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 The Paralysis 3ffect

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PostSubject: The Paralysis 3ffect   The Paralysis 3ffect I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 2:22 pm

Twilight didnt....couldnt explain what was going on to sav her life "Spike!" "Yes." Spike ran up "Go get the others an a book on anything that cause paralysis." "Right away." Spike runs off a few minutes later he comes back in holding a book with Rainbow Dash, AJ, Rarity, Pinkie Pie(who was bouncing all over the place as usual), and Fluttershy following him Rarity speaks up "Wha do you need darling?" Spike coughs alittle then breaths out some green fire which turns into a scroll which he grabs unrolls and reads "Dearest student, I would like you and your friends to come to the castle right away. Sincerly, Your Teacher Princess Celestia" Twi' nods then says "Lets go." ------- The group arrive at the castle and walk in surprised to see Candance, Luna, Celestia, and Shining Armour talking around a table that has a map on top. As the six walk towards the four they hear Shining say "If we draw lines connecting the places where ponies were frozen we come up with a weird arc.... Ah hello you six the Princesses have been expecting you." Twi' nods but before sh speaks Pinkie says "PARTY!!!" And puls out her party cannon and fires it off Celestia sighs and says "Twilight I need you an your friends to go find out what is causing these freezings." Fluttershy shakes nervously "W..wi.will there be danger?" Luna says "Afraid so but Captain Armour has something to say." "Thank you Princess Luna. As she was saying I am allowing you to take four of the...." Rarity shrieks "FOUR!?!? ONLY FOUR?!" Shining Armour nods "They are some of the best of the best but you need to find them first." Rainbow Dash speaks "Well wher would they be?" Shining Armour chuckles "Somewhere where gurds go when we re off duty. To the tavern and order us some Apple Jack Daneils Rum (A.J.D.R) on Kareoke night." Apple Jack says "Well what do they look like?" Shining Armour sets a four manilla files that are marked as 'Classifed' They group open them up and Rarity Twi' and Fluttershy gasp as Apple Jack says "No not them." Rainbow Dash and Pinkie pie grin and Dashie speaks "Hey these guys are awesome." The group set down the folders the top page opens revealinng the names and pictures of four Pegasai guards 'Jet' 'Gold Dust' 'Cloud Wing' and 'Silver Bullet' ---The group following Shining Armour stop in front of a tavern where four voice are the loudest eard and are singing 'Don't Stop Beleiven' by Journey the group except for Shining RD and Pinkie brace themselves then walk in *FIN (of prolouqe) As the group walked into th tavern they are greeted by loud music and loud voices. "All right follow me we need to get to those four." Shining Armour said as he pushed his way through the crowd of ponies towards four pegasai seated at the bar as they get near they see one has his wing holding the younget ones wing down and then stabbing a sharp object betwen the wing of hos friend while muttering "Oh O have all my feathers the object goe chop chop cop and if i miss the space between my featers will come off. And if I hit my feathers they will soon coome out but all the same we play this game cause thats what its all about oh chop chop chop chop I am..." "Well I see you four are haing fun." The four spin in their chairs then hop out and stand at attention the one labeled as Gold Dust says "Commander on deck!" Shining Armour chuckles "At ease Leiutenants." The four stop standing at attention and the one known as SilverBullet says "Hey guy check out who is following Armour." Gold Dust looks grins while the newest one Cloud Wing shakes with terror as he relized he couldve been grounded while his feathers grew back. The one known as Jet says "You get stuck on Mare 6 babysitting duty or something?" Shining Armour just chuxkles agian "Nope my friends that would be you who have babysitting duty." Twi' says "Just wait a second Shining just because these stallions are the bes doesnt mean they are right for the job." RD says " I am ok with it these guys are pretty fun when they are off duty." "WOOOHOOOO! FUN!" Pinkie yells Rarity and Applejack sigh and say at the same time "Darlin' please calm down." While Fluttershy shys away (ba dum dum crash) from the four pegasai Shining Armour says "Well girls you better pack your bgs these four are all ready good to go" Twi' stands there aghasted and says "Wha.... How?" Jet chuckles "Well missus Twilight Alicorn Sparkle guards are ways ready to move out at any given (end of part one) As the four guards waited for the girls they started talking Cloud Wing perks up and says "i have to say Fluttershy was looking mighty fine." Silver Bullet said "How about Rarity?" Gold Dust shoke his head " No A.J is where it is at. Well how about you Jet?" The others looked at Jet expectantly after a while he sighed and said "I would raher not talk about personal intrests because later on that can be used as a weakness in combat." The others nod in agreement --------- Twi' had pulled out another saddle bag for food an the other for her books which Spike was filling up with books "Ok Spie I will be gone for awhile maybe more so keep the house orderly and dont have to much fun." "Alright Twilight." Twi' nodded and proceded out the door-------Applejack was finished packing her little bag tied to a stick so she decided to say goodbye to her family "Sweete Belle' I am gonna miss you." "I am gonna miss you too big sister." Sweete Belle' snifled out before she started crying Applejack nodded once more and said "BigMac you realise that this is now your responsibility right?" "Eeyup." Applejack nodded picked up her bag and started walking towards the town-------Rarity was gaving a tough time getting all the clothes she was going to bring on the trip and when she finally got the snap closed she could barely lift so she decided to use her magic to aid her in carrying as she walked out the door of here shop she flipped the sign to 'Sorry Were closed'----- Rainbow Dash having thought of this like a awesome adventure that would take a day or two only took enough food and water to last and zoomed out the door leaving it to swing on its hinges----Pinkie Pie hugged Mr. And Mrs. Cake and said "I will be back soon." "Ok Pinkie pie we will keep the store running while you are gone." So Pinkie Pie picked up her bag filled with cupcakes walked out the door----- Fluttershy was probably having the most trouble in packing "Angel I have to leave for a little while so can you watch the others?" Angel looked up and nodded his head furiously "Ok then bye." Flutter shy said as she left her bag containing some animal food and hwaded to where the others were------ Jet being the most watchful say the girls coming in from there different directions and said "Saddle up boys almost time to move out" (end of part two
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The Paralysis 3ffect
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