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 Nikki Hooves

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PostSubject: Nikki Hooves   Nikki Hooves I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 4:37 pm

Nikki Hooves

Nikki Hooves 12074564015_0e4a126618

Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Purple and Magenta, layered, and wavy

Tail: same 

Eyes: Ice Blue

Body: Tiny and skinny; green

Cutie Mark: A triskelion inside of an atom, to symbolize gravity and physics.

Age (Baby,adult): Filly, exactly 13 in hooman years

Personality: Nikki is bright and bubbly, taking her intelligence from her mother and her musical talents from her father. She is being raised to love and tolerate, and she's pretty cheeky when she feels like she has something important to say. Her hyper disposition has mellowed out over the years. She is, though, possibly, slightly insane.

There is also another side to her that she keeps very hidden: When truly angry or feeling particularly devious, she does what her friend Vassago calls "the evil face": Her eyes turn ruby red, and she does... well... the evil face. When speaking in this mode, it is annotated in red.

Likes: Singing, rocking out, studying, reading, using magic, and being compared to her mother

Dislikes: being yelled at, being wrong, disappointment, failure, and skepticism

History: Nikki Hooves was born to McCallum Lily and Brawny Hooves in the little town of Ponyville. She takes after both of her parents, a rare thing for a filly, but she was born with a horn. Her parents both adore their daughter, and she tagged along with her family almost everywhere they go. She has an amazing imagination, and every day is a new adventure. Her best friends are Sandy Hooves (no relation) and Oreo.

Her mother made her costumes to try on all the time. Her favorite was a star-spangled royal purple cape, one she pretends boosts her magical powers. Calla taught her daughter new spells everyday in preparation for PCSfGU, and Nikki loved to put on magic shows for her parents.

Her father taught her how to use his guitar, and to his slight annoyance, she became addicted to the instrument, rocking out at random times during the day. She sings all the time, humming songs she came up with and the ones all are familiar with.

As she started to grow up, her tendency to act like she was on a gallon of caffeine at all moments of the day mellowed out. She stopped leaving her mane in braids and grew her tail out, believing it to be unprofessional to wear her mane like a child. It was also due to wanting to look more like her mother, but she never admitted it.

Nikki was accepted into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns at the age of ten, passing the entrance exam with flying colors. In the two years that she spent studying at the school to date, her magical abilities have flourished, and it was with this new surge of magic that came the odd symbol on her flank.

The young mare supposed it ran in the family. Still, nopony knew what Calla's cutie mark was or what it meant, and though it was clear to most what Nikki's cutie mark was, not many understood what it meant. 

Nikki always knew she was a little strange, but the realization that it was not something to be overlooked came the day that she attempted to teleport a rather large chaise to the ceiling of her dorm and, instead, moved herself to the ceiling. She stayed there, shocked, for a few seconds, laughing at the strange way gravity seemed to affect her, before she started to fall.  She safely teleported to the ground and, lo and behold, there it was. Her cutie mark, symbolizing her partial conquering of the laws of physics and the theory of gravity, had finally liberated her of the shame of being a blank-flank. Often afterwards, she would mention nonchalantly that she had indeed broken physics, and little three or four seconds standing on walls or ceilings were enough to prove she wasn't lying. It was great for entertaining her friends and herself as well. 

RP Segment: A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Nikki was home in Ponyville, out for a walk in the Whitetail Woods. All seemed swell and well until she heard something that did not seem like it was supposed to be there. The rustle of fall leaves in a breeze, the crunch of dead foliage underhoof, and the sound of her own breathing were all normal, but there was something else, and it took Nikki a moment to realize that it was the sound of a distressed filly.

She followed the sound to a small pegasus, curled up in a ball on the ground.

"Are you okay?" Nikki asked kindly, smiling with bubbly happiness that was sure to rub off on the filly. The young pony looked up and saw Nikki. Maybe it was something about her smile. Maybe it was the fact that she, too, was still a filly. Or maybe it was the metal antenna sticking out of Nikki's head that made the smaller one trust the older.

"I lost my mum," the filly whispered, tears streaking down her face. 

Nikki laughed. Oh, this would be easy! 

"Sure!" she said, the costume antennae she had summoned from her closet at a moment's notice jiggling on her head. "Let's go find her!"

And with that, she picked up the slowly calming filly and went off to find the missing mother. 


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PostSubject: Re: Nikki Hooves   Nikki Hooves I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 7:38 pm

Cute :3

Your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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PostSubject: Re: Nikki Hooves   Nikki Hooves I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 18, 2013 5:27 pm

Double approved by the creator of her father
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Nikki Hooves
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