or join a recent thread anywhere on the board. Have fun!

Note: 'Smaller than the average mare,'

Thought you might want to fix that. Haha!
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PostSubject: Re: Haywire   Haywire I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 9:10 pm

Haha woo! It seems like Haywire and DB would be good friends! She's an overly hyperactive, happy-go-lucky mare!
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PostSubject: Re: Haywire   Haywire I_icon_minitime

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