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 Deceit - A boardgame.

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Deceit - A boardgame. Empty
PostSubject: Deceit - A boardgame.   Deceit - A boardgame. I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 18, 2013 7:13 am

The first time Elegance saw the boardgame was at the RSL between two old stallions that she had become acquainted with during the construction of the memorial monument. The stallions were surprised the filly had not seen the game, and explained to her thusly.

The game is played on a six-by-six grid, and with two players. Each player has eight pieces: two Earth ponies, two Pegasus, two Unicorns, an Alicorn, and a 'crown'. The pieces are one sided, and thus their identity is only seen by the player that controls them. All pieces can move and capture one square at a time, and the goal is to capture the crown piece. The challenge is, of course, finding it.

The different pieces have different abilities:

-Unicorns can move then capture any piece adjacent to them, without moving further.

-Pegasi can move two spaces (without capturing).

-Earth Ponies can 'push' pieces of the same side off a square by moving there.

-Alicorns can do all three powers.

-Crowns can do none of these.

Of course, the catch is that using these powers reveal their identities. So the players do the best they can to confuse their opponents by shuffling their pieces about.

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Deceit - A boardgame.
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