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 Petal Stone

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PostSubject: Petal Stone    Petal Stone  I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 9:11 pm

Petal Stone
Petal Stone  Petalb10


Mane:Dirty blonde and pale pink in color, hanging down in lose curls

Tail: Same as mane.

Eyes: Pale blue.

Body: Slightly shorter than normal, pale khaki in color.

Cutie Mark: a Trilobite. Represents finding value where there is inherently none.

Age :26

Personality: Laid back and calm. Petal is a master of not sweating the small stuff, and has an unbreakable sense of self worth. She is adaptable and quick witted, if not someone short sighted and self interested. She is amiable towards strangers but has difficulties forming close bonds, and somewhat lacks empathy. She likes learning new things, but will often abandon them when she develops an understanding of the process, never mastering any particular skill.

Likes:History, Gossip, news, anything with a story to tell. She likes learning new skills.

Dislikes: Being hurried or hassled, commitments of any kind.

History: It wasn't easy being the only earth pony child born to a family of pegasi. Her mother and father literally had no clue what to do with her, and could not even keep her in their cloud home, and sent her to live with a grandfather, the only other earth pony in the family. While her pegasus family would visit nearly every day, they never felt close, only jealous and resentful. The only pony that Petal Stone felt close to was her grandfather.
Her grandfather was a mason, and a collector of fossils and rocks, and taught Petal Stone much about the different types of fossils they would find in the quarry pits.

One day her grandfather did not get up in the morning, and Petal Stone was taken away to live in a  small hut beneath the cloud home of her pegasus family. They came to see her even more often, but they still didn't know what to do with her. Her mother and father were proud of her brothers for all the wonderful tricks they were learning in the air, but more and more every day she felt like she was worthless. She was sad and lonely, and went out every day to look for fossils in the quarry pit like she and her grandfather had. Once, her brothers went with her. They searched all morning and Petal stone found a perfect trilobite, but when she showed her brothers they were bored and unimpressed. "Is that stupid thing what we have been searching for all morning? It can't even do anything."

Petal Stone wanted to cry, but then remembered all the things her grandfather had taught her about trilobites. How old they were, and how much fun it had been to find them with her grandfather. It didn't matter if her brothers didn't think it was worth anything, and it didn't matter if they thought she was worth anything either. As long as she felt something held worth, than it did. And as it turned out, finding worth in things turned out to be her special talent, and she earned her cutie mark then and there.

That afternoon she packed her things and left home. It was scary to leave home as a filly, but she knew in her heart she was worth more than what her family made her feel to be, and she went all the way to manehatten, where she has been jumping from job to job ever since.

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)

Quote :
"Oh." says Petal Stone, blinking back a small dose of shock. "I'm flattered?"

" don't like me do you?" the flustered stallion says, his beet red face draining of color to be a horrified white.

"No, no! It's not that. You are, um." Petal Stone scrunches up her face to think of an adjective. A really good one, like in the Dear Ditzy article in the paper. "Punctual? You are a very punctual stallion, and I really admire that."


"Oh nuts. Thats not what you were looking for was it?" Petal looked forlornly at the stallion, who was now groaning in apparently some unseen agony.

"Listen. It's really cool you like me. I understand why you would! But maybe it's best you just...liked a different pony?"


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PostSubject: Re: Petal Stone    Petal Stone  I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 10:34 pm

*jaw drops* WOW That drawing is simply amazing!! Did you draw it? If so, I love it! Even if it is not so, I still love it!!

Anyways *composes herself* Hello there Mousey! I am Butterfly, though I'm usually called Butters. Welcome to the site, please feel free to join us in the chat on the bottom of the page at anytime

Your app is actually very good and I see no mistakes in it, so Approved!

*squees* My first approval!
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Petal Stone
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