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 Lightning Wing

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Lightning Wing

Lightning Wing

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PostSubject: Lightning Wing   Lightning Wing I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 6:37 pm

Lightning Wing
Lightning Wing L_10
Lightning Wing Lightn10 (Fuedal Foals)
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Black with yellow steaks
Tail: Black with a yellow 'Lightning bolt' running through it.
Eyes: Turquoise blue.
Body: Dark brown, with white freckles and splotches.
Cutie Mark:Red heart with a lightning bolt going through it.
Age (Baby,adult):Adult. 20.
Personality: Lightning Wing is fiercely competitive. She loves to race, and the black-lightning-streaked wave she leaves behind is often the only thing her competitors see before she is gone.

Ponysona Original
She is a slight bit OCD though, and hates to get dirty. Obviously this means she follows the old adage: Everything in its place and everything is right. She's very shy at first, and doesn't like to open up about her past (see History) but once you get to know her she can be a very chatty pony. She's a bit of a health nut too, believing that Pegasi should always be lean. After all, it's what helps them fly so fast. She tries to be professional, most of the times, but can be easily distracted. Occasionally this will also kick in her other ponysona.

Ponysona Child
Lightning has an alternate ponysona, her split personality. This split personality is a child-like one, that does not YET answer to a name. She definitely won't answer to Lightning. This Ponysona came from when she was abandoned (see History). This ponysona of hers is extremely hyperactive, loves sweets, enjoys making things a mess, and playing games, just like a child. There is no way you can mistake when her personalities switch because they are so radically different.

Likes: Flying, Racing, Apples, Storms, Wind. Health Foods, Order. Sweets, Making a Mess, Playing Around.

Dislikes: Going Slow, Tight Spaces. Messes, Sugar, Calories. Order, Being Told What To Do, Healthy foods.

History: Lightning Wing is a Pegasus that has lived in Cloudsdale all her life. She was found as a baby, abandoned, and raised by the flight trainers there. Until she grew older, she'd never even left. Her superb speed, low attention span, and undiagnosed Multiple Personality Disorder meant that the trainers tried to keep her in Cloudsdale for as long as they could, focused on her flying duties.

Lightning's specialty was always flying during storms. Something within her could sense every bolt of lightning the sky could conjure up, and she could get anywhere the quickest with the thunder's rolls cheering her on.

Life was an adrenaline rush, for Lightning. Every day was training, training, training. She wanted to be a trainer someday. Wanted to be the one taking foals and colts through the course. But she could never seem to pass. Every time she was in the graduating class, it slipped through her fingers and she was shoved back in with the fillys and colts.

When she turned twenty, the trainers allowed her to venture out on her own. She discovered new and wonderful places, where ponies' house were attached. To the ground! She took up a job as a delivery pony, earning up bits. For what, she was unsure of at first.

After a visit with Dr. Mind in which her Multiple Personality Disorder was finally officially diagnosed, she was graduated out of the flight program. But she didn't quite want to be a trainer any more. She enjoyed her job as a delivery pony, and something within told her it was time to leave the training yard, and strike out on her own. She used the bits she saved up to by an apartment with Curtain Glow (see Delivering Encouragement ) and is happy there. She still has regular visits with Dr. Mind, but as her MPD is much more controlled now, the meetings are more just to talk.

Example RP segment: Lightning Wing blushed as the colt stood back up, holding the rose he'd offered her between his teeth. "I really do love you Lightning. You're the prettiest pegasus I've ever seen..."

Lightning ruffled her wings. He was such a flatterer, this colt. He'd sought her out a dozen times during her visits to Canterlot. "Well, um, this is all very nice but..." She lifted her wings, letting the feathers taste the air. "I... Um... Your offer is very nice, truely, but..." And she was gone, a black and yellow lightning trail left in her wake. She had no time for love, and romance. Not until she found the right pony, and not until she knew she could reach her dream.


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Wild Card

Wild Card

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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Wing   Lightning Wing I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 6:42 pm

*Flies through the air and writes with the clouds*


Please, take your Pegasus ticket and proceed to an Admin. Thank you for visiting
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Lightning Wing
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