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PostSubject: Inky Chord   Inky Chord I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 9:18 pm

Inky Chord Inky Chord Inky_zps2c176c64
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Dark purple and green, worn shaggy
Tail: Dark purple and green. Long, thick, and shaggy.
Eyes: Inky has sad, dark periwinkle eyes framed by round, wire-rimmed glasses.
Body: She has a dark blue body. She has a long neck and legs; her body is somewhat round.
Cutie Mark: A quill and book.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Inky is a bit of a loner. She's a day-dreamer, and oftentimes doesn't notice the things happening around her. She's comfortable talking to other ponies, but she doesn't actively seek their company, and in large crowds she often feels tetchy and overwhelmed. Parties are definitely not her scene; if she's going to be around people, she's much happier in a group of two or three.

Inky loves books. She constantly has her nose in a book, or else she is hard at work on one of her own novels. Considered a bit of an egg head by her peers, Inky isn't a big fan of exploration. She's not a scardy-pony, and given the right motivation she can get into adventures, but for the most part she won't seek it out.

On first site, Inky almost always has a slight frown on her face, and at times she even appears downright sad. This, however, is just her thinking face: because her novels often deal with somewhat sad themes, when she's in writing mode (pretty much all the time if she's not talking to someone), she looks a bit sad. However, underneath the frown, Inky actually has a good sense of humor. Her humor, like her writing, can be a little dark and sarcastic at times, but it does not derive from malice: rather, she sees that there are sad things in the world, and she deals with this sadness best by laughing it off.

Inky has a soft spot for underdogs. She feels bad, because she doesn't always know how to deal with emotions right off the bat. For example, if somepony starts crying in front of her, she usually feels uncomfortable. However, given time to analyze the situation, Inky will try to come up with something to help the pony out, and might show up a couple of days later with baked goods for the pony in distress.

Inky is a somewhat insecure pony. She wants friends and wants a very special somepony, but she's afraid to have her heart broken, and often convinces herself that she's better off alone rather than risk getting hurt. The only friends or dates she's had in the past have been ponies who sought her out first. Because of this, her friendships are often a little funky, and in some instances she doesn't really even like who her friends are or their interests, but she remains staunchly loyal to them because she believes that anypony willing to seek her out and be friends with her deserves her undying loyalty.


Reading, writing, playing the piano, eating, listening to music, schedules, organization


Working out, alarm clocks, dressing up, crowds


Inky was born in Canterlot. Her family was prosperous and business-minded. Inky's father, Amethyst Planes, was a well-off architect who built some of the finest homes in Caterlot. Her mother, Jade Tiara, was a gem-dealer. And her older brothers, Quartz Circlet and Gemmed Lightning, founded the Lightning-Quartz Insurance company. Everypony in her family, for generations and generations, had been savvy business ponies, and it was assumed from the beginning that Inky would follow in their footsteps.

From day one, Inky failed to meet expectations.

Inky's parents had been trying for a little girl. Her mother especially wanted a fillie to dress up after dealing with two rambunctious colts. But Inky didn't like to be dressed up. When she was younger she cried whenever her mother approached her mane or tail with a brush. She didn't care for fancy clothes or fine engagements, and she had no interest in learning how to keep a proper Canterlotian home.

The only thing that Inky cared about, from a very early age, was her imagination. She always had imaginary friends, and she used to entertain her older brothers with the stories she'd make up over the course of a day. Sometimes she'd act them out with dolls on a little stage her father built for her.

The day that she learned to read was one of the happiest days in Inky's life. It opened up a whole new world that she'd been craving her whole life without even knowing it. Inky became a bookworm. She'd spend hours in her room devouring books whole; her parents would have to chase her out of the house and force her to spend time with other ponies. And when Inky realized that she could write down words and create her own stories, things changed again. She received her cutie mark then and there, and it was at that moment, with the quill and book shining from her flank, that her family finally realized Inky was never going to be the pony they'd expected. She was her own unique pony, unlike the rest of the family but not in a bad way.

Inky's parents knew that they wouldn't be able to help her fulfill herself as a writer. They weren't creative in the least, and really didn't care for stories, but they wanted their daughter to be happy and fulfilled. They hired tutors for her when she was young, and when they were certain she could take care of herself, they let her go. With their blessing, Inky set off to find a place where she could live and be inspired.

She finally settled down in Ponyville about three months ago. Living on her own is nerve-wracking for Inky, who has always had serving-ponies to do things for her in the past. She's currently living off a trust fund that her parents set up for her and working hard to begin publishing her writing so that she's self-sufficient by the time the trust fund money runs out.

Example RP segment:

Inky blinked slowly at the pony in front of her. He loved her? It was an awfully strong word. How could he love her? He didn't even know her?

Inky took two steps back, nervous, and glanced down at the ground in front of her. She scratched a line in the dirt with the corner of her hoof and bit her lower lip. He was a very nice pony, she told herself. And he was rather handsome. But how could he love her? And how could she pretend to love a pony she didn't really even know that well?

"That's an awfully strong word," Inky whispered. "I think maybe... We should... you know... Actually hang out some before we start throwing that language around."

It hurt to pull the words from her chest, and once they were out, she wanted desperately to take them back. She wanted to be someone's very special somepony. She was more than a little flattered that, even from a distance, he'd taken special notice of her. She thought no one ever took notice of her.

Why couldn't that be enough?

But it wasn't. She wanted to be someone's very special somepony, but she wanted it to be real. And if they weren't truly in love with her--with who she was as a person, the whole package--she'd just get burned worse in the end. She closed her eyes tight and told herself she'd done the right thing.

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PostSubject: Re: Inky Chord   Inky Chord I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 14, 2014 1:08 pm

Welcome to the site :)

You've got a very solid, detailed OC here. Inky sounds quite a lot like my OC Fireseeker.

Your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

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Inky Chord
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